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The Internet is home to many applications that are freely available. Better still, many of these programs are as good as, if not better in some respects, than their commercial counterparts. Whether you need anti-virus protection, a backup utility, security software, or graphics tools, you’re sure to find something of interest here. All the programs we feature in this section are freeware. That means the programs are completely free with no trial or evaluation period. Please contact us if you are aware of any other software freebies that we should include in this section, or if you encounter an outdated link and wish to report it. Thanks!

Privacy EraserPrivacy Eraser

Billed as an all-in-one privacy suite, Privacy Eraser from Cybertron Software will spring clean your Windows PC. This award-winning tool provides a number of major features, such as cookie removal, a file shredder, drive wiper, registry cleaner, and more.

Privacy Eraser Free Edition is one of the most fully featured tools of its kind. The easy to use software makes it easy to optimise your computer, clean your tracks and protect your privacy with a single click – making your PC more secure and efficient. The major features available include:

Browser Cleanup – Privacy Eraser will clean your Internet cache, browsing history, typed URLs, and more. Saved passwords can also be deleted in a variety of major browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

File Shredder – If you want to remove all trace of your personal files for security purposes, this handy tool will provide a permanent removal. The shredder is so effective than even recovery software will struggle to restore your files.

Drive Wiper – Use this nifty tool to delete hidden areas on your hard disk drive, freeing up space. Alternatively, you can wipe the entire drive, helping you start afresh from square one.

Registry Cleaner – To keep your PC running as smoothly as possible, Privacy Eraser includes a Registry Cleaner tool. This will remove corrupt entries and left-over data from old applications, helping to speed up your computer.

App Uninstaller – When you require a more thorough software removal tool than the one provided in Windows, this tool will handle the job. The App Uninstaller will not only remove your software, it will also remove any leftover files and folders, freeing up space on your drive.

Real-Time Monitoring – Privacy Eraser can be set to start up automatically when you log-on to your computer. This allows the tool to sit quietly in the background, monitoring your PC for opportunities to tune up.

Please note: a commercial upgrade is available that will remove any advertising or “nag” screens that appear within the free version of the software.


Here’s a fantastic, user-friendly password management tool, available for Windows, Linux, Apple, plus smartphones (Android and iOS). Dashlane allows you to generate a variety of strong passwords for all your online accounts, instantly increasing your online security. You’ll never have a problem remembering all your passwords again!

The service functions using a master password, which only you have access to. This is then used to administer all your other passwords. This means you can generate nearly “impossible to crack” passwords for all your accounts, without having to remember them. This practice can instantly increase your online security and help foil hacker attacks.

The “free” version of Dashlane provides storage for an unlimited number of passwords, along with monitoring for security breaches. The tool also provides a password generator, so you can quickly establish safe, secure passwords on the fly. There’s even a form filler, so you can enter your details at the click of a button.

In addition, the “free” package includes 30-days worth of Premium features. The interface is easy-to-use and features attractive graphical representations, so it’s highly intuitive, even if you’re not technically minded.

The Premium package is available for a small monthly fee, but is well worth considering, especially if you require account backup features, unlimited (and secure) password sharing, and 2-factor authentication. The Premium plan also includes priority customer service.

If you’re a business, you can still take advantage of Dashlane. The Business plan is only slightly more expensive than Premium, but offers group management of passwords, an admin console with custom policies, additional 2-factor authentication, and a dedicated account manager.

AVGAVG Free Anti-Virus

Here’s another excellent free anti-virus program that’s perfect for guarding your computer or smartphone against malware, viruses and other harmful files. With protection for unlimited devices, it’s a solid and popular choice. Available for Windows PC, Mac and Android devices.

The “free” version of AVG is among the most popular anti-virus utilities available and provides effective protection against a wide range of threats, be that viruses, spyware, rootkits, trojans, etc. The software is user-friendly and works effortless in the background, constantly looking for threats. As new viruses are discovered, the program will update to ensure you are continually protected.

AVG also provides an e-mail mailbox scanner to keep you safe from e-mail viruses, a task/update scheduler, a link scanner, quick and full scan modes, AVG Zen, which makes it easy to manage your devices all in one convenient place, and Remote Protection, so you can scan and remove viruses on your desktop computer remotely using your smartphone.

A “Pro” commercial is available and offers additional features, such as an Online Shield (protects you from harmful downloads), Anti-Spam (for protection against junk e-mail), a firewall, free support, file encryption, and more.

For a free anti-virus solution, AVG offers high rates of detection and can handle the vast majority of threats. For additional protection, consider upgrading to the “Pro” account for top-notch, all-round security.

BurnAwareBurnAware Free

The “free” version of BurnAware is a polished CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc burning program, allowing you to quickly create discs containing audio, data or video files. The software is ideal for creating backups and comes complete with a smooth and sleek interface, so it’s a breeze navigating common tasks. Available for personal use only. Compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Being one of the world’s most-recognised disc burning tools, BurnAware is very complete in what it offers, letting you create or edit a wide range of disc formats, including CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, and others. The software lets you create audio, video or data discs, plus bootable CD or DVDs, ISO to disc, disc to ISO file, and re-writable formats, too.

