Free Subway Cookie (Receipt Required)

Claim a free cookie at Subway when you provide store feedback by completing a short, one-minute survey. Please note: You are required to enter a Store ID (find this on your receipt), then answer a few simple questions.

To obtain the freebie, you must also provide feedback within 30 days of your previous visit. After the short questionnaire, the site will provide details on how to claim the cookie. This involves printing off an e-mail containing a “thank you” reward, along with a valid purchase receipt. If you have recently visited Subway, this is a great way to claim some free food for a few minutes work!

If you are a regular Subway customer and haven’t already done so, consider registering for a Subcard. Every time you make a purchase at the sandwich shop giant, you’ll gain points, which can be redeemed for free subs, drinks and more. Alternatively, you can download the Subcard app to your smartphone and take advantage of double points for the first 28 days as a new member, plus additional perks and access to the latest product news.

You can either register online, via the smartphone application, or visit a store to pick up a Subcard in person. The choice is entirely yours and you can begin collecting points today.