Graze: 1st and 5th Snack Boxes Free

This high quality, healthy snack food company are offering your first and fifth box of tasty nibbles free of charge. There’s over 100 exciting snacks available at Graze, all nutritionist-approved, which are delivered direct to your door. Customise your own selection today. Please note: a credit card is required to take advantage of this offer, but you may cancel at any point.

Graze snack boxes contain no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. Each box contains four compartments, which you can customise with over 100 different snacks. Each box usually retails at approximately £3.99, but this promotion entitles you to your first and fifth box free of charge.

For your first free box, you can select from three options: Variety Box (the best way to get a feel for Graze), Light Box (low calorie snacks), and Protein Box (sourced on protein content).

IMPORTANT NOTE: No direct debits are set up at Graze and payment for snack boxes is taken the day before the box is sent, so it’s easy to cancel. Graze operates a regular delivery service, but you can halt these at any point. The service allows you to pay per box and you’ll never be tied into a subscription. The usual retail price per box, as stated before, is £3.99. The credit card is used to confirm your first free box, but after that, you can cancel if you wish to do so. More details can be found on the official Graze website.