A superb free and open source planetarium-style program offering realistic views of the cosmos directly from your computer desktop. If you are an avid stargazer, this program is a "must download". The program is ideal for identifying celestial objects and helps users to see all constellations from the various hemispheres. Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems are supported.


Icecream Apps

Provides a selection of high quality, feature-rich freeware programs, including: Media Converter, Screen Recorder, PDF tool, Image Resizer, Presentation/Slideshow Maker, and Ebook Reader. Icecream Apps specialise in easy to use programs with widespread appeal. Each tool is an excellent alternative to some of the more costly commercial packages available. Multiple languages are supported.



A handy tool that is free for personal, non-commercial use. DocuFreezer allows you to convert almost any type of document to a PDF file, even to the point of saving the hyperlinks, fonts and precise layout. Popular compatible programs include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Additionally, the program can also convert PDFs to TIFF, JPG or PNG image formats. The interface is friendly and simple to use. Commercial use is available but for a small fee.


Free Microsoft OneNote Download

Microsoft are offering their OneNote software completely free of charge on all available platforms, including PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone. The program is ideal for to-do lists, noting down ideas, or any other tasks you need to remember. Options are available to synchronise notes across all your devices. There is even an option to share or backup notes to a OneDrive account.


IObit Driver Booster Free

This free download for Windows alerts you when your computer driver files need updating, then proceeds to update them automatically, saving you time and effort. The software is produced by IObit who develop a number of other excellent programs, including Advanced SystemCare, IObit Uninstaller, and Malware Fighter.



Register at Podio to gain access to this nifty project management software that's based around a selection of apps. Available free of charge for small teams (maximum 5 employees), Podio lets you create a customisable employee Intranet, get work done, collaborate, and keep in touch with all areas of your business. So whether you're in sales, HR, marketing, or any other department, there's an app for your specific purpose. Available on desktop and mobile for convenience.


CutePDF Writer

One of the Web's most downloaded freeware PDF converters, CutePDF makes creating PDF files quick and easy. Files can be produced from virtually any printable document, whether that's a spreadsheet, letter or image. No advertising or watermarks are displayed after conversion. Free for both commercial and non-commercial usage. Functions on Microsoft Windows.



This free screen sharing and remote access service lets you access your computer from another location, or alternatively control another person's computer (with their permission). The "free" version of CrossLoop limits access to one computer only. Paid subscriptions are available if you require a more complete range of features. Still, for basic tasks, the free package performs very well indeed. Available for Windows version XP or above.


LogMeIn Free

An impressive free software program that lets you control your PC or Mac remotely, either from a desktop or mobile device. Once set up, you can perform tasks as though you were sitting in front of your computer. LogMeIn includes some really neat features, such as the ability to wake up a computer in sleep mode, 256-bit SSL encryption and insights into a system's health and current status. Note: a free app for the iPad/iPhone is also available.



This free application for desktop or mobile allows you to search for stuff across Gmail, documents, calendar entries, social content, messenger contacts and more, all from a single location. If you need to find something, and find it fast - whatever it might be, CloudMagic is the way to go. Available as an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, or available for iPhone/iPad, and also Android.



An open-source and completely free desktop publishing program for Windows, Linux and Mac. DTP software can be quite pricey, but thanks to this download, you'll be able to perform all the popular tasks without dipping into your wallet. Scribus has an easy-to-use interface and also an extensive set of help guides.



This handy freeware program enables you to extend the functionality of window frames within the Windows operating system. With the software, you can add additional buttons to windows within the desktop environment to make working more efficient. eXtraButtons functions on all popular versions of Windows.


Koyote Free Video Converter

A polished and user-friendly freeware video converter, enabling you to convert an entire video (or parts of) to MP4, AVI, 3GP and other popular formats. The software can also be used to extract only the sound from a video, ready for conversion to MP3 and WMA. Also be sure to check out Koyote's other free downloads, including a HD video converter, screen to video utility, ISO burner, and more. Functions on Microsoft Windows.


Kingsoft Office Suite Free

Before you shell out a whole lot of money for a commercial office suite, take a look at Kingsoft Office. It provides a set of free productivity tools, including a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software - all more than capable for the majority of common tasks. A number of other nifty add-ons are also included, such as a free PDF converter. Available for Microsoft Windows and compatible with Microsoft Office. File size approximately 80MB.


PDF24 Creator

A handy freeware download that's ideal for producing PDF files quickly and easily. PDF24 allows you to create a PDF file from any application with a print feature, whether that's a letter, spreadsheet, drawing or otherwise. Some additional features include the ability to add a watermark to your PDFs, secure files with a password, and a handy tray icon with additional settings.


Foxit Reader

If you often read PDF files, it's likely you use software from Adobe. However, there's a free (and some would say, equally as good) PDF viewer called Foxit Reader. And this free version - with over 100 million downloads - even enables users to complete PDF forms (such as job applications) and add annotations. Available for modern versions of Microsoft Windows.



