Glamour Beauty Club: Free Beauty Products

Sign-up to the Glamour Beauty Club to get free beauty products delivered direct to your door. Simply complete an online beauty profile to receive specially selected products matched to your requirements. Please note: members are asked to provide some feedback on each item received.

Glamour Beauty Club is a new product testing programme from Glamour Magazine. The website is aimed at beauty junkies and gives you access to the latest product launches, as and when available. The only catch is you’re required to provide feedback and give your honest opinion on any products received.

Registration only takes a few minutes and you will be asked a few questions to help determine the types of products you require. Any products sent your way will be completely free of charge, wrapped in Glamour packaging. Completing the online beauty profile allows the company to match you up with suitable products, which will then be delivered to your doorstep.

Please note: the Glamour Beauty Club will only send you products that match the information you place in your online beauty profile. When suitable products become available, or there’s a new product launch, at this point you will receive a freebie.