Free Pet Food

In this category, you’ll find a selection of free pet food, mainly for cats and dogs. Most of the pet freebies available are from large pet food brands. But some smaller companies also offer sample packs. It is well worth keeping an eye out for some of the lesser-known pet food samples. Often, you will receive free money-off vouchers. You can use these to gain discounts on pet food products. Note: please contact us if you are aware of any other free pet stuff that we could include in this category. Free 2 Week Trial (£2 Delivery Charge)

Register at to claim a free two-week dog food trial. Delivered direct to your door, provides tailor-made dry food that’s blended specifically to meet your dog’s needs. There’s a £2 delivery charge here, so it’s not entirely free, but we thought it’s such a great offer we’d include it anyway.

Designed by vets and nutritionists, operates by sending you tailored monthly dog food deliveries. The service includes just the right portion size to meet the exact requirements of your pet.  This means you can control your dog’s weight while ensuring they are getting all the nutrients necessary.

Monthly deliveries are designed to ensure you never run out of dog food. However, the service is very flexible, enabling you to customise and also pause deliveries should you need to do so. There is also no ongoing commitment and you can cancel at any point in time.

To receive your no-commitment 2 week trial pack for just £2 delivery, follow the simple instructions on the website to activate your free trial voucher code.

Happy DogFree Happy Dog UK Food

Fill out the request form to claim a free pack of dog food from Happy Dog UK. The company provides high quality, natural food for dogs of all sizes. The website contains plenty of information, including an online catalogue with hundreds of products available to purchase.

Established in 1948 in Germany, Happy Dog is a well-established dog food brand that puts quality at the heart of its products. Check out the full range by visiting the website, which includes Supreme Dry Dog Food, Small Dog Food, Wet Dog Food, Dog Treats, Supplements, and more. You can also view products by diet or by life stage. So, for example, if you want to search by gluten free or grain free dog food, or by junior, adult or senior dog food, you can do so.

Happy Dog UK also operates a Breeders Club, where you can claim exclusive member benefits, such as discounts, priority customer service, and free deliveries. For further information and to hear about the latest news and promotions before anyone else, sign-up to their e-mail newsletter, or connect on social media websites.

Please note: samples are only available for UK and Ireland residents.

ApplawsFree Applaws Cat or Dog Food

Use the contact form on this website to send in a request for a free pack of Applaws cat or dog food. You can select from wet or dry food and also from a fish or chicken recipe. Alternatively, you can telephone a freephone number to request a freebie using this method.

Applaws produce natural pet food using high quality ingredients. There’s no artificial flavours, preservatives or other unnecessary ingredients, just the best cuts of breast meat or fish fillet. Products for cats include tins, pouches, pate, cat treats, and more. There’s also a range for kittens and senior cats. For dogs, there’s tins, pouches, pate, food for puppies, and also a selection of dog treats. A full range of products can be viewed on the website, so be sure to check this out.

For the latest updates and promotions, follow Applaws on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There’s also an excellent Frequently Asked Questions section that should answer the majority of your questions. However, you can also contact the company directly using the online form or telephone number.

The homepage features the latest offers and giveaways. Keep an eye out for new prize draws as and when available. Once you’ve received the free sample, if you wish to purchase additional stock, you can do so using the Applaws online store.