Free TENA Lady Products

TENA are currently giving away samples of their lady liners, designed for bladder weakness. Select the product you’d like to try, then complete the short online form to claim. You can also request a free “core wellness” DVD at this site.

Now available in brand new packaging, TENA Lady provides the same level of protection with a fresh new look. The product range includes Liners, Pads, Protective Underwear, and Pants. Each product in the range provides a different level of protection, depending on your needs and personal preference. Some of the more popular products are featured below:

Lady Normal: Designed for low to medium leakage, this product features a Dry Fast Core that’s highly absorbent, keeping you dry and confident. Each pad is individually wrapped and features odour control and a comfortable fit.

Ultra Mini: A small, soft and comfortable pad with quick absorption. Ideal for light bladder weakness, Lady Mini Ultra has a QuickDry surface and features Odour Control, keeping you fresh and comfortable. Designed to fit your body perfectly. Ultra Mini is also available in an Aloe Vera version.

Maxi: For upper medium to heavy leakage, Lady Maxi towels are soft and comfortable, providing a high level of protection and a Dry Fast Core, which makes the towel feel instantly dry. Includes Odour Control to neutralise odours and also individually wrapped packets.

Maxi Night: These towels provide a high level of absorbency and are for use at bedtime, when you need to get a good night’s sleep. Ergonomically designed for when lying down, Maxi Night provides all the benefits of the other TENA liners, but with additional absorption.