Vodafone Free SIM with 150 Free Minutes

As seen on television! Grab a free SIM card from the mobile phone network, Vodafone. The Vodafone "Freedom Freebee" package provides 150 free minutes, unlimited texts and free Internet access for 30 days when you make a £10 top-up. You can request either one or two free SIMs, one of which is a micro SIM card. Other deals for texters, talkers, Web surfers and international callers are also available. (UK Only)


O2 SIM Card with Free Calls and Texts

Here you can request a "Pay & Go" SIM card from O2. The SIM provides you with unlimited calls and texts to anyone on O2 when you make a £15 top-up. A number of other options are available depending on whether you're a texter, talker or international dialer. It takes only a few seconds to register and if you're thinking of changing network, or simply want a more manageable way to handle your calls, be sure to give this a go. (UK Only)


iPad Walls

A wonderful selection of free wallpapers for Apple's iPad tablet. At iPad Walls, you'll find backdrops in numerous categories, such as: Animals, 3D, Cartoons, Illustrations, Scenery, Textures, Vehicles, and others. The site is updated on a daily basis (in fact, there's a counter on the site displaying how long until the next batch of wallpapers are added!).


A free mobile application for Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices. By using Block'em, you can stop unwanted calls and text messages reaching your handset. Instead, any contact from numbers you wish to halt will be filtered out. It is particularly effective against nuisance callers, bullies and even stalkers.


GiffGaff SIM + Free Minutes

Obtain a mobile phone SIM card from GiffGaff, "the mobile network run by you". Six different PAYG tariffs are available depending on your requirements. Their popular £10 tariff provides 250 minutes of free calls, unlimited texts and Internet usage, but even for a small £5 top-up you can gain unlimited texts every month. A range of other "GiffGaff Goodybags" are available, so there's something for everyone, whether you're a 'texter', Web surfer, or require additional free minutes. (UK Only)


A fine collection of hand-picked photographic wallpaper images for the iPhone and iPad. The gallery at Tseventy includes some of most artistic wallpaper backgrounds available in a variety of popular pixel sizes. The no-nonsense design makes for an enjoyable browsing experience.


Good quality mobile wallpaper sites are hard to come by, but Poogla hits the nail on the head with this superb offering. For art lovers, this is a "must visit" site with various wallpapers from selected designers and illustrators. The site is a breeze to browse and serves up some excellent (and inspirational) free wallpapers for smartphones.

iPhone Wallpapers

At this Flickr page, you'll find a huge collection of user-contributed iPhone wallpapers, covering all kinds of styles. The latest wallpapers are included on the home page but a simple search will quickly display anything specific you're browsing for. With thousands of images available you could easily spend hours browsing the archive.

Free Lebara Mobile SIM Card

You might not have heard of Lebara, but if you're thinking of switching mobile networks, the company is certainly worth considering. Request a free "Pay As You Go" SIM card by following the instructions. The network offers free customer service calls, no hidden charges or monthly bills, plus cheap international calls from 4p per minute. There is a limit of two SIMs per household. Read more by clicking the link. (UK Only)

For all you Classical music fans out there, this site serves up free mobile phone ring tones in MP3 format. You'll find both classical and folk ring tones here from numerous renowned composers, including Beethoven, Grieg, Mozart, Bach, etc. For convenience, all the MP3s at this site have been organised into musical genres. The downloads offered here are free, completely legal, and can be accessed without any registration.

A free SMS service for those sending text messages within the UK. (known as "CardboardFish") also utilises a delivery confirmation system, so you can quickly establish if your message has arrived at its intended destination. To use this service, you must ensure that pop-up blockers are turned off. CBFSMS also offers a VIP (commercial) package with enhanced features. (UK Only)


A free mobile phone community that allows members to send free SMS text messages everyday via the Web. Users can send messages between Australia, the UK and New Zealand. Members can earn more SMS credit or (Joobz) by participating in the various services around the site. SMSFun also includes the hottest member competitions, auctions, chat room, SMS reminders, "fool your friend" SMS pranks, and more. (Various Countries)

ICQ SMS Center

At ICQ's site, you can send free SMS messages from your computer to any mobile phone in the world. The service supports a wide range of international networks (O2), Omnipoint, Pacific Bell, Powertel, One-To-one, etc.), and also gives in-depth SMS FAQs. You may send the messages through your ICQ program or from a message centre on the ICQ Web site.