A reliable and free Internet Service Provider for UK residents. With this service, you only pay for the time spent online and there are no monthly contracts or fees to pay. What's more, you can be surfing within minutes since they will instantly activate your account. This ISP is also compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, and will function on all dial-up modems. (UK Only)

Freeola ISP

Offers free online access with no setup or monthly fees. Technical support is charged at local rate and you'll receive unlimited free Web space plus unlimited POP3 e-mail addresses. A CD-ROM is not required to get online so you can connect by dialing 0845 604 3090, using "freeola" for the username and password. Their homepage provides lots of useful information. (UK Only)

Emergency ISP

If you're a regular Internet user and require a secondary connection for backup purposes, you needn't look any further than Emergency Internet. They offer a free, fast and reliable 0845 dial-up Internet connection to modem and ISDN users. There are no monthly charges either, since you only pay the local dial-up call charges that appear on your phone bill. Free customer support is provided all day, every day. (UK Only)

Free 0845 Internet

A reliable and trustworthy free Internet access provider from CHC Solutions. They offer a 1:1 dial-up connection with no contention, meaning you never have to share bandwidth with anyone else. Connecting to this network is very easy: simply enter the supplied username and password, enter the dial-up number, and you'll be connected in no time. This service is spam free and provides technical support via e-mail. (UK Only)

Provides anonymous, fast and reliable free dial-up Internet access, ideal for people who surf the Net occasionally, or travel around a lot on business. There are no monthly fees or contracts to sign here either. You simply connect to the Internet from any UK landline via an 0845 number. 64K and 128K bonded ISDN connections are also supported, along with 56K. (UK Only)

Net Zero Free

NetZero is an Internet service that provides consumers with an easy way to access to the Internet. They offer the usual tools you'd expect from a top ISP including e-mail and unrestricted WWW access for 10 hours every month. There's one catch though, you must surf with an advertisement bar to cover the costs of their free Internet access service. (U.S. and Canada)

Here's a UK-based free dial-up Internet access provider. provides a fast and reliable connection to the Internet with no subscription fees. You only pay the phone costs for the time you are online (via an 0844 number). This Internet Service Provider acts as an excellent backup if you have problems with your primary connection provider. (UK Only)

Virgin Media Dial Up

For quality free Internet access, there are few other services that can match Virgin's excellent connection speeds, commitment and content. You'll receive a personalised e-mail address (can use in conjunction with your favourite program such as Outlook Express or Eudora). Their tech-support is excellent and charges begin at 4p per minute. (UK Only)