Free SIM Cards

If like many people you want the freedom and flexibility that "pay as you go" SIM deals offer, be sure to take a close look at our free SIM card deals. Many of the packages available have no lengthy tie-ins often associated with contract deals. Rather, you can switch and add-on call, text and data allowances as you see fit. Want to keep your existing telephone number? No problem. Switching networks is easy and can save you valuable cash.

  • Lebara SIM

    Free Lebara SIM + £4 Free Credit

    You might not be familiar with Lebara, but if you're thinking of switching mobile networks, the company is certainly worth considering. Request a free "pay as you go" SIM card with £1 free credit by following the instructions. Recommended for international and UK national telephone calls. Transfer your existing number to gain £4 worth of additional credit completely free of charge. Order today to receive your SIM card within 48 hours. Read More... (UK Only)

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    Free ASDA Mobile SIM Card

    Order a free SIM from UK supermarket chain, ASDA to take advantage of a range of 30-day bundles, each offering a generous allocation of minutes, data and text messages. Note: the SIM will be delivered as a multi-SIM, which can be adapted for any size (Standard, Micro or Nano). Read More... (UK Only)

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  • GiffGaff

    Free GiffGaff Mobile SIM Card

    On the hunt for a new mobile phone network? If like many people you want the freedom and flexibility of a "pay as you go" or bundle deal, GiffGaff could be the solution. Numerous packages are available for talkers, texters and Web surfers. Includes unlimited free calls and text messages to other GiffGaff numbers. Order before 2pm for next day delivery! Read More... (UK Only)

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  • Lycamobile

    Free Lycamobile SIM Card

    Request a free SIM card from Lycamobile, a popular "pay as you go" and contract network that specialises in international calls (although it's equally suitable for general use). A variety of plans and bundles are available, and if you transfer your number across to the network, you'll also gain £15 free credit. Refer a friend and get £5 free credit for every validated referral. Marvelous! Read More... (UK Only)

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  • Virgin Media

    Free Virgin Mobile SIM Card

    Grab yourself a free "pay as you go" SIM card, courtesy of Virgin Mobile. Voted "Best Value Network" by the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, Virgin Mobile provides an affordable, flexible way to call, text and surf the Web. Read More... (UK Only)

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  • Vodafone SIM

    Vodafone Free SIM

    Vodafone's freebie offer is highly recommended if you’re searching for a new mobile phone "pay as you go" deal. With a package for texters, talkers, Web surfers, and even international diallers, you are sure to find something of interest. Get a free SIM today. Read More... (UK Only)

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  • O2 SIM Card

    Free O2 SIM Card

    Here, you can request a "Pay & Go" SIM card from O2. A number of other options are available depending on whether you're a texter, talker or international dialer. With flexible tariffs and additional perks, there's plenty to smile about at O2. Read More... (UK Only)

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  • EE SIM

    Free EE 4G SIM Card

    Request a free SIM card from EE, the mobile operator with the UK's largest 4G network. The latest “pay as you go” packages from EE offer freedom and flexibility without breaking the bank. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re a texter, chatter or data user. Read More... (UK Only)

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