This free media player, often said to be an "iTunes alternative", lets you manage audio and video files into playlists, plus search and sort tracks in your collection. The program gets to know which songs you like most and then suggests similar tracks from other artists. The desktop version is available for both PC and Mac, and playlists can easily be synced to mobile devices (Android or Apple iOS).



A great free media player download. UMPlayer plays nearly everything you can throw at it, from DVDs and MP3s, to video file formats and even streamed audio. It includes over 250 audio and video codecs for your convenience, so if your current player runs into trouble, UMPlayer could be the answer. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


MP3 Quality Modifier

If there was ever a software program that does exactly what it says on the tin, this is it. MP3 Quality Modifier from InspireSoft is a user-friendly freeware tool that reduces the file size of MP3s. It is ideal for increasing the space on your hard disk or MP3 player. The interface enables you to drag and drop files directly, and MP1 and MP2 are also supported. For Microsoft Windows.


Freemake Music Box

From the creators of Freemake Video Converter and other tools comes Music Box, a freeware music manager for searching, listening to and organising free online music. The software has the ability to create multiple playlists and packs an excellent filter system, for searching via album, artist, etc. Millions of online songs can be accessed legally using Freemake. Available for Microsoft Windows.



If you have a large collection of digital music, MusicBee is a worthwhile download. This freeware music manager has an extensive range of features, including music playback and organisation by genre, artist or rating. Tags are available if you prefer to organise tracks in this fashion, but MusicBee can also retrieve song information right from the Web. Other functions include: CD ripping, music discovery tool, device sync (iPod, Android and MTP), skins and plug-ins.

Instant Elevator Music

A handy little program that automatically plays "elevator music" to help alleviate boredom when computer programs are being loaded. In addition, the software also springs into action when files are copied and downloads are waiting to be completed. Functions on modern versions of Microsoft Windows. File size: 2MB.

Spider Player

This popular music player, previously a commercial download, is now available free of charge. The software doesn't disappoint in features and includes a directory of online radio stations, custom hotkeys, a CD ripper, file converter, tag editor, and the ability to record Internet radio. Spider Player supports approximately 30 audio formats. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface can be personalised with a variety of skins. Functions on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Virtual DJ Free

Virtual DJ Home Free (for non-commercial use), is a deceptively powerful, completely free DJ software download. Budding DJs will be able to have plenty of fun with this! Features include: recording, mixing, playlist creation, smart loops, equalizers, multiple decks, and more. Available on both PC and Mac.


A clever piece of free software that's useful for locating and removing duplicate music files. It's also great for identifying music file tags, such as those available on MP3 files. If your collection is rather large and messy, we recommend this. The program differs from similar applications by checking the actual sound part, not simply the file name or tag. This makes the entire process much more accurate. File types supported include: MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, APE, WV and MPC. Functions on Windows XP, 2003, Vista and 7.

iTunes Agent

Do you own a non-Apple MP3 player? Well, if like many non-iPod owners, you'd like use iTunes to sync your "generic" device, try this for size. iTunes Agent is a nifty piece of free software that lets you syncronise a variety of MP3 players, plus other devices like the PlayStation Portable and Sony Walkman phones. Now you can have the functionality and ease-of-use all iPod users enjoy!

Accord CD Ripper Free

A freeware CD ripping utility, which will assist you in converting audio CD files to MP3 and WAV. A simple, effective tool that does exactly what it says on the tin. Note: ensure you download the "freeware" version by scrolling down to the option beneath the commercial variant. (UK Only)


If you would like the capability to access your iTunes collection from any Internet-connected computer, check out pulpTunes. Whether you're in the office, in a library, at a friend's house, or even on holiday, this will do the trick nicely. Functions on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Mixxx Free DJ Software

Impressive free and open-source DJ mixing software, which is perfect for performing live mixes. Unlike similar programs, Mixxx has been "created by DJs for DJs", hence the ease of use and availability of features. It functions on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, includes MIDI controller support, and has a great mixing engine with recording, vinyl control, and more.

Orbit Downloader

A handy piece of free software that works on conjunction with most popular Web browsers to help you download files and retrieve social media streams. This "next generation" download manager is particularly useful in helping you to select downloads or streams whilst browsing the Web. Videos, music and other streaming media can be grabbed and downloaded at the touch of a button. If you regularly download, this may prove an invaluable tool. It's not the prettiest piece of software, but it sure comes in handy!



Our favourite free audio-visual player, Winamp is undoubtedly a classic. It supports MP3, CD, WMA, MPEG, Audiosoft, Mjuice, MOD, WAV and tons of other file formats. You can even customise your Winamp player with a variety of freeware skins. The program is easy-to-use and offers: drag and drop file support, CD ripping and burning, graphic equalisers, extra plug-ins, visualisation effects, etc. A powerful media library allows users to organise multiple playlists.

