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Free O2 SIM Cards

Here, you can request a free “pay as you go” SIM card from O2. A number of options exist depending on whether you like to text, talk or surf the Internet. Both UK and international bundles are available. Over 40 countries are eligible for inclusive minutes. With flexible tariffs and additional perks, such as O2 Priority, there’s plenty to smile about at O2.

SIMs are also available for international callers (calls are charged to other countries from as little as 1p a minute). If you are a tablet user, specialist SIMs are available (select either “iPad SIM” or “Simplicity for Tablets”).

Note: you may select from either a standard, micro or nano SIM, depending on the requirements for your handset.

Extra details:

  • O2 is an all round solid network with affordable pricing for PAYG and SIM only plans. You can claim generous data allowances for a competitive price.
  • Use O2 to qualify for O2 Priority, a popular rewards scheme, where you can claim exclusive event tickets, discounts, and various free stuff.

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