Newbies Guide To

There is a plethora of free stuff available on the Web, and it’s all there for the taking. This includes both tangible items (real life products) and digital, such as free software or free services. Companies are queuing up to give away samples of their products and if you’re willing to invest some time requesting these freebies, products will begin dropping through your letterbox on a regular basis – probably much to the dissatisfaction of your postman!

Before you get started, we recommend you read this FAQ, especially if you are brand new to freebies. This advice mainly applies to “real life” freebies (i.e. product samples).

But before we begin, just some reassurance for you: at we are 100% family friendly, so safety and security is our number one priority. Everything you’ll find has been checked beforehand to ensure it’s legitimate, and we never send out unsolicited e-mail to visitors. You don’t even require an e-mail address and password before entry. Just surf right in!

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Set up a secondary, free e-mail address.

Set up a secondary, free e-mail address from a company like Yahoo!, Google or Outlook/Hotmail. This is not because you’ll receive spam (in fact we would never list such sites). But rather, if you request a freebie, you will likely have to provide your e-mail address or opt-in to a newsletter as part of the deal. This means you may find yourself receiving promotional material or newsletters from the companies you request freebies from. To solve this problem, and to prevent your primary or work e-mail becoming cluttered, it is worth spending a few minutes setting up a new account. Similarly, if you enter lots of competitions, the same applies.

How can all this stuff be free? There must be a catch!

Actually, there is a catch but it’s a fairly innocuous one and something you needn’t worry about if you follow our advice. The catch is you usually have to opt-in (see above) to an e-mail mailing list. And of course, to receive a ‘real life’ freebie, you’ll have to submit your home address to take delivery of the sample. In over 20 years of requesting freebies, we have never had any problems with junk-mail in the post and e-mails can easily be managed by setting up a secondary account. Remember, we only include legitimate free stuff from established companies who treat privacy seriously and comply with data protection legislation – but not all sites are as safe, even if they claim to be. It is a good idea to be cautious, and if an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Will I get spammed?

No, we do not deal in spam and neither do the sites we list. To put a definition on the term, spam is unsolicited – and no sites we list send unsolicited e-mail.

How long will I have to wait?

It depends. Some companies begin sending out their samples within a few weeks, but the norm is within 28 days. On occasions you may have to wait a bit longer. We have known some samples to arrive within 1 week!

My friend received the sample… but I never!

On occasions, a sample you’ve requested may never arrive, even when your friends have received theirs. Companies offering free samples over the Internet regularly underestimate the demand for their products. As a result, they tend to run out of freebies very quickly. At, if we don’t receive a freebie, then the offer is removed fairly rapidly to avoid any disappointment. In any case, requesting freebies early will ensure you get first pick. Keep trying! There’s plenty freebies to choose from and even expired samples will usually become available in the near future.

Can you send me samples for an event?

Can you send me samples of [insert item name here]? Unfortunately, since we only review and list samples from manufacturers, we have no freebies to send to you direct. If you’re organising an event, it is a good idea to get in touch with many of the large cosmetic, health and beauty companies. Some of them may be able to send you many thousands, depending on the nature of your request.

Other than the above, there really isn’t any more you need to know at this stage. If you have any comments or suggestions about, feel free to contact us.