Free Boots Hearing Test

Free Hearing Test at Boots

The UK’s most-recognised high-street chemist is currently offering free hearing tests in participating stores. Book a free appointment online for a complimentary 15-minute hearing check up with a qualified audiologist.

Hearing loss can occur gradually and it is not always easy to spot — especially if you have gotten used to your hearing range over the years. If you suspect that your hearing may be suffering, this free hearing check up at Boots Hearingcare is one of the best places to begin.

To book a free appointment, visit the offer page and then follow the easy instructions. After clicking “book now”, you will be able to select a nearby centre.

The Boots Hearingcare website provides an overview of what the test involves and answers many other common questions. There’s even an option to undertake an “online” hearing test, should you prefer.

There’s also a full range of hearing products available to purchase online. View their full range by heading to the “Shop” link in the main navigation menu.

Offers on hearing aids are also available. Your audiologist will be able to provide further details.

To book your free Boots hearing test, click the link below to get started.

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