Free GoHenry Debit Card

Free GoHenry Prepaid Debit Card Trial

Check out this offer, which entitles you to a free trial of gohenry, a prepaid debit card with over 1.5 million members that’s perfect for children (or anyone who wants more control over their money). 

GoHenry works in tandem with a nifty smartphone app (Android or Apple iOS/iPhone), giving you full control over every aspect of the card.

One of the most appealing aspects of this kids prepaid debit card is that you can specify spending limits, making it perfect for using as pocket money for children. 

You can block the card at any point and see each and every transaction — great for checking where the money is being spent. The card is VISA and supports contactless payments so it can be used at nearly all retailers.

Users can specify saving goals via the app, set spending limits, specify the maximum ATM withdrawal amount, gain instant spend alerts, and even use the card abroad.

There’s also a wide range of card designs, including customisable designs, that are available. This gives each card a unique personality. You can upload your own image or choose from a variety of standard designs.

If you want to teach your child about money, we highly recommend GoHenry. The smartphone app is user-friendly and provides an account overview at a glance, plus easy access to settings to update limits, add new money, lock the card, etc.

Sign-up today to get 30 days free use (then it’s £2.99/month on a rolling subscription basis). You can cancel within the trial period to avoid being charged.

A full list of features is available on the GoHenry website.

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