The software supports a variety of languages and you can select which you’d prefer to use upon installation. BurnAware offers online support should you require it. Head to the dedicated Support pages to send an e-mail to the team. There’s also a FAQs section that aims to answer the most common queries.

Two other commercial options exist: BurnAware Premium and BurnAware Professional. If you require more than the basic features, give these two paid options a try. There’s a free trial of each for you to test.


Paying for anti-virus protection if you’re a casual home computer user is something that many people consider unnecessary for the vast majority of tasks. Although some of the popular commercial programs score highly when independently benchmarked, many find the benefit doesn’t outweigh the cost. And while commercial programs largely perform very well, freeware versions shouldn’t immediately be discounted.

Throughout the years, has recommended a number of quality freeware anti-virus programs, one of which is avast! Free Antivirus. The latest version is a major update on previous incarnations and protects over 170 million people worldwide. The software quietly scans for viruses and spyware while you surf the Web, and if you require help from a ‘techy’ friend, the Remote Assistance feature is sure to come in handy.

The interface is user-friendly to the point even novices will find it a breeze. The application resides in the system tray and springs into action if there’s a security threat, providing options on what action to take. Configuration is also extremely easy thanks to the large graphical menus. However, more advanced features can also be accessed for those who like to go ‘under the hood’.

For basic use, the free version is adequate, but for those who think the program is the best thing since sliced bread, two commercial upgrades are available: ‘Pro Antivirus’ and ‘Internet Security’. Pro Antivirus enhances protection for online shopping and banking, plus it lets you run programs in a virtual environment (ideal if the files are of dubious origin). Internet Security is avast!’s fully-featured security solution, including anti-virus and malware, firewall, anti-phishing, and spam protection.

The free mobile security download from avast! is particularly impressive – and highly recommended since the vast majority of smartphone users neglect to install security software. This latest version for Android protects against malicious apps, allows you to manage data transfer more effectively (thereby saving money), and blocks access to threatening malware sites. And if for some reason your prized possession gets lost or stolen, the Anti-Theft component lets you covertly track the device via a Web portal. As one commentator said about the software: “the thief won’t stand a chance!”.

To sum up, this is an excellent freeware anti-virus solution, with great features (especially for mobile). If you’re serious about protecting your devices but want to avoid commercial solutions, avast! is a great choice and provides ample ability to upgrade should the need arise.

Spyware BlasterSpywareBlaster

Are you wary about spyware? You needn’t be if you install SpywareBlaster. Unlike similar programs that scan, detect and then clean your computer of any programs attempting to monitor your actions, SpywareBlaster takes a different route and prevents them from being installed in the first place. Available for Microsoft Windows.

Nobody has to put up with spyware thanks to this clever little program. SpywareBlaster can deal with a wide range of threats to your system, including browser hijackers (software that changes the settings in your Web browser), Adware, spyware, tracking cookies, and other types of malware. When used in conjunction with an anti-virus program, the software can be highly effective.

The interface is user-friendly and lets you access all the features with minimal effort. A number of other popular (and free) programs are available here, so be sure to take a look at these, which are designed for home use. Although free of charge, if you find the download particularly useful, consider making a donation to the company.

A commercial version is available and provides a more advanced set of features, ensuring you stay free from all kinds of spyware. This paid version provides automatic database updates to deal with the latest threats, and can also be used by multiple users. A version for networks is also available. Recommended if you are serious about keeping your PC and laptop free from malware.


Have you ever wanted to offer technical assistance to a friend, or access your home computer on the move? If so, check out TeamViewer, a free remote access and desktop sharing program. The software is completely free for non-commercial use and allows you to remotely control a computer as if you were sat right in front of it.

The latest version of TeamViewer allows you to collaborate with ease, saving valuable time and money. This means you can support others, exchange information and ideas, use technology on other machines, communicate using audio, text or video, all while saving travel time.

Security is a major concern at TeamViewer and the service can be trusted to keep your data and conversations private. End to end encryption, two-factor authentication (optional) among other security features are included as standard. The service has currently been activated on over 1 billion devices worldwide, making it one of the most popular remote support tools available.

TeamViewer is a multi-platform, cross-platform software tool and functions on PC, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Windows Universal Platform and also Blackberry. The software is very easy to use and doesn’t require any technical know-how, so you can be up and running with minimal effort within minutes.

For a full list of the huge range of features, please refer to the official TeamViewer website. Note: TeamViewer is free of charge for personal and testing use.

Download Free GamesDownload Free Games

A well-designed, popular and fun-to-browse Web site, offering a fantastic mixture of freeware, shareware and online games for PC and mobile. All the games featured here have been specially selected for their quality and level of fun.

Numerous categories are available and the site features games in different genres, including Arcade, Board, Cards, Chess, Kids, Pool, Racing, Strategy, etc. Every game at this site is completely safe to download and checked by Norton, the popular online security brand, so you’ll find no malware, scams or dodgy downloads.

