Pieminister Classic Gravy

Free Pieminister Classic Gravy

At this site, you can claim a free pack of Pieminister Classic Gravy at participating Waitrose stores across the UK. Note: this is a “money back” offer so you need to show proof of purchase.

This tasty, rich gravy is perfect for all kinds of pies, especially meat pies, although you can use it as you wish.

To obtain yours, follow the link below to access the offer page, then select to receive a code either by WhatsApp or SMS text message. 

Once complete, purchase a pack of Pieminister Gravy from any participating Waitrose store — and be sure to keep your receipt. You’ll need this to claim your money back. There’s instructions on how to upload your receipt and gain a refund.

The offer is available until 30th November 2022 or until 750 money back claims have been made. 

Besides in-store products, Pieminister is also famous for its range of restaurants, available in multiple cities. A full list can be found by visiting their official website. Here, you can also register to become a “VIPie” to gain extra freebies and discounts as and when available.

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