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Also described as “The must-have modern homes magazine”, Livingetc provides plenty of helpful advice on the latest trends, including quality photography and inspiration for decorating your own home. In particular, the publication focuses on modern developments, so if you’re aiming to refurbish a traditional cottage in classic style, you may prefer to look elsewhere. Having said that, there’s still plenty food for thought within the glossy pages.

The magazine includes articles and advice on selecting the most suitable furniture, household accessories, and fittings. Livingetc is also great for helping you decide what colour scheme to implement on your walls. Sign-up today for a free copy of Livingetc magazine.

Aside from the print publication, Livingetc is also available as a digital download for smartphones and tablets. Details on how to subscribe are available once you receive your trial copy. Note: a telephone number is required to confirm delivery, although in some cases a representative may contact you via e-mail instead. Just complete the short online form to request.