This freeware program takes the power of Google Translate and brings the same functionality directly to the computer desktop. The software allows users to translate sets of text or entire documents within seconds. No registration or installation is required either, and of course the download is completely free. Functions on all modern versions of Windows.


Nitro PDF Reader

Have you ever wanted to create and amend PDF files with minimal effort? This program could be just what you've been looking for. Nitro PDF Reader is not only completely free, it's fast and offers a range of features, including: simple PDF creation from numerous files, convert PDFs to plain text, extract images, add notes, a form filler, and more. Functions on Windows XP, Vista and 7.


Free Studio

A "one size fits all" freeware application with 43 programs in a single installation. Free Studio contains everything you need to convert audio and video files from popular sites and devices, including YouTube, Android, Blackberry, HTC, Apple, etc. A simple interface organises the tools into categories, including: YouTube, MP3 and Audio, CD-DVD-BD, DVD and Video, Photo & Images, Mobile Phones, Apple Devices and 3D. Functions on modern versions of Windows.


Windows Essentials Codec Pack

Have you ever attempted to play a video or sound file, only to find your computer is missing a crucial codec? This free download will enable you to play 99% of all media files and, at the same time, will fix any errors left over by conflicting codec packs. Media Player Classic is the software's in-built media player but any other suitable player can be used in conjunction with the Essentials Codec Pack.



A great freeware program for locating and removing duplicate computer files. If you suspect your hard disk may be cluttered with unnecessary files, AllDup is a fast and powerful way to create some extra space. It includes numerous options that enable you to tailor your search to particular file types, such as images, sounds, videos, executables, etc.



Installing those "must have" tools on your computer usually takes a considerable slice of time, but thanks to Ninite, you can install them automatically - all in one go. To be sure, not every piece of essential software is included, but there's still a decent selection: Google Chrome, Firefox, Skype, Messenger, Thunderbird, iTunes, VLC Media Player, and more. Available for Windows and Linux. The free version is for personal use only.



Are you a regular user of popular social networking sites, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace? If you find it difficult to manage your accounts, give TweetDeck a try. Via a well laid out interface, the program allows you to take complete control over posts, replies, mentions, lists, sharing, followers, trending topics and more. A full list of features is available on the Web site. It functions on PC, iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android devices and via Google Chrome. A Mac and Linux version is also available.


Freemake Video Converter

A handy freeware video converting tool for Microsoft Windows. Freemake allows users to easily convert videos into different file formats, whether that's AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG, or mobile video formats. The software also includes options to create Blu-ray and DVD discs, plus there's the ability to upload videos to YouTube.

Free Office Productivity Suite

At this site, you can download "" free of charge (an open source productivity suite of programs), available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. This suite contains various powerful programs and includes a word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentation tool, graphics program and more. It is also compatible with MS Office generated files.



This unique freeware download aims to make your PC more environmentally friendly and efficient. Once installed, let the magic begin as Granola fine tunes your system processes automatically. A handy toolbar is provided so you can easily keep a check on your energy savings! The software functions on Windows and Linux.

iSpy Surveillance Software

A powerful and free surveillance software download, offering everything you need to monitor Web cameras and microphones. iSpy has more features than you can shake a stick at, but the most notable ones include: ability to record motion video, detect loitering, record sound, SMS and e-mail movement alerts, image grabs, recording schedule, and more. Functions on Windows XP, Vista and 7.



This interesting free software utility identifies system processes that may be causing your computer run slowly. If your PC has become somewhat sluggish lately, this might just help to speed it up. Soluto measures how long each process takes to load and advises if the offending application is safe to be removed. It functions on modern versions of Microsoft Windows.



An easy-to-use and feature-packed free calendar application for Windows. The software was designed from the outset to be as good as the superb "iCal" program on Apple Mac. It provides a neat and tidy visual interface with reminders and everything else you'll need to stay organised.



A simple but immensely useful freeware application. TimeSheet is billed as the "automated time tracking solution" and allows you to manage projects with more precision; allocating times, durations and milestones. Additional features include the ability to track billable and non-billable working hours (so it's perfect for freelance work, or for creating timesheets for clients). It even exports reports to Excel.


Feed Notifier

This impressive freeware program for Windows serves up RSS feeds directly from your system tray (the idea being it's much easier to view the latest updates this way). Both RSS and Atom formats are supported, plus Feed Notifier is easily customisable with a variety of options. You are able to add as many feed URLs as you like!



Would you like to create your very own DVD? Try DVDStyler, a freeware program that allows you to create professional looking DVDs using a variety of videos and images. This tool also allows you to create interactive DVD menus, just like a pro.


