“Spread more happy” is the slogan of this nifty free service. Smilebox allows you to create photo and video slideshows, complete with music. It’s great for capturing key moments or events, such as birthdays or holidays. You can add up to 400 images or videos into the mix, add your own music, or choose from a stock selection. There’s even options to export to social media. Available for PC and Mac. (UK, USA, Aus, NZ and Canada).

Smilebox features over 1000 pre-made designs and styles that you can use to customise your creation. As mentioned previously, you can upload your own materials, or you can choose from a vast library of templates, ideal for adding backgrounds, words, music, and more.

A number of sharing and production options are available. These include sharing to Facebook, to friends and family by e-mail, printing at home, or even burning to a DVD for viewing on your computer or television. In addition, by using the “sharing” features, you automatically qualify for unlimited storage space for your files and creations.

The service also includes a “companion iPhone app”, which is ideal for viewing and managing your slideshows when on the move. Overall, a fun and rewarding software tool with plenty of options to create your own photographic or video masterpiece.