Free Depend Product Sample

Click to obtain a sample of Depend Real Fit protective underwear for men and women, a range of products to help those who suffer from bladder weakness. Various sizes are available. Just select your preference and add to cart. The freebie will arrive in discreet packaging.

You can select from two products: Depend Real Fit Underwear for Female and Depend Real Fit Underwear for Male. This range of absorbing underwear has been developed to feel and fit just like normal underwear. As such, the products are incredibly comfortable, discreet and breathable.

Each sample pack contains one sample of Real Fit Underwear, plus a product brochure. The male and female version provide the same high quality construction and protection, but differ in design. The female variety contains a feminine elastic waistband, whereas the male version resembles traditional briefs.

The website contains a large amount of information on incontinence, including details on each product in the Depend range. There’s also a FAQs section that should answer many of your queries. If not, you can contact the company directly using the “contact” feature.

To claim your sample, follow the “get it now” button and then on the offer page, select “add to cart” next to the freebie you’d like to receive.