K9 Web Protection

A popular and free parental control program designed to safeguard children from accessing sinister sites on the Web. The tool can be customised with a variety of filters, depending on the type of content you wish to block. A "must have" download that functions on both Microsoft Windows and Mac.


The Dude Network Monitor

A nice freeware program for network administrators (or anyone with an interest in networks). The Dude provides a detailed overview of your network environment, showing devices as a graphical map and highlighting potential problems. It functions on Microsoft Windows.


Bullzip PDF Printer

This tool allows users to create PDF documents from Windows programs (including the popular ones like Word, Excel and so on). By simply printing to a virtual "PDF printer", you can write an instant .pdf file which is ready to save or distribute. The software is free for both personal and commercial use (limited to 10 users), but you may donate money to the author if you find it particularly useful. Functions on all modern versions of Microsoft Windows.


Tidy Favorites

Are your computer bookmarks in a clutter? If so, this program could help. Tidy Favorites is a free, browser-based bookmark management tool that vastly improves the process of bookmarking your favourite sites. It seamlessly integrates into most popular Web browsers, including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.



Highly recommended if you need to create PDF documents on the fly, especially from popular programs such as Word. The service utilises your computer's printer service: You simply select a document to "print" by using the normal method and select the "PrimoPDF" virtual printer. After that, you'll be able to create your PDF's quickly and easily. It functions on all modern versions of Windows and is less than 8MB in size.


Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

A free and easy-to-use program that converts any YouTube video into MP3 format. To make things easier, you can add multiple videos and convert them all at once - outputting them to a chosen directory. The program also allows you to modify the level of MP3 quality (the higher the quality, the larger the file size).

Transmute Free

Do you use more than one Web browser? If you do, it is often helpful to have your bookmarks accessible, whether you're using Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera or otherwise. Transmute makes converting you bookmarks back and forth so easy you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Note: to download the "free" version, select "Download" and then click on the links in the "free" column. Functions on Windows, Apple and Linux.

Vista Start Menu

Does the Vista "start menu" leaving you wanting more? Step forward Vista Start Menu, a handy little program that expands and enhances the start menu on Windows Vista. The program aims to make it easier to select your files and software. There is also a "pro" version which offers other useful options, such as "quick uninstall".

Printee For IE

If you regularly print pages from the Web, you will have likely encountered the irritating (and often unnecessary) pictures and adverts that can accompany your print-outs. Thankfully, thanks to Printee for Internet Explorer, you can condense any page down to the content you wish to print, and save both ink and paper in the process.

Comodo EasyVPN

This freeware program from Comodo allows users to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) the free and easy way. This means you can create a "virtual" local area network with your friends or colleagues via the Internet. 128 bit encryption is included to ensure the VPN remains safe and secure. EasyVPN is ideal for linking office branches together, but the possibilities are endless!

Ace Money Lite

It is a good idea to keep a close eye on your finances especially when times are hard. Thankfully, you needn't shell out on expensive commercial software. Ace Money Lite is an easy to use and freeware personal finance manager, with numerous features, including: budget creator, bill management, mortgage planner, stats on spending habits, etc.

iClone3 Free

Are you a budding film producer? Check out iClone3, which is now available in the standard version as a free download with no expiration. The "pro" features (available in the commercial version) function for 30 days, after which you will revert to the "free" version. However, for most people dabbling for the first time in movie making, this should be adequate.


Nero 9 Free Version

Nero have released a free version of their popular disc burning software. The features in this program are somewhat limited in comparison to their commercial product, but despite this, the software is still an effective way to write or copy data from CDs and DVDs. It functions on all modern versions of Microsoft Windows and never expires.


Miro is an open-source and free video and podcast audio player with a sleek, easy-to-use interface similar to Apple's iTunes. Miro has the ability to play almost any video file (including those in High Definition), features an integrated Torrent client, and even has access to over 6000 Internet TV stations.


A handy notepad program that's designed to help you when copying and pasting text from the Web. By pressing "Ctrl+Shift+Q" over an area of selected text, you are able to instantly save it, along with the page URL for future reference. Some other features include: timestamping, print, automatic backup, quick filtering, etc.


Are you tired of printing Web pages only to waste ink on graphics you'd rather do without? This superb and novel site is a free online editor that allows you to format any Web page ready for printing - within seconds. It can also assist with common printing problems (such as overhanging text). Not only will save you money, you'll also be helping the environment.

Ac Browser Plus Free Edition

A free file manager program, also boasting other useful features, including an image viewer, file search utility, mass file-renaming, compression, and even a FTP client. If you regularly work with lots of files and need a break from Windows Explorer, this could be the very program you've been looking for.


A free and highly popular RSS client for Windows. If you like to keep up-to-date with the latest news from your favourite sites, FeedDemon is a must. It allows you to manage various RSS feeds directly from your desktop, and organise them for easy viewing. It functions with all kinds of RSS feeds, including YouTube subscriptions.