Free Food & Drink in the UK

  • Welcome to's Free Food & Drink section. Here, we feature the latest free food and drink samples in the UK. Including free tea and coffee, doughnuts, vouchers, kids meals, starters, free desserts, and more.
  • Many companies provide food freebies when they launch a new product. The aim? To entice you to become a loyal customer in future.
  • A number of major brands also operate loyalty schemes, where you can claim free stuff throughout the year. Some brands will even give you a FREE reward on your birthday!
  • If you are aware of any other food freebies, please contact us.
new Horlicks Tasting Panel

Free Jar of Horlicks

Register for the Horlicks Tasting Panel to apply to become a Horlicks tester. Currently, the company is seeking 60 people to test-drive a brand new (secret) recipe. For your chance to claim a free jar, complete the short online form. The last day you can apply is 26th May 2022. (UK Only)

new Heinz Party Essentials

Free Heinz Platinum Party Essentials

At the Heinz to Home website, you can win a variety of Queen's Jubilee prizes, including limited-edition versions of HP Sauce, Salad Cream, Heinz Mayo, and more. Just play the "Spin to Win" game by completing the easy online registration. There's tons of other prizes up for grabs as well. Closing date: 31st May 2022. (UK Only)

Free Cookie at Lidl

Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

Download the Lidl Plus mobile app and when it’s your birthday, you will be entitled to a free chocolate chip cookie from their in-store bakery. You will be able to claim the freebie up to seven days after your birthday. Just present the digital coupon on your next Lidl shop. Numerous other regular discounts are available as well. (UK Only)

new Krispykreme

Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut

Get a free Original Glazed doughnut by becoming a member of Krispy Kreme Rewards. This free membership club called Krispy Kreme Rewards (formally known as "Friends of Krispy Kreme), gives you access to free stuff at participating outlets. All you have to do is complete the registration and download the smartphone app. Other exciting offers are available from time to time. (UK Only)

Jack’s Beans Coffee

Free Jack’s Beans Coffee

Download the Jack’s Beans smartphone app and complete the registration to claim a digital voucher, redeemable for a free hot drink (coffee or hot chocolate) at over 400 locations across the UK, including convenience stores, garages, and transport terminals. Jack's specialises in barista-style coffees made from Fairtrade ingredients. Available for Android and Apple mobile devices. (UK Only)

Free Dough Balls

Free Dough Balls at Pizza Express

Join the new "PizzaExpress Club" by downloading their smartphone app and claim a free portion of dough balls at participating pizzerias. The club also has a loyalty element to it where you can claim extra rewards each time you dine. The app is available for Android and Apple mobile devices. (UK Only)

Free OmniPork Strips

Free OmniPork Plant-Based Strips

Register for Omni’s e-mail mailing list to claim a voucher, redeemable for a free pack of OmniPork plant-based pork-style strips. This zero-meat food product is great for placing on sandwiches, wraps, tacos, or for use as part of the ingredients for other meals. Take the voucher to any participating store to claim, subject to availability. (UK Only)

Hotel Chocolat Treat

Free Hotel Chocolat Chocolate

Sign-up for Hotel Chocolat’s “VIP.Me” rewards scheme (it’s free) to be eligible for a free chocolate treat on your birthday. If this sounds tasty and delicious, there’s even more. You will also gain entries into regular, exclusive competitions for a chance to win chocolate prizes! Plus you can gain discounts on products in-store. (UK Only)

Free Cocktail

Free Pineapple Daiquiri at Browns Brasserie

Here’s a free drink offer from Browns Brasserie & Bar (locations across the UK). For a chance to claim a free Pineapple Daiquiri cocktail, become a Friend of Browns by registering for their e-mail newsletter service. Please note: this offer requires you to dine in the restaurant. (UK Only)

Free Cake at Costa

Free Cake at Costa Coffee

Love coffee (and perhaps some cake as well!)? Then register for the Costa Coffee Club. This rewards and loyalty programme from the popular high-street coffee chain entitles you to a complimentary cake when it's your birthday. There's tons of other rewards to get as well, such as "buy 4 drinks and get your fifth free". (UK Only)

Red Bull Cans

Free Red Bull Cans Giveaway

Participate in this new giveaway by playing the “spot the cans” game for an opportunity to claim a free 4-pack of Red Bull. A total of 1,250 are currently up for grabs. Just use the arrows on your keyboard or your mouse to play. There's a time limit, so you'll have to be quick! The closing date is unknown. (UK Only)

Pizza Express

Free Birthday Surprise at Pizza Express

If you love pizza and eating out, this is a must-see freebie. Sign-up to MyPizzaExpress, the Pizza Express member club, to get a free surprise on your birthday, plus exclusive discounts and offers throughout the year. This service also provides the latest news and menu updates, plus exciting new competitions. (UK Only)

Muffin Break Club

Free Muffin Break Muffin

Sign-up for the Muffin Break Club to claim a free muffin treat when it's your birthday. Sounds good? As a member, you can also gain your sixth hot drink free — plus a free coffee just for registering your rewards card online. Please note: you first need to collect a rewards card in-store, then activate it online to be eligible. There are 45+ stores in the UK. (UK Only)

