Huggies Pull-Ups: £2 Money-Off Voucher

A popular offer from Huggies. At this site, you can request a free sample of Pull-Ups Potty Training Pants. These are purposely designed for potty training and feature stretchy sides and fun Disney design prints. A short registration is required (it only takes a minute or two).

The sample pack includes one sample of Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Training Pants for day-time use, two money-offer vouchers (for day-time and night-time use), which can be redeemed on a future purchase of Pull-Ups at participating stores, plus a set of Disney stickers and a reward chart. Packs are available for boys and girls and also in a variety of sizes.

By registering, you’ll also gain access to potty training advice and additional special offers as and when available. The website provides some great tips on potty training, whether you’re just starting out, keeping going, or finishing the process. The latest offers can be found by heading to the “Promotions” tab. Some entertaining tools and games can also be found at the Huggies site, so be sure to try these out as well.

Please note: Delivery of the freebie will be within ten working days. There is a limit of one pack per user. Multiple requests may not be honoured.