Discount: £10 Off Your 1st Beer Crate at Beer52

A fantastic discount offer from Beer52, the craft beer discovery club, which delivers consignments of beer direct to your door in small batches. Sign-up today to qualify for £10 off your first case. You can select from an 8-pack or a 10-pack. There’s also an option to add Beer52’s Ferment magazine to your basket.

The Beer52 craft beer discovery club brings you exciting new beers selected by experts. Simply complete the registration online, tell the company your preferences, and you’ll receive selected beers to your door. After tasting, you’re able to rate and review each variety, providing feedback to other website members.

At the time of writing, Beer52 had over 100,000 community members, the majority who provide regular feedback on each beer they try. The community is particularly active and also extends to social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

“Ferment”, Beer52’s magazine, provides regular news and updates, event reviews, plus expert opinion. If you like beer, you’ll enjoy this publication. Select the option to add to your basket upon purchase. There’s a small charge, but it’ll keep you updated with the latest beer news.

If like many people, you’re looking for the perfect present for somebody, head to the “Gift” section to discover the various options available from Beer52. You can select a digital gift card, a gift card by post, or have a birthday gift pack of beer delivered direct to the intended recipient. It’s a simple and unique gift idea.