Free BITE Discount Card

Do you regularly travel by train? If you do, and find yourself eating out at railway stations on a regular basis, this BITE card will surely come in handy. It entitles you up to 10% off at popular station food outlets, such as Upper Crust, Burger King, Camden Food Co., Millie’s Cookies, and other retailers.

As your ticket to daily discounts, the BITE card, powered by Travelwise, is a must-have for all commuters. You can apply for a card online (it only takes a few minutes) and then have it posted to your home address. If you have picked up a non-activated card from an outlet, such as at a railway station and need to finalise your registration, this can also be done here. The registration will ask a couple of questions, such as your most frequent outbound and inbound station, your occupation, and which shops you tend to visit.

After registration, you can manage your account online, update personal details, request a replacement card (in case it is lost, stolen or misplaced), and change your password. For further information, be sure to refer to the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page. This section should answer the vast majority of questions you have. There is also a contact option should you need to get in touch.