Free Trials

In this section you’ll find a selection of free trial offers for some of the most popular products, sites and services on the Internet. Being free for a period of time, free trials can be a great way to try before you buy. In some cases a trial may have limited functionality, however, nowadays it is more often the case that you’ll see almost full functionality. Some of the most popular trials are gym passes, which let you test-drive a fitness centre without committing to a full membership.

  • Shaw Academy Featured

    Free Online Course at Shaw Academy

    Worth approximately £399! An award-winning online education provider with over 450,000 successful graduates worldwide. Register at Shaw Academy to claim your first course free of charge. You can select from dozens of subject areas, such as photography, web development, personal nutrition, graphic design, digital marketing, etc. It’s a great way to learn a new skill. For UK, U.S., Australia and Canada.

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  • NOW TV

    NOW TV: Free 14 Day Trial

    Sign-up for a free 14-day trial of this popular entertainment service from Sky called NOW TV and enjoy access to over 250 television box sets, including channels such as Sky Atlantic, FOX, Comedy Central, Sky One, Discovery Channel, GOLD, MTV, plus Sky Cinema and Sky Sports. All accessible via your TV, computer, console or mobile device.

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  • Readly Trial

    1 Month Free Trial at Readly

    "The ultimate magazine subscription" with over 1,500 publication titles to choose from - all accessible via your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Become a member of Readly to claim a 1-month free trial. The service allows you to connect up to 5 devices and you can even read your favourite titles offline. There's also no commitment and you may cancel at any point in time. Compatible with Android, Apple iOS and Kindle Fire.

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  • Napster

    Napster: Free 30-Day Trial

    If you want to play music in every possible genre, wherever you are, register for Napster and claim a 30-day free trial. This service, now with over 40 million song choices, allows you to play your favourite tracks and have them synced across all your devices, from PC to mobile. Napster is free from advertisements and is a solid alternative to other similar streaming services.

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  • The Grand Tour

    Free Trial of Amazon Prime Instant Video

    Get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime Instant Video, an online streaming service with access to over 15,000 TV programmes. Enjoy unlimited streaming of your favourite TV and movies, anytime, anywhere, including "The Grand Tour" with Clarkson, Hammond and May. Cancel at any time. Watch on a variety of different devices.

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  • Google Play Music

    Google Play Music: Free Trial Offer

    Test-drive Google Play Music, the search giant's answer to online music streaming, offering over 35 million songs on-demand. Sign-up to enjoy streamed music via the Web and also on mobile devices (Android and Apple's iOS). There's even an option to download your favourite songs to listen when offline. Other features include: custom playlists, song recommendations and a function to upload up to 50,000 songs to stream whenever you like.

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  • CreditAngel

    CreditAngel: 30 Day Free Trial

    CreditAngel are offering a free 30-day trial of their online credit score rating system. Since lenders use credit scores to determine how suitable you are for finance, having this insider information could prove crucial. See what your score is today!

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  • Audible

    Free Audiobook from

    Obtain a free trial audiobook from, the Internet’s largest audiobook database with nearly 100,000 book titles all ready to download. If you enjoy audiobooks, this is the site for you. Sign up for a free trial today. Note: a credit card is required to register, but you can cancel securely without charge.

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  • UK Credit Ratings

    UK Credit Ratings: Free 14-Day Trial

    Here's a great service if you want to find out your current credit score. Sign-up for a free trial at UK Credit Ratings and you'll also gain free, unhindered access to your credit report for 14-days. Note: a credit card is required for this deal, but you can easily cancel without charge.

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  • My Credit Monitor

    Free Credit Report At MyCreditMonitor

    Ever wanted to scrutinise your credit score? Now you can with this free 30-day trial from My Credit Monitor. Register to access a detailed credit report and rating, plus gain valuable tips on how to improve your credit score. (A credit card is required, but if you cancel within the trial period, you will not be charged).

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  • WhosOff

    Free 1-Month Trial of WhosOff Staff Leave Planner

    If you own a business, you may find it difficult to keep track of staff leave or sickness. WhosOff, a service with over 100,000 users, is currently offering a free trial of their online staff leave planner. No matter how large your business, WhosOff can help you manage staff leave, absenteeism, and more.

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  • Ancestry 14 Day Free Trial

    Are you interested in researching your family history? Sign-up for a 14-day free trial at to begin creating a family tree and gain access to thousands of public historical records. The site also allows you to easily share information and link-up with other researchers.

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  • Genes Reunited

    Free 14 Day Trial At Genes Reunited

    Register for a free two-week trial of Genes Reunited, the popular family tree and ancestry search site. If you want to create and research your own family tree, connect with others and search millions of records, Genes Reunited is the site for you.

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  • Cinematrix

    Free 7-Day Trial at Cinematrix

    Register for a free 7-day trial at Cinematrix, an online movie streaming service. This large database of films is one of the best places to watch high quality HD movies, wherever you are. With no usage limits and no advertisements, Cinematrix is highly recommended.

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  • MUBI

    MUBI: Classic & Cult Cinema Trial

    Are you a fan of independent, cult or classic cinema? Sign-up for a free 30-day trial at MUBI and you can enjoy a regularly updated selection of films across a variety of devices, including smartphone, desktop computer, tablet and games consoles.

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  • InstructorLive

    InstructorLive: 10 Day Free Trial

    Want to get fit without spending money on an expensive gym membership? Register at InstructorLive and try their online fitness videos free of charge for 10 days. This excellent online fitness programme is run by experts and covers all aspects of exercise.

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  • Lynda Trial: Online Video Courses

    The Internet's premier site for learning a new computer-based skill. has thousands of online video courses, tutorials, notes and resources from expert teachers. Register today to enjoy a free 10-day trial session with unlimited access to all courses in their library.

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  • Boots Contact Lenses

    Free Contact Lens Trial At Boots

    Are you interested in testing contact lenses? Boots currently have a free trial available, which also includes a free consultation and eye assessment.

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  • FreeAgent

    FreeAgent: Accounting Software Trial

    Numerous accounting software trials exist on the Web and this one is the best we’ve seen. Obtain a free 30-day trial of FreeAgent, a secure online accounting service that’s ideal for small business owners, tradespeople, and freelancers.

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  • Bitdefender

    Free Bitdefender Security Software Trial

    Bitdefender, an established name in security software has a 30-day trial download, so you can try the program yourself before committing to a purchase. With over 500 million downloads worldwide, Bitdefender is a popular choice and provides two packages to test-drive.

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  • Findmypast

    Findmypast 14 Day Trial

    Tracing your family tree has been made a whole lot easier since the invention of the Internet. With so many records available online, you can do the vast majority of work from the comfort of your home. Obtain a free 14 day trial of Findmypast.

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