Free Lactose Free Milk (Voucher)

On the Just Milk website, you can claim a print at home coupon, redeemable for a free carton of Lactose Free Just Milk at participating Sainsbury’s supermarkets. Please note: due to a delay in distributing vouchers, your coupon will be e-mailed to you within two weeks.

On the Just Milk website, you’ll find plenty of information on lactose intolerance, which affects over 3 million people in the UK. In fact, it is said that some people may even be unaware they have the condition.

The website has a number of information pages available, answering questions such as “Do you have a lactose intolerance?” and “Living with lactose intolerance”. There’s also an expert FAQs section that you may find useful.

The website also features a number of exciting recipes in three categories: British Classics, Everyday Recipes and Just for Kids. You can view a full list of recipes, browse by category, or use the simple search feature.

Just Milk’s Lactose Free milk is available alongside Skimmed and Semi-Skimmed milk varieties. To claim your free voucher, complete the short form. You will receive an e-mail within two weeks, confirming your print at home voucher. After printing, take this to a nearby Sainsbury’s store to claim your free carton of Just Milk Lactose Free.