Free Lights by TENA Sample

Follow the “Try free” link (bottom-right of the page) to request a free sample of Lights by TENA, a new range of products designed to help assist with bladder weakness. You may select from one of four varieties.

The range includes four main products: Light Liners, Liners, Liners Single Wrap, and Long Liners. Each provide a different level of protection and come complete with odour control. In addition, the liners absorb faster than all other normal sanitary products, keeping you more comfortable and fresher. The range is available at many large retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Boots, Superdrug, Morrisons, Savers, and other stores.

This site also provides details on the “Lights by TENA pelvic floor fitness app”. This smartphone program can assist in helping to reduce those - what TENA calls - “Oooops moments”. The software features professional tutorials and exercises by Liza Webb. Available for Android via the Google Play store or Apple iPhone via the App Store.

Please note: this sample will arrive in plain, discreet packaging to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment. More details can be found by heading to the “About Little Leaks” section of the TENA Lights site. There’s a Myths & Facts page, plus a page dedicated to the benefits of using Lights by TENA. The offer is available to UK residents only while stocks last.