Open Farm Sunday: Free Farm Open Days


On Sunday 11th June 2017, it’s the farming industry’s annual open day called Open Farm Sunday. Hundreds of farms across the UK will open their doors to visitors, and if you’re interested in farming, or just a little curious, you can visit one of the many locations. And if you’re a farmer, you can also enquire about your own farm becoming a location.

This day will bring you a fascinating insight into how farms operate and also include a number of activities and workshops. The days are suitable for all the family and make an ideal day out (especially for the kids).

The website contains details on the nationwide Open Farm School Days initiative. If you represent a school or are a parent (or pupil) and would like to suggest the open day, details can be found by visiting the “Schools” link in the main navigation bar.

To find a nearby farm to visit, you can use the easy online search feature. Just enter a postcode or city/town name, or select a region to display a list of nearby farms.

If you own a farm and would like to participate in the day (and future days), you can register online by following the “Open My Farm” link.