Free SIM Cards

If like many people you want the freedom and flexibility that “pay as you go” SIM deals offer, be sure to take a close look at our free SIM card offers. Many of the packages available have no lengthy tie-ins often associated with contract deals. Rather, you can switch with ease and add-on call, text and data allowances as you see fit. Want to keep your existing telephone number? No problem. Switching networks is simple and can save you valuable cash. If you are aware of any other free SIM cards we can feature here, please contact us. Thanks!

Virgin MobileFree Virgin Mobile SIM Card

Grab yourself a free “pay as you go” SIM card, courtesy of Virgin Mobile. Voted “Best Value Network” by the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, Virgin Mobile provides an affordable, flexible way to call, text and surf the Web.

Unlike long-term contract phone deals, “pay as you go” gives you the ultimate freedom to pick and choose how much you spend. There are no contracts to sign, no credit checks, and you can even bring your existing telephone number over to Virgin Mobile. Virgin uses the EE network, which offers 99% coverage across the UK.

You can select from a variety of different packages known as “JAM Packs”, each offering a number of allocated minutes, texts, and data connectivity. If you select a pack, you will need to top-up by at least £10 a month to gain all the associated benefits. However, if you simply wish to top-up as and when you need, you will automatically be enrolled onto the standard package and tariff rate.

Virgin Mobile also has a number of “Pay Monthly” SIM packages that may be of interest to you, offering a 30-day rolling contract from as little as £7 per month. If you want the benefits of a short-term contract, but wish to have more flexibility and freedom, this is an excellent middle ground between “pay as you go” and long-term contracts.

To claim a free SIM, follow the simple instructions on the website, then select your phone brand and model. At this point, you can also select from a standard SIM, a micro SIM, or a nano SIM.

GiffGaff SIMFree GiffGaff Mobile SIM Card

On the hunt for a new mobile phone network? If like many people you want the freedom and flexibility of a “pay as you go” or bundle deal, GiffGaff could be the solution. Numerous packages are available for talkers, texters and Web surfers.

GiffGaff, “the mobile network run by you”, provides 7 different PAYG tariffs depending on your requirements. Their popular £10 bundle provides unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 3GB Internet usage, but even for a small £5 top-up you can gain 500 free UK texts every month, 150 minutes, and 500MB data.

A range of other “GiffGaff Goodybags” are available, so there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a ‘texter’, Web surfer, or require additional free minutes. Add-on packages called “Gigabags” are also available, so you can add more data allocation to your account if required.

One of the major benefits of GiffGaff is free calls and text messages to other users on the same network. This can work out very economical, especially if you refer your friends and family. Incidentally, if you do recommend others to the service, you will be rewarded with free credit or cash.

A wide range of popular handsets are available at GiffGaff and come unlocked as standard, so you can be free from lengthy, restrictive contracts. All the popular SIM card formats are available: Standard, Micro and Nano SIMs. Sign up today and break free!

The People's OperatorFree SIM From The People’s Operator

Obtain a free SIM card from The People’s Operator, a network running on Three. This up-and-coming provider gives you excellent value for money rates and free network to network calls and texts. So if you get friends and family using The People’s Operator, you can all talk free of charge. Request your Tri-SIM, which fits all devices, today.

Unlike other mobile providers, The People’s Operator will donate 10% of your bill to a charity of your choice (at no cost to you). With excellent UK coverage and a variety of deals to select from, the provider comes highly recommended.

Both “pay as you go” and “pay monthly” packages are available, depending on your needs. Pay as you go deals revolve around a series of packages called Bundles. So if you’re a power user, you may decide to opt for a package with a greater allocation of call allowance and texts. If you only use your phone occasionally, a lower package will be more suitable. With top-up amounts from as little as £7.99, the network is both feature-rich and affordable.

Another useful benefit of this provider is you can call others on the same network completely free of charge. You can also text family and friends at no cost, so it can be very worthwhile getting others registered with the service. Packages suitable for business are also available.

With its slogan, “the mobile network that gives back”, TPO will give 10% of your bill total to a charity of your choice (at no cost to you). So if you want a great value network that goes that extra mile for a good cause, TPO could be just the ticket. Both standard and micro SIMs are available, as are Nano SIMs. Please note: it is a good idea to check what type of SIM your handset requires before submitting the request form. However, TPO’s Tri-SIM will fit the vast majority of devices.

Keeping your existing number is no problem at all, and you can be up and running on the new network within days. TPO also runs on one of the UK’s largest networks, Three, so you can be sure of excellent coverage across the country.

O2 SIMFree O2 SIM Card

Here, you can request a free “pay as you go” SIM card from O2. A number of options are available depending on whether you tend to text, a talk, surf the Internet, or make international calls. With flexible tariffs and additional perks, such as O2 Priority, there’s plenty to smile about at O2.

It takes only a few seconds to register and if you want a more manageable way to handle your calls, O2 comes highly recommended. There are two options available: either select the standard tariff and have the flexibility to top-up whenever you need, or select from a range of pre-packaged bundles. These provide a set amount of allocated minutes, texts, and data allowance when you top-up your SIM on a monthly basis.

Typical bundles include: top up by £10 a month and gain 2GB data, 500 minutes and 500 text messages. You can also enjoy 4G data access where available. If you wish to keep your existing telephone number, that’s no problem at all. Switching is very easy and can usually be done within approximately 24 hours.

O2 customers can gain access to numerous perks, such as exclusive tickets and offers with O2 Priority, plus access to over 10,000 free Wi-Fi locations across the UK.


Order a free SIM from UK supermarket chain, ASDA to take advantage of a range of 30-day bundles, each offering a generous allocation of minutes, data and text messages. Note: the SIM will be delivered as a multi-SIM, which can be adapted for any size (Standard, Micro, or Nano).

In a similar fashion to other UK supermarkets, such as Tesco, ASDA has its own mobile network, operating on the EE network, famed for its excellent 4G access. With highly affordable prices, free usage in Europe at no additional cost, and the ability to easily transfer your existing number, ASDA is certainly worth considering alongside the more established rivals.

There are three major bundle packs, each offering free minutes, data and texts, depending on your lifestyle. These include the following allowances:

£7 bundle – Ideal for casual use, including some Internet use, this bundle includes 300 minutes, 1GB of data and unlimited texts.

£10 bundle – The middle option is a great compromise between price and allowance. It includes 600 minutes, 3GB of data transfer, plus unlimited text messages.

£15 bundle – This package is designed for heavier usage and includes 1000 minutes, 6GB of data, plus unlimited texts.

If you require even more allowance, additional bundles are available.

4G is available on the ASDA network, so you can achieve fast Internet speeds across the UK. Requesting a free SIM is easy. Just complete the short request form and you’ll receive a SIM pack within the post. Please note, however, that SIMs can only be delivered to UK households. Delivery will be within approximately five working days.