Free EE 4G SIM Card

Request a free SIM card from EE, the mobile operator with the UK’s largest 4G network. The latest “pay as you go” packages from EE offer freedom and flexibility without breaking the bank. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re a texter, chatter or data user.

Once the free SIM arrives, you can select from a variety of different packages. These are organised into the following: “Everything Packs”, “Talk and Text Packs” and “Data Packs”. Each begin from £10 and provide an allocation of free minutes, data and text messages, all for a monthly top-up fee. Should your circumstances change, switching to another pack is easy and can be done via an online member control panel. There are no contracts and no long term tie-ins.

Request a free SIM and delivery will be made within approximately two days. Each SIM pack contains instructions on how to get started with the network. EE uses multi SIMs so you needn’t select a SIM card type. Each pack has the ability to fit all phones. Keeping your number is also a simple process. Instructions on how to do this are available online or via EE customer service.

Being a customer of EE brings a number of perks, such as the EE Film Club, which allows you to stream a film of your choice for only £1. Discounted tickets for music gigs, the theatre and other live events are also available for members.