Free Contact Lens Trial At Boots

Are you interested in testing contact lenses? Boots currently have a free trial available, which also includes a free consultation and eye assessment.

If you have never tried contact lenses before, it can feel like a big leap into the unknown. Putting lenses into your eyes is quite daunting, but thankfully, Boots are here to help the process go as smoothly as possible. The process works as follows: you make an initial appointment and then arrive for your eye examination. At this point, an optician will check your eyes to see if they are healthy, then conduct an assessment to see if contacts are suitable for your eyesight.

The consultation takes around thirty minutes, after which if you are a suitable candidate, you’ll be able to collect a trial pack of lenses designed for your individual circumstances. Be sure to watch the online video at the link below. This will provide you with an excellent overview of how the assessment works.

It is possible to book a free assessment online, or you can telephone your local Boots Opticians store to make an appointment. Various payment options are available should you decide to proceed with wearing lenses after the trial. The lenses themselves are relatively inexpensive, and even the disposable ‘daily’ variety are now highly affordable.

You may also be interested in their reward scheme, where you can have lenses delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Other perks include half price glasses frames and up to 10% of some branded Boots items, such as Soltan sun lotion and No 7 cosmetics. The reward scheme has a convenient online member area, which you can use to manage your account.

Don’t forget to take your prescription with you on your first contact lens assessment.