VIBE Clubcard

Free Boost Smoothie

Sign-up for a VIBE clubcard at Boost Juice Bars and not only will you get to join their immensely popular loyalty scheme, you'll gain a free fruit juice smoothie on your birthday. As a member, you'll also be entitled to exclusive prize draw entries and other fun stuff as and when available. Complete the registration form to begin. (UK Only)

Brewhouse & Kitchen

Free Drink at Brewhouse & Kitchen

Register for the “Brewhouse & Kitchen” e-mail newsletter to claim a free birthday beer from the popular gastro pub chain. You’ll need to become a member at least 3 weeks before your actual birthday in order to qualify for the freebie. To get started, visit their home page, then scroll down and complete the registration. (UK Only)

Free Pukka Tea

Free Pukka Tea Pack

Sign-up to become a member of the Pukka Herbs Collective to claim a complimentary tea sample, plus personalised wellbeing hints and tips to help you lead a better life. This also includes access to a digital sleep diary. Joining the Collective also means you'll get first pick of any future giveaways. To claim, just complete the easy online registration. (UK Only)

Free KFC Side

Free KFC Side Order

Do you like KFC? Then download the KFC app or sign-up online to become a KFC rewards member. This entitles you to exclusive rewards and offers as and when available, plus 2 free hot chicken wings (or an alternative side order) upon registration. You can also earn loyalty points on your purchases, redeemable for additional free sides. (UK Only)


Free Hot Drink at Waitrose

Register to become a member of myWaitrose and once you receive the membership card, use this to claim a free hot drink at participating Waitrose stores throughout the UK. You can select from drinks like Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Tea, and Mocha. No purchase is necessary, although the store requires you to bring your own reusable cup. Restricted to self-service drinks machines only. (UK Only)

Free Cereal Bar

Free Eat Natural Cereal Bars

Sign-up for the “Eat Natural Community” for a chance to test out new cereal bar and granola products before they’re released to the public. Registering also gives you access to nearby “Eat Natural” sponsored events dedicated to healthy eating and fitness. Apply to become an “Eat Naturalist” by completing the easy form. If you are lucky, you will be asked to provide feedback on sampled products. (UK Only)

Free Taco Bell

Free Crunchy Taco at Taco Bell

Like visiting Taco Bell? Here, you can claim a free Crunchy Taco. Just register for Taco Bell’s loyalty club by downloading their smartphone app (available for Android and Apple iOS). Additional rewards are available as you accumulate more points. You’ll also be entitled to other goodies and exclusives as and when available. (UK Only)

Free Drink at O'Neils

Free Drink at O’Neills

Sign-up at O’Neill’s to claim a voucher, redeemable for a free welcome drink at the popular Irish-themed pub chain. You can select from a free pint of beer, a soft drink, or a glass of wine. By completing the registration, you’ll also be entitled to more goodies and exclusive giveaways as and when available. Registration only takes a minute or two of your time. (UK Only)

Free Booths Cake

Free Slice of Cake at Booths

Register to become a Booths membership card holder and you’ll be entitled to a free slice of cake when it’s your birthday (upon the purchase of a drink in the cafe). As a card member, you also get additional benefits, such as unlimited half price hot drinks, a weekend newspaper benefit, discounts on afternoon tea, and more. (UK Only)

GBK Freebies

Free Burger Rewards at GBK

If you enjoy eating at Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), you can claim free rewards by downloading their smartphone app. This includes free side orders, birthday freebies, loyalty bonuses, and more. Extra features include full menu access and instant phone ordering. Just download the app and complete the registration. (UK Only)

Free Crepes

Free Crêpe Pancakes at Crêpeaffaire

Register for the Crêpeaffaire Club by downloading their popular smartphone app. This entitles you to a free crêpe on your birthday. The app also provides a loyalty scheme, where you can gain extra free goodies, including future freebies and prize draw entries. Over 15 Crêpeaffaire outlets are available in the UK. (UK Only)

Free Drink at Ember Inns

Free Drink at Ember Inns

Download the Ember Inns smartphone app to be entitled to a free welcome drink. You’ll also be eligible for other free food and drink offers when available, including freebies on your birthday. The app even lets you collect loyalty rewards, redeemable for free side orders and various other goodies. Available for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. (UK Only)

All Bar One Drink

Free Drink at All Bar One

Download the All Bar One app to your smartphone to gain a free welcome drink. You can also earn other rewards as and when available. Features include access to the latest menus, table reservations, a wine library, and loyalty rewards. The app is available for Android and Apple devices. (UK Only)

Free Meal

Free Kids Meal at Giraffe Restaurant

Claim a free kids meal at Giraffe, the popular restaurant chain. This offer is valid upon the purchase of any main meal. Just complete the short form on the offer page to download a voucher. Show this at the time of your order to claim. Please note: kids breakfast is not included. A few other terms and conditions apply. (UK Only)

