Vodafone Free SIM

Vodafone’s freebie offer is highly recommended if you’re searching for a new mobile phone “pay as you go” deal. With a package for texters, talkers, Web surfers, and even international diallers, you are sure to find something of interest.

Five PAYG packages are available: “Freedom Freebie”, “Freebie Minutes”, “Freebie Texts”, “Freebie Data”, and “Freebie International Minutes”. Each variety provides a different monthly package, depending on your individual requirements. Here are the options:

Freebie Minutes: This package is perfect if you prefer to call rather than text or use the Internet. Top up by £10 to get 150 minutes of calls every month. Alternatively, you can top up by £20 and gain 500 minutes.

Freebie Texts: As you might expect, this package is ideally suited to people who send text messages. For a top up of £10, you get 1000 text messages. Or if you decide to go one step further and decide that a thousand messages simply isn’t enough, you can top up by £20 and unlock “unlimited” texts.

Freebie Data: For regular Web surfers and those who require data links for powering applications, Freebie Data nets you 500MB of data upon a £10 top up. A £20 top up provides 1GB of data, which is more than enough for most casual users (so long as you’re not continually streaming videos and music files).

Freebie International: The ideal choice for anyone wanting to contact international numbers outside the UK. Top up by £10 to get 60 international minutes to landlines and mobiles outside of the UK, in addition to your existing credit. Further top-ups such as £15 will gain you 100 minutes. For a £30 top-up, you’ll get 240 minutes for calling abroad.