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Our Digital Freebies section features popular free services you can use to help plan and organise your life. We include free tools to help you create a PDF file, learn a new language, manage your accounts online, or study a new subject. Please contact us if you’d like to be considered for a listing here, or if you find any other useful free services that would interest our visitors.

Wave AccountingWave

Going by the mantra: easy, free accounting software for your small business, Wave delivers exactly what it says on the tin. This user-friendly, cloud-based accounting service allows you to track your income and expenses, send invoices, run reports and perform numerous other tasks, free of charge.

The user interface is attractive, making it easy to find all the functions at a glance. Wave has deliberately designed the software with non-accountants in mind and presents information in an understandable and highly readable format. This includes colourful bar graphs, pie charts, simple navigation tabs, and more.

This means you can quickly send invoices and estimates at the click of a button. Better still, Wave offers a variety of professional invoice and estimate templates. Other features include the ability to securely connect your bank account to the service, scan receipts for safe keeping, and invoice payment tracking, which allows you to keep a close eye on paid and unpaid invoices. Multiple currencies are also supported, so you will find the software functions in the UK, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and also countries using the Euro.

The software has easy to use reporting features that give you an instant snapshot of your business. Profit and loss, balance sheets, cash flow and other key reports can be produced for any time frame within seconds. Security is a major concern at Wave and 256-bit encryption is deployed for your safety. Regular backups are also run to help minimise data loss.

Want to manage your accounts when out of the office? Be sure to download the Wave smartphone app (available for iPhone and Android devices). It’s easy to use and allows you to bill your customers as soon as the job is done.

Please note: Wave is free with the exception of payroll and credit card payments (although upgrades can accommodate this). Note: Payroll features are currently limited to the U.S. and Canada.

Khan AcademyKhan Academy

At the Khan Academy, you can take part in free online lessons and courses on a variety of subjects, including science, maths, computing, engineering, history, economics, art, and many others. It’s completely free with no advertisements or subscription fees, and you can learn at your own pace, whenever it suits you. The site features over 100,000 interactive exercises.

Khan Academy categorises content into three areas: Learners, Teachers, and Parents. This allows the service to bring you the most appropriate information to suit your needs. The website also has a useful search feature that is easily accessible from the home page. Simply enter a keyword or topic into the box to view a range of courses related to your query.

Since Khan Academy is free of charge, non-profit and entirely funded by donations, it relies on generous visitors. Therefore, if you find the service useful, please consider donating some money. Just click the “Donate” button on the website’s homepage. Alternatively, there is information on how you can become a volunteer.

Should you require any assistance while on the website, you can refer to the “Help Center” which will answer the majority of your questions, or you can get in touch by contacting the team via e-mail or on social media.

PDF EscapePDFescape

Try out PDFescape, a free online PDF management tool. The service allows you to edit PDF files, fill out forms, add annotations, password protect files, and even create your own PDF forms. Available for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari. The interface is advert-supported but your files will remain free from any watermarks or advertising. There’s one catch: you’re limited to 100 pages and a 10MB file size. However, you can upgrade for a small fee.

PDFescape gives you powerful PDF management tools either online (totally free) or as a software download (free trial available). If you use more popular PDF tools such as Adobe, you may find PDFescape an excellent alternative. The downloadable version functions on all modern versions of Windows, while you can access the online tools using most popular Web browsers. This means you can manage PDF files from wherever you are located.

PDFescape Online PDF Editor allows you to perform a variety of tasks, such as annotating PDFs, editing files, creating PDF forms, password protecting PDFs, sharing documents, and more. PDFescape Premium includes even more tools, such as the ability to print to PDF, merge PDF documents, PDF to Word (and other formats) conversion, watermarking and file compression.


Do you want to learn a new language free of charge? This entertaining and fun website is not only effective, it’s highly addictive. With Duolingo, you can quickly brush up your skills in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and many other languages.

The site uses bite-sized lessons that allow you to practice your chosen language out loud, as you would in normal conversation. You will receive a grade after each lesson and earn points for the level and accuracy of your participation.

In fact, the website claims that in an independent study, just a small amount of time dedicated to learning on Duolingo is equally as effective as one entire semester at university. As such, it is a quick, easy and enjoyable way to learn a new language.

A typical beginner lesson will involve you learning basic words and phrases, after which can test yourself to see your level of proficiency. As you continue to learn, lessons will get progressively harder, with more complex words, phrases and variety. You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you progress, even after a short time!

The website allows you to create your own personal Duolingo profile and has a nice community feel. Head to the “Discussions” section to view other people’s comments on the service. For convenience, you are able to study multiple languages under the same account.

One of the best features of Duolingo is the mobile application, which is highly rated and lets you continue your learning when on the move. If you are serious about learning quickly, a mobile app comes highly recommended, as you can fit lessons into a tight, busy schedule. The app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

We really enjoy using Duolingo at so be sure to check it out today!

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