Free PaediaSure Shake Sample

Try a sample of PaediaSure Shake in vanilla flavour, a product to provide vital nutrients to children going through a fussy eating stage. PaediaSure contains over 25 vitamins and minerals and is a tasty drink for any time of the day. This supplement is designed for children aged 1 to 10 years.

This tasty shake provides essential nutrients to children who are going through a fussy eating stage. The product contains a well-balanced selection of approximately 25 vitamins and minerals, including those that specifically help with child development, such as vitamin D and calcium.

While PaediaSure is not intended to be a complete meal replacement, it can be used as a stopgap to ensure your child receives enough nutrition, if they aren’t eating what they should be. On a more positive note, most children will grow out of a fussy eating stage. Until then, try PaediaSure.

There’s a great video on the company website that explains how to prepare a glass of this delicious shake. In a nutshell, you simply pour water into a glass and mix in the shake powder. It’s a simple and effective way to ensure your child receives vital vitamins and minerals. The product is available only at Boots high-street stores and via For further information, head over to the FAQs page.