eM Client

Do you find Microsoft Outlook too cumbersome a program to handle? If so, you should check out eM Client, a lightweight Outlook replacement. All the popular features are still included: e-mail, calendar, address book, spam filter, and task manager. The program also integrates with various instant messengers and has a widget system for Twitter, Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn and others.


Opera Mail

Users of the Opera Web browser might like to give this free e-mail download a try. Opera Mail transforms your browser into a powerful e-mail communication tool, with spam filtering, mailing list and contact management, auto sort, advanced search options, among other features. The "unread view" option is a step away from traditional e-mail client layouts and summarises your unread mail into an easy-to-read "to do" list.



A nifty add-on for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. WiseStamp brings your e-mail signatures to life, allowing you to share Web activities when responding to e-mails. By using this customisable add-on you could integrate your latest Twitter tweet directly in your signature, or perhaps your latest eBay listings, a random quote, or even list of instant messenger links. Functions with Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail.


Cloudmark DesktopOne

A handy anti-spam program that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook Express. The basic version is limited to one e-mail account, but there are no other restrictions. Spam, viruses and phishing attempts are cross-referenced with the DesktopOne community, making this software particularly effective. After scanning each message as it arrives, the program determines whether the e-mail is genuine. If not, the junk mail is sent to the "spam" folder.

Sylpheed E-mail Client

This free e-mail client boasts a wide array of features and is an excellent alternative to some of the more popular offerings, like Outlook or Thunderbird. The software can handle multiple e-mail accounts and has all the usual refinements one would expect, including a powerful message filtering tool, junk mail controls, along with user-friendly configuration menus.


Managing e-mail messages from multiple accounts can become overwhelming at times, but thanks to this freeware e-mail download, your time could become much more productive. EmailTray is a handy e-mail notifier program to automatically prioritise and alert you of incoming messages. Better still, it can monitor all accounts, whether they are POP3, IMAP or Web-based. Functions on Windows 7, XP and Vista.

Zimbra Desktop

Billed as "the next-generation email and collaboration client", Zimbra Desktop is a fully featured e-mail, calendar, contacts and documents organiser. The program has the ability to syncronise e-mail from Gmail, Yahoo! and Zimbra, plus allows for quick maintenance of contacts and your schedule, via the nifty calendar. There's plenty more to discover with Zimbra, so be sure to take it for a test drive. Functions on Windows, Mac and Linux. Available in 20 languages.


Do you have a Gmail (Google Mail) account? If so, this program might come in handy. Spiffy is a simple freeware e-mail notifier that functions on all modern versions of Windows. It will alert you directly from the desktop when you have a new Gmail message.



Tired of receiving spam (junk-mail) in your e-mail? Download this nifty freeware program and you'll be well on your way to solving the problem. Spamihilator examines incoming e-mails for bogus messages, then filters the spam before it reaches your inbox. The software functions using a "learning filter", which becomes more effective as time progresses. Spamihilator is compatible with Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, etc.

Iconix eMail ID

Phishing e-mails (counterfeits that attempt to steal private information) are a serious matter. Thankfully, this handy free program will help you to identify bogus ones. Iconix eMail ID may very well change the way you use e-mail and allows anybody, even novices, to quickly establish which messages are real. The program functions with Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Webmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook Express, GoogleMail (Gmail), and others.


A popular and reliable free e-mail program with tons of useful features. A small advertising message is shown on the main free version (to cover costs), although you can have it removed for a small contributed fee. Other features include automatic address book addition, newsgroup options, Outlook importing tool, drag and drop attachments, in-line spell checking, customisable toolbar, etc.

Mozilla Thunderbird

A lightening fast and reliable free e-mail program from Mozilla. has been using this quite a lot lately. In fact, so much so that it has become our favourite e-mail client. The program boasts tons of features, including a spell checker, newsgroup support, reliable junk-mail filtering options and a customisable interface. Thunderbird is free from adverts and makes a great companion to Mozilla Firefox.


IncrediMail's bright and inviting Web site houses one of the Internet's most impressive freeware e-mail clients. IncrediMail takes itself far less seriously than similar software and focuses on providing a fun and feature-rich application with plenty of originality to boot. In particular, it allows users to easily integrate graphics into e-mails, including 3D images, 1000s of emoticons, animations, backgrounds, etc. The kids will love it!

Comodo Antispam

If you're e-mail inbox is drowning in spam, this free program may well be the answer. Comodo Antispam targets unwanted junk mail messages that arrive in your inbox and effectively reduces the amount of unsolicited mail you will receive. What's more, it supports a range of popular e-mail clients (Outlook, Eudora, Netscape and more), and offers live updates, so you remain protected. It is extremely difficult to eliminate all spam, but programs such as this will allow you to take some control back from those pesky spammers.


Spamfighter Free

This popular and reliable anti-spam program works in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail (the e-mail client available on Windows Vista). Spamfighter scans incoming e-mail and then removes bogus messages before they have the chance to arrive in your inbox. What's more, users can report spam that's slipped under the radar to ensure other users do not receive the same message.


If you receive regular e-mails via numerous Web-mail accounts, it can be quite a chore checking for new messages. ePrompter, a freeware e-mail notification tool, can be easily configured to notify users of new e-mail messages on multiple Web-based e-mail accounts, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail. Additionally, the program allows users to read, delete and respond to messages at the touch of a button.

Vista Net Mail

This e-mail client is designed to make e-mail exchanges fast and effective. It provides support and administration capabilities to assist you in managing multiple e-mail accounts. You can also import e-mail addresses from other file sources. The "mail merge" option lets you send personalised messages to multiple recipients. Note: this program also includes a "filter spam" option for irritating junk-mail messages.