Free Always Discreet Sample

In this latest promotion, you can request a trial pack of Always Discreet, a product for people who suffer from a sensitive bladder. You may select from four varieties, subject to availability: “Liners”, “Small”, “Long” or “Normal M”.

Always Discreet provides a range of cutting-edge incontinence products for women. Using the latest technology to create products that thinner, comfortable and more discreet, hence the name, they allow you to get on with your day. Various product types are available in the range depending on your needs.

The “What’s right for me?” feature is a quick and easy way to discover which product will be suitable for you. The range includes: Discreet Liners (for minor incontinence). Discreet Pads (for medium incontinence), Discreet Pads Plus (for frequent leakage - a more heavy duty solution), or Discreet Pants (offering the highest level of protection). In any case, each product claims to absorb up to twice as much as you might actually need. Plus they’re up to 40% thinner than the leading brand.

The Always website contains a wealth of information from experts, including testimonials from people who have used the products with success. There’s also a useful FAQs page which aims to answer the most common questions, so be sure to check this out.