Free Copy of Spectator Magazine

Grab yourself a free copy of The Spectator, the popular glossy weekly magazine, which is packed with excellent political analysis from the UK’s top writers. Note: a representative will contact you by telephone or e-mail to confirm delivery (and also to provide details on how to subscribe, if you wish to do so in future).

The magazine provides an entertaining and well-balanced look at politics and global issues. With first class political analysis and a history spanning over 180 years, The Spectator is among the most renowned weekly publications you’ll find anywhere.

While politics largely fills the pages of The Spectator, this is not the only topic to be featured. Inside, you will also find book reviews, regular columnists, theatre and cinema previews, details on exhibitions and music. The publication is ideal for keeping abreast of what’s going on in the world.

The Spectator is available in both print and digital editions and is excellent value for money. This includes weekly delivery of the magazine, access to the digital edition, plus website access to all magazine content. Want access to great articles immediately? Then visit for the latest updates. Here, you will also find details on how to subscribe. Three popular packages are available.