As previously mentioned in a number of our recent blog posts, high-street retailer Boots have been busy sending out plenty of new freebies. We’ve featured some of these over the past few weeks, but now two more products have arrived: Calvin Klein’s Encounter fragrance for men, and also Sanctuary Spa Active Reverse Facial.

Encounter by Calvin Klein is the latest men’s fragrance for 2012 and features notes of cedar, jasmine, oud, mandarin, pepper and rum. Described as an “intriguing, seductive and masculine”, Encounter is both fresh and spicy at the same time. The sample we received was a 1.2ml tester tube, which is highly portable should you decide to slip this into your pocket, or leave in the car.

The next freebie from Boots was Sanctuary Spa’s Active Reverse Facial sample sachets - two in total (a sachet for Step One and another for Step Two). The product claims to “dramatically improve the appearance of skin without cosmetic injections”, resulting in a smooth glow and more youthful looking skin when used for 30 days.

After two weeks, the first effects should be visible with skin starting to become increasingly refined. After four weeks, fine lines and wrinkles should be drastically reduced with a visibly even tone.

An active ingredient called Matrixyl Synthe 6 is the backbone of Active Reverse and stimulates the production of the 6 major building blocks within skin. The end result is a firmer appearance and less wrinkles.

Aside from the free sample, Boots provided a £5 money-off voucher, redeemable when any Active Reverse skincare product is purchased (and while the promotion is valid).

Top marks to Boots for supplying two excellent freebies. We hope you enjoy the samples and keep your eyes peeled for more throughout the year. View an image of Calvin Klein and Sanctuary Spa below.

Encounter Fragrance

Sanctuary Sachets