One of the world's largest free e-mail providers. Gmail is a powerful, easy-to-use and fast online service, offering 15GB of storage space, excellent spam filtering, plus numerous ways to organise and search through messages. You can also set an "out of office" autoreply and filter messages by importance. We especially recommend Gmail if you already make use of other Google services, such Calendar, Google Plus, or if you have an Andoid-driven device.



Formally known as Hotmail (although many addresses still go by this name). Outlook is Microsoft's free online e-mail service and among the most popular in the world, (alongside Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. They provide fast, secure Web mail access from anywhere in the world and include a range of features ideal for managing contacts. Anti-virus, "mail bomb" and spam (junk mail) filters also contribute to the on-going success of this provider. Outlook also links in seamlessly with OneDrive, Microsoft's online storage facility.



This impressive and unique free Web-based e-mail service offers a massive 5GB storage space, virus protection facilities and "unprecedented spam protection". The interface is particularly user-friendly and allows you to drag and drop e-mails into various folders, which you can create at will. GMX also offers an address book and organiser, so you can keep track of all your appointments. Register for an account here and your e-mail address will resemble:



A handy disposable e-mail address service that's free and ideal for generating temporary e-mail accounts. Mailinator is perfect if you want to register for a Web site but are concerned about the possibility of spam. There's no need to sign-up either. Simply think up your own "" address and you'll be able to check the inbox via the Mailinator site. Easy!


This service allows you to access your POP3 e-mail inbox from anywhere in the world safely and securely (especially if you select the "Secure Login" option). Ideal for when you're on the move or when you need to access your messages remotely, mail2web functions very much like any other Web mail interface, and allows you to send mail, forward, compose and even delete messages on the fly. They also support smartphone access.'s "free" service allows users to send large file attachments (up to 100MB in size) across the Internet. Although their commercial packages are more suited to everyday use, the free edition is great for one-off attachments to an individual recipient, and you needn't even register. The file will then be available to download for 3 days.

A great free e-mail service, providing a massive 5GB space, with Web mail, POP3 access, spam protection and a host of other useful features. Please note, however, that the 5GB offer is only valid for U.S., Canada and UK residents (2GB is allocated for other locations). also offers a free online calendar service and an online photo album, so you can share pictures with family and friends.

10 Minute Mail

Launched to help protect innocent Internet users from unsolicited e-mail messages, this service provides a free, temporary e-mail address that expires within a 10 minute time period. If you're wary of disclosing your e-mail address to a site that requires a registration, why not use 10 Minute Mail instead? You'll be able to register with no questions asked, and (more importantly) you'll avoid being added to spam (junk mail) lists.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail - Here's a popular and user intuitive free e-mail provider, offering Web-based access and a massive 1TB storage space for free - far too much space for nearly all users! Yahoo! Mail includes an impressive number of features, including a robust spam (junk mail) filtering service and free anti-virus scanning. The mailbox interface here is visually appealing and simple enough for newbies to navigate around.

Freeola 500

Register at Freeola too choose from a huge collection of free e-mail addresses (over 500). This service provides free e-mail forwarding, free e-mail auto responders, anti-spam and virus protection, and also a Web mail option, so you can access your e-mail from anywhere in the world, provided you have access to an Internet connection. Click the "view all 500 addresses link" for the full selection. is a veteran e-mail provider offering a free, personalised service that is private and accessible from anywhere. You can choose from a variety of domain names (over 50) and because this service is password protected, only you will have access to your account. If you share a computer, their secure log-out function will protect your messages.

Here's another free feedback form service. allows you to create a HTML form, even if you have no knowledge of HTML. Their form wizard will guide you through the process, and in no time at all you'll have a free and fully functioning form. You may also specify an unlimited number of questions for your visitors to answer. All forms available here can receive unlimited submissions.


Response-O-Matic "free" edition lets you create online feedback forms quickly and easily (and you needn't have any HTML knowledge whatsoever). In around 8 minutes, you'll have a fully functioning contact form that you can cut and paste into your Web site. Submissions are e-mailed to you every time a visitor submits a form, and they can also be customised with your own message, check boxes and radio buttons.