Win a Lenor Unstoppables Product Test

On the Get Test Keep website, operated by Offer X, you have the opportunity to try out a pack of Lenor Unstoppables, the popular scent-boosting product for your washing. Sign-up to nominate yourself for £50 of Lenor Unstoppables products. Testers are required before 2nd November 2017. Enter today for your chance to win.

Lenor Unstoppables come in a number of different varieties, including “Fresh”, “Bliss”, “Lavish” and “Uplift”, each offering a delicious fragrance to boost the freshness of your washing. You can even mix up the products to create your own unique scent!

If you are selected as a product tester, you will be required to test out the product and then send feedback, either positive or negative. This will be used to assist product development in future. To apply to become a tester, select your gender and then enter your postcode into the box provided. After this, you’ll be required to answer a number of sponsor questions while your application is being processed. You will be notified in due course if you’ve been selected.

The Get Test Keep website also brings you the opportunity to test out other products, such as health and beauty items, food and drink, electrical goods, clothing, and more.

Full terms and conditions can be found on the offer page.