Free Water Refills

Free Water Refills

With this smartphone app called Refill, you can find free water refill stations across the UK. Instead of buying a new water bottle when out and about, you can save money and reduce plastic waste. The app is user-friendly and allows you to quickly search for businesses offering free refills. Available for Android and Apple devices. (UK Only)

Free Tea

Free Birthday Brew with T2 Tea Society

Sign-up to become a member of the T2 Tea Society to join a community of tea lovers. You’ll get free treats throughout the year, special access to events, a free birthday brew, and more. Sounds good? Registration is fast and easy. Enjoy! (UK Only)

Free Shake

Free Birthday Shake at Ed’s Easy Diner

Ed’s Easy Diner, the fun and quirky 1950s-style diner is offering you a free milkshake on your birthday. Besides this, the company offers regular freebies throughout the year. Just complete the registration to become a member of “Ed’s Club”, which entitles you to a free starter or dessert (upon the purchase of a main meal), plus a free birthday treat. (UK Only)

Las Iguanas

Free Birthday Treat at Las Iguanas

Sign-up to the Las Iguanas e-mail newsletter to qualify for a free treat on your birthday. The Latin American restaurant chain also provides regular discounts and promotions to subscribers. Please note: the birthday treat can vary depending on the season, but typically includes a free drink, a free dessert, or (in some cases), a completely free meal. (UK Only)

Allergy Show

Free Tickets to The Allergy & Free From Show

Here, you can order free tickets to The Allergy & Free From Show, Europe’s largest free-from event in London, Liverpool, and Glasgow. Fill out the short form to obtain free, printable event tickets. (UK Only)


Free Coffee & Birthday Treat at Benugo

Sign-up for the Benugo newsletter to be eligible for a free coffee at the popular London-based restaurant chain, plus a free treat when it’s your birthday. You can claim a free coffee at over 15 locations across the capital. (UK Only)


Free Birthday Burrito at Barburrito

Register for the Barburrito loyalty scheme to get a free burrito on your birthday. This loyalty card scheme from the popular Mexican food restaurant also entitles you to accumulate points on your purchases, redeemable for future discounts. (UK Only)

Beefeater Grill

Free Beefeater Grill Birthday Treat

If you eat out on a regular basis, check out this member deal from Beefeater Grill, where you can earn rewards for signing up to The Reward Club. This loyalty scheme also entitles you to a free treat when it’s your birthday. Obtain a card from your local restaurant, then activate online to complete the registration. (UK Only)

Free Greggs Stuff

Greggs: Free Birthday Treat & Loyalty Scheme

Register for Greggs Rewards, a loyalty scheme from the high-street bakers, to get access to regular freebies, prize draws, plus a free birthday treat. Just download the smartphone app to enjoy all these benefits. It comes highly recommend if you’re a regular customer of Greggs. (UK Only)

Free Appetiser

Free Appetiser At TGI Fridays

Are you a fan of the popular TGI Fridays restaurant? Download the new app to your smartphone and you’ll be entitled to a free appetiser on your next visit. The app also lets you manage your loyalty rewards (ideal if you’re a regular visitor). (UK Only)

Food Freebies: Frequently Asked Questions

Food and drink are in high demand here at Whether doughnuts, tea bags, coffee, or a voucher for a complimentary starter or cocktail, everyone enjoys delicious free food. Many of the offers we feature are available to redeem in person at restaurants throughout the UK. However, we often see samples of food, which can be delivered by post to your doorstep. Read the FAQs below for more info.

What food and drink can I order?

There’s a plethora of food and drink freebies up for grabs online. This includes free starters and desserts, hot drinks, sweets, and lots more besides. Most large restaurant chains offer freebies at different points during the year. And many of these operate loyalty schemes where you can claim free stuff on your birthday. It is worth noting that a few of our offers require the purchase of a main meal. If this is the case, we mention this in our description text.

Can I have food delivered by post?

From time to time, we include offers that get delivered directly to your home. But these samples often get snapped up quickly. While the vast majority of food freebies require you to claim in person, there are a few that do arrive by mail. Typically, when a company launches a new product, they distribute a limited supply of samples. Keeping an eye on this page and subscribing to our newsletter will ensure you gain first pick.

Can I claim free food at restaurants?

Yes. In fact, many of our food and drink offers can be redeemed in restaurants, eateries, and bars. In most cases, you will need to claim a voucher, redeemable for a particular promotional offer. Examples include a free drink, starter, dessert, kids meal, or otherwise. Nearly all restaurants accept digital and printed vouchers.

Do you list birthday freebies?

Several companies will serve you a birthday treat if you subscribe to their loyalty or membership scheme. Usually, this is just a case of subscribing to an e-mail newsletter or downloading the company app. Large chains like Greggs, Barburrito, Las Iguanas, and TGI Fridays are among those offering birthday freebies.

How can I stay updated with new listings?

It is easy to keep updated with the latest food and drink samples. First, we recommend you visit this page regularly to see our new listings. We update on a regular basis as and when new offers become available. Secondly, subscribe to our freebie newsletter for a roundup of our latest offers. You can also follow us on social media to gain instant alerts.