Free Anti-Virus Software

With hundreds more viruses being created every month, all computers should have some form of virus protection. Here, you will find a round-up of the Web's best freeware anti-virus checkers and cleaners, plus anti-malware tools, which stop all kinds of "dodgy" files from entering your PC. You'll no doubt be pleased to hear that the majority of programs listed here provide comparable protection to some commercial anti-virus packages.

Chat Software

Chatting is the very reason why many people choose to go online. The Internet has opened up many new methods of communication, one of the largest being "chat". In this section, we review the best freeware chat programs, such as messenger services. They are ideal for keeping in touch with friends or family and provide many features, such as text chat, audio support and also video conferencing.

Compression Tools

Downloading files over the Internet normally requires a compression utility such as the famous "WinZip" or if you're on an Apple-Mac, "Stuffit Expander". These archive documents into smaller file sizes so they can be downloaded, transferred or saved much faster and more conveniently. We recommend every computer should have a zipping program. You will need it for most downloads found at

Backup and Disk Cleaning

This section houses some "must have" tools for the casual and advanced Internet user. Disk Utilities keep your disk drives healthy with a collection of disk and drive programs. If your computer has started to slow, check above for a handy repair. Likewise, if you're after a program that will assist you in backing up all your important documents, you're sure to find it here.

E-mail Software

In this section, we take a look at the Internet's best e-mail freeware applications. If you're in need of a new e-mail client, or want a utility to help combat spam, you'll likely find it in here. Many of these free e-mail software tools make excellent "add-ons" to existing applications, like Microsoft Outlook Express. The majority of these programs have small file sizes and can be downloaded within a few minutes on broadband connections.

FTP Software

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an Internet protocol that enables users to exchange files over the Internet by either uploading to a Web server or downloading to a computer. In this section, we review a number of the Web's best freeware FTP programs. You'll also find reviews of free download managers that allow you to manage and download files faster and more efficiently.

Graphics Software

Let's face it, if you needed a powerful graphics package with a wide range of features, you would expect to pay a considerable amount of cash. In this category you'll find a varied selection of quality freeware programs that you can download, many of which have more useful functions than expensive commercial packages. If you find any other completely free image programs, please send us an e-mail.

Miscellaneous Freeware

Here, we review free software that can't be categorised in any of our other sections. You'll find free Telnet programs, Web browsers, pop-up managers and also various other applications that perform unique and useful tasks. We are looking to expand this section to include a greater range of software, so if you're aware of any other freeware downloads that we should be listing, please send us an e-mail.

Security Software

The Internet is not a secure medium by any means, but there are numerous things that you can do to protect yourself (and your privacy) whilst online. Our "Free Security Software" category was created in order to review the Net's best software that will protect you from hackers, code breakers, password stealers and more. Don't be caught off guard! Download some programs today and tighten security on your PC.

Sound Software

There are hundreds of free sound programs on the Internet, all providing a varied mixture of features. Here at, we've gathered together some of the Net's best freeware sound programs that allow you to organise, tweak, record and play music, whether it be in MP3 format, or virtually any other sound file format. We've also listed some freeware applications to create your own CD-ROMs.

Text and HTML Editors

When Windows Notepad gets too dull and boring for you, a fresh text or HTML editor is the ideal download. There are freeware programs here for beginners to advanced Web site coders. Most have extra functions not found in the Windows applications. You'll also find some free HTML checkers and scanners that can improve the download times of your pages and overall accuracy of your site's HTML design.