Free Pet Food

  • Below we feature free pet food samples. Most are from large pet food brands in the UK.
  • We include free dog and cat food predominantly since these are the most widely available.
  • You will often receive free money-off vouchers when requesting pet freebies. Use these to get a discount on a future purchase.
  • Please contact us if you are aware of any other free pet stuff that we could include in this category.
new Your Purina

Free Purina Pet Food Samples

Register for the "Your Purina" product testing panel to be first in queue to trial new (and free) products, as and when available. You may also be eligible for various other free samples throughout the year. Any catch? No, they simply want you to give your feedback on any of the products you trial. Numerous prize draws are also available. (UK Only)

new Go-Cat Senior

Free Go-Cat Senior Cat Food

A new “cashback” offer where you can claim a free pack of Go-Cat Senior cat food. To get yours, first buy a pack in-store, keep your receipt, and then follow the instructions on this site to claim your money back. The product is intended for cats aged 7 years and above. Offer ends 6th July 2022. (UK Only)

featured Tails Dog Food 50% Off Tails Dog Food

Not a freebie but a great discount deal for popular online dog food retailer, (who have now delivered over 8 million meals). Visit this site to claim 50% off wet and dry dog food. provides personalised, premium quality food to match the exact requirements of your pet. It’s simple, convenient, and affordable. (UK Only)

Bug Bakes Dog Food

Free Bug Bakes Cold Pressed Dog Food

This freebie requires a small postage fee but could be worth it if you want to test out an up-and-coming dog food brand that specialises in sustainable ingredients. Follow the instructions to claim a sample of Bug Bakes Cold Pressed dog food (available in grain free and regular varieties). Delivery is within one to three working days. (UK Only, requires a £1.95 P&P fee)

Oscar Pet Food

Free Oscar Pet Food

At this site, you can claim a free sample of Oscar pet food, available for cats and dogs. The company runs a network of Local Nutritional Advisors that will get in touch with you to discuss the perfect product for your pet. This process will also include a free nutritional consultation. Follow the instructions on the offer page to send in your request. (UK Only)

Free Platinum Dog Food

Free Platinum Dog Food

Fill out the online form to claim a free sample of Platinum natural dog food. This brand provides food for dogs with at least 70% fresh meat. The sample pack contains a tester of Adult Chicken, Adult Iberico+Greens, Adult Beef+Potato, or Adult Lamb+Rice. You can also request a sample by telephoning the number advertised on the offer page. (UK Only)

Trophy Pet Foods

Free Trophy Pet Food

Request a free dog or cat food sample from Trophy Pet Foods. There is a limit of one 50g sample per pet, per household. You can request up to 3 tester packs. A Trophy Nutritional Adviser will contact you within 7 days to arrange delivery of your sample. The full product range is available on the website. (UK Only)

Lily's Pet Food

Free Lily’s Kitchen Pet Food

Here, you can obtain free dog and cat food samples from Lily’s Kitchen. Just contact the Customer Care team by telephoning the advertised number to claim your freebies. Both wet and dry cat and dog food samples are available, as are packs for particular diets. Please note: you must pay a small postage cost. (UK Only)

Vitalin Sample

Free Vitalin Dog Food

An opportunity to claim a free sample of Vitalin. Samples are available upon request. The company provides healthy, locally sourced dog food that your pet will find delicious. For an opportunity to claim yours, fill in the contact form and ask for a free tester pack. (UK Only)

Happy Dog Food

Free Happy Dog UK Food

Fill out the request form to claim a free pack of dog food from Happy Dog UK. The company provides high quality, natural food for dogs of all sizes. The website contains plenty of information, including an online catalogue with hundreds of products available to purchase. (UK Only)

Sugarfoot Pet Food

Free Sugarfoot Pet Food

Obtain a complimentary pack of Sugarfoot pet food. You will receive either a 100g dog or cat kibble sample. Please note: You are asked to take and upload a photograph of your pet so it can be featured on social media, although this is not compulsory. Add your details to the form. Note: you are now required to pay a small P&P fee. (UK Only, requires P&P)

Pet Freebies: Frequently Asked Questions

Several pet food manufacturers offer up samples of their products. As the UK is a nation of animal lovers, it should come as no surprise that you can claim free pet food online. Most often, this involves free testers of cat and dog food. Unfortunately, freebies for other animal types are few and far between — extremely rare in fact. If you want a free sample of a particular niche pet food, you are probably best contacting the supplier directly. Below, we feature our “Pet Freebies FAQs”.

What types of cat food can I claim?

Many of the “big brand” cat food suppliers send out free products from time to time, including Felix, Whiskers, IAMS, and others. Typically, you can claim wet and dry cat food, depending on your cat’s preference. It is also not uncommon to find samples of cat treats. Several smaller companies also offer free samples of cat food.

What types of dog food are on offer?

You can claim free dog food from a number of online providers, subject to availability. This includes some of the smaller, lesser-known companies, plus big brands like Bakers, Royal Canin, and Purina. Most companies distribute dry and wet dog food. You can also claim free dog treats from time to time. Providers like are also worth investigating and offer discounts on your first order.

How do I claim free cat and dog food in the UK?

Above, you will see a list of our current pet freebies. To claim a freebie, follow a link that interests you to access the offer page, then complete the online form. The offer will then be delivered by post to your home address, usually within the month. Full terms and conditions and privacy notices are available at the external company website.

Can I have a sample of [insert pet food type here]?

Unfortunately, we can only offer samples of pet food that are currently available. Pet freebies are quite rare and disappear quickly due to high demand. As previously mentioned, the vast majority of pet-related items are for cats and dogs. If you want to try another type of pet food, we recommend you contact the manufacturer directly.

Can you update me with new offers?

If you want to keep updated with our latest freebies then be sure to register for our freebie newsletter (enter your e-mail address in the form above). We provide a regular roundup of free stuff for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to give us a “like” or “follow” on social media too. We never spam you with too many messages — so you’ll only receive the most important ones!