MediaMonkey Free

With its ability to handle up to 50,000 tracks, this program may just become your media player of choice. As a combined music player and music manager, CD ripper and converter, the program is perfect for playing and recording music. In addition, its support for various media file types is second to none. It features: "tags" to help you arrange your music, album artwork support, the ability to download and manage podcasts, file conversion tools, multiple playlist support, album artwork, skins, and is easily synced with popular MP3 players.


VLC Media Player

A free and cross-platform media player, ideal for playing music, watching videos and accessing streaming services. VLC supports various formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3 and Ogg. It also has no problem playing DVDs and VCDs. The software functions on all popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BeOS, etc.

JetAudio Basic

This freeware media player provides all the tools you'll need to play and organise your various media files. It supports all the popular media file formats (e.g. MP3, WAV, WMA, MPEG), and includes a cross-fader, media file converter and also a media library for creating playlists. This nifty little program also makes burning/ripping audio CDs a breeze, so you'll no longer have to reply on larger programs to perform this task.


At this site, you'll find a link to an extremely useful program called CDex. This program converts various file formats to MP3s or WAVs. You can also extract music files from a CD-ROM and convert that way, compressing as necessary. It has many other uses and although commonly called a "file ripper", it doubles as a recorder for sound cards. This site also provides a link to a similar program called "Xilisoft CD Ripper".


Do you listen to music when browsing the Internet? If you do, then we highly recommend you check out FoxyTunes. This nifty little program integrates a media player seamlessly and unobtrusively into your browser window, so you'll no longer have to switch windows when playing your favourite tracks. Users can press play, stop, shuffle, pause and also adjust the volume all from a neat bar at the base of their Web browser. Size: 0.5 MB.


This fast, free and lightweight audio player makes organising and playing your digital music collection very easy indeed. Since musikCube is compatible with the vast majority of music storage devices, audio files can be transferred from one location to another with minimal effort. The program also uses "dynamic playlists", which learn from your listening habits and become smarter as more tracks are played. Size: 2.9 MB.


This is a seriously cool, 2 MB digital media player with potential to become one of the Internet's most popular audio software programs. It can handle MP3 files, CD audio, WAVs, MIDIs and virtually every other type of sound file. The program allows you to create and edit playlists, change graphic equalizer settings, automatically repeat tracks and change visual effects. UltraPlayer also supports a variety of skins.


Apple iTunes

An easy-to-use digital jukebox-style program, originally designed for the Apple Mac, but now available to users of Microsoft Windows. iTunes plays a wide variety of media files, such as MP3s, CD tracks and videos. It has an integrated radio player (with pre-configured stations), a CD burner, parental controls, and more. Storing and organising music into relevant playlists has never been easier with this popular program.


This second-generation audio program, produced by Real Networks, is the latest RealPlayer offering. Overall, the package is pretty tidy and has some appealing features: a personal media library, skinnable interface, integrated Netscape-style Web browser and graphic equaliser. Using this, you can play CD tracks, MP3 and also listen the radio online. On the downside, the program has a cumbersome interface, which distracts from its appeal.

Quintessential Player

This classy Web site houses a great freeware audio player. Quintessential Player plays songs from a CD or from your own personal MP3 collection and can also be customised with different skins (these can be downloaded from their site). With all sorts of interesting "modes", add-ons and plug-ins, Quintessential Player is definitely worth a download if you need to take control of your music collection.


By using this unique freeware program for Apple iPod, you can read the Bible when you're on the move. The BiblePlayer also comes complete with various other "modules", which you can transfer to your iPod, including a daily reading plan and daily devotionals. Please note: a deluxe BiblePlayer (Audio Bible Player) is available with extended readings, although this is not completely free to download.


A free audio editor, which enables you to open, export, record, play and modify sounds in various formats, including WAV, MP3 and AIFF. Audacity can also be used as a simple mixer, allowing you to merge tracks together. Some other interesting built-in effects include: bass boost, "wahwah" and noise removal. Available for Windows, Linux and also MacOS 9/X.

vanBasco Karaoke Player

Play karaoke MIDI files in the form of .kar, .midi, .mid and .rmi file formats. This freeware program packs plenty of features and tools to keep you going and even includes a piano view, the ability to change tempos, volume and the key of various songs. You can also integrate the program with Netscape or Microsoft's browsers and skin the interface.

Ots CD Scratch 1200

See yourself as a budding DJ? Ots' CD Scratch program is a free and fun virtual turntables CD player that can be used to mix tracks together. Using this, you can play two tracks from the same CD at the same time, one forwards and one in reverse. You can also perform various other impressive tricks, such as "scratching" the turntables back and forth. The file size of Otd CD Scratch is approximately 1 MB.

GOM Media Player

This freeware multimedia player for Microsoft Windows will handle almost any type of multimedia file format you can throw at it. Containing pre-installed audio and video codecs, the program is ideal for playing all kinds of files, including videos and sounds. The program is also able to play some broken media files (i.e. an incomplete or damaged AVI file). GOM can be customised with a variety of skins, which are available to download for free.