Free Pet Stuff

In this category you’ll find a selection of free pet food, mainly for cats and dogs. Although the vast majority of freebies we see are from the large pet food brands, some smaller companies also offer free samples, so keep your eyes peeled for those, too. As is common with other sample packs, it’s likely you will also receive free money-off vouchers, which you can use to gain discounts on pet food products. Get your free pet food samples here!

  • Free 2 Week Trial (£2 Delivery Charge)

    Register at to claim a free two-week dog food trial. Delivered direct to your door, provides tailor-made dry food that's blended specifically to meet your dog’s needs. There’s a £2 delivery charge here, so it’s not entirely free, but we thought it’s such a great offer we’d include it anyway. (UK Only)

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  • Applaws

    Free Applaws Cat or Dog Food

    Use the contact form on this website to send in a request for a free pack of Applaws cat or dog food. You can select from wet or dry food and also from a fish or chicken recipe. Alternatively, you can telephone a freephone number to request a freebie using this method. (UK Only)

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  • Go-Cat

    Free Go-Cat Cat Food & Felix FunSauces

    Claim a sample of Felix FunSauces when you request a 50g free trial pack of Purina Go-Cat Crunchy & Tender cat food, containing tasty pieces of salmon, tuna and vegetables. There are 25,000 samples of the following varieties: Adult Crunchy & Tender, Kitten Crunchy & Tender, and Adult Crunchy & Tender Touch of Milk. Note: the FunSauces freebie is not available if you select the Kitten variety of Go-Cat. (UK Only)

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  • Happy Dog UK

    Free Happy Dog UK Food

    Fill out the request form to claim a free pack of dog food from Happy Dog UK. The company provides high quality, natural food for dogs of all sizes. The website contains plenty of information, including an online catalogue with hundreds of products available to purchase. (UK Only)

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  • Gourmet Cat

    Free Gourmet Cat Food Goodies

    Register for the Very Important Cat Club, a scheme from Purina Gourmet, to obtain a great mix of free goodies, including a chance to win tickets to the BBC Good Food Show, money-off vouchers for Gourmet cat food products, and the latest product updates. (UK Only)

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