Burger King Rewards

Free Burger King Burger

Join Burger King’s “YourBurgerKing” rewards program to be eligible for a free cheeseburger upon sign-up, plus another freebie when it’s your birthday.

This program offers you numerous perks and benefits, including exclusive deals, discounts, and free food from time to time (often when you least expect it!).

Simply create an account either on their website or download the smartphone app, then complete the sign-up process. The app is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

The more you visit and spend at Burger King, the more points and ultimately rewards you will gain. If you regularly visit the popular fast-food outlet, this is a no-brainer!

Additionally, YourBurgerKing provides you with personalised offers based on your preferences and purchase history. This means that you’ll receive exclusive deals on the food items you love the most.

There’s a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section on their website that is well worth reading as well.

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