The most popular games are featured on the homepage and new listings are added on a daily basis, so visit often to see the latest selection. The vast majority of games include quality, in-depth reviews, outlining the pros and cons of each game, screenshots, a description of what to expect, and in some cases, a beginner’s guide.

If you’re in a rush and want to get straight to the best games, the site provides a Top 100 league. Don’t forget to follow Download Free Games on social sites, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to keep up-to-date with the most recent releases. You can also read their online blog that covers various game-related topics. Built by gamers for gamers. You’ll enjoy it here!

CyberghostCyberGhost: Surf The Web Anonymously

CyberGhost VPN Free is a must-have free download for anyone wanting to surf the Web anonymously. Available on desktop computer and popular mobile devices, the service helps to prevent electronic trails being created, keeping you more secure.

Normally, when you browse the Web, your IP address and other traceable information is available and often recorded. This electronic trail increases your level of security risk. With CyberGhost VPN, your IP address and other associated geo-location information is spoofed. As a result, your true system identity will remain anonymous.

Billed as “one of the world’s most trusted and secure VPNs”, CyberGhost VPN encrypts your connection, which is ideal if you use publically available Wi-Fi access points. Thanks to high encryption, data transfer (whether that’s e-mail, instant messages, Web surfing, etc.) is completely secure. Accessing unknown, publicly available Wi-Fi brings its own risks – don’t get caught off guard, download CyberGhost.

In addition to these security benefits, CyberGhost is also used for accessing censored or geo-restricted content across the Web. For example, if you are in an area of the world that cannot access particular content, you can spoof your IP to a country of your choice and enjoy access just like you were a local resident. Just one of the many benefits of CyberGhost.

The service includes both “free” and “premium” packages. The “free” version is supported by advertisements and available for Microsoft Windows, Android and Mac. All packages include unlimited data transfer and bandwidth. However, regular users may wish to upgrade to the higher, commercial offerings, which are faster and non-sponsored.


A handy, free and efficient note-taking service, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, plus Apple iOS and Android mobile devices (or you can access the site via a Web browser). Simplenote lets you control all your notes using simple tags. There’s a handy search function, and you can collaborate and share with others. Notes are synced across devices, so you can switch between desktop, laptop or mobile with ease.

Simplenote provides an effective search feature, which enables you to find notes or casual thoughts with ease. Just type into the search box and your note will appear on the screen. The service is also ideal if you want to work collaboratively with others. While the collaboration features are not extensive, the ones the service does provide complete the job effectively. This includes sharing of notes, lists and general thoughts.

There’s also a handy backup service at Simplenote, which enables you to go back in time and view historic versions of your notes. Simply drag the version slider to a point in time to view. In fact, everything at Simplenote is free: backups, sharing and synchronisation is all included as standard.

In summary, a simple but highly usable note-taking service with a range of options to work alongside others. For more information, check out the blog pages on the Simplenote website.


If like many people you struggle to remember passwords for websites, this tool is the solution. LastPass is a popular and free password manager that goes beyond just remembering passwords. It also acts as a form filler, password generator, and can even securely manage your credit cards, speeding up your online shopping.

Nowadays, with the high number of security breaches online, it is vitally important to have passwords that are strong and difficult to guess. Of course, most people use easy to remember words, such as those found in the dictionary. While convenient, using basic words can lead to all kinds of security issues. This is where a password manager can help you stay secure and safe when browsing the Web.

LastPass will suggest highly secure passwords and remember them for each site you visit. The software seamlessly integrates with all popular browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox, etc.) and is user-friendly, so you needn’t be technically savvy to enjoy all the benefits. All stored login details can be accessed in a central location called the “Vault”. Here, you can add, remove and edit passwords and usernames as you see fit.

Another handy feature of LastPass is the ability to store multiple addresses and credit card details. This can be done by using the “Secure Notes” feature and is ideal for saving time when browsing through your favourite online stores.

A commercial version of the program called LastPass Premium is also available and has the ability to synchronise login data across all your devices: desktop computer, mobile and tablet, so all your login information is kept up-to-date, regardless of how many compatible gadgets you have.

For saving time and increasing computer security, we highly recommend LastPass. Setting up the program only takes a few moments, and you’ll be glad you did. In fact, you may wonder how you ever lived without it. If you need more functionality, upgrades are available, but for personal non-commercial use, LastPass is completely free to download. Go get it now!

AshampooAshampoo Burning Studio Free

A highly rated and popular disc burning program for Microsoft Windows. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free is a suite of software dedicated to burning CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. If you need a free utility to help you create the perfect disc, you’ll find this powerful and user-friendly.

The software can assist in creating discs for data, movies, music or backup purposes. Ashampoo features a simple, wizard-style interface that guides you through the process of creating a CD or DVD. Nowadays, most burning software downloads are cumbersome and difficult to master, but thanks to Ashampoo, you needn’t be experienced with computers to create your ideal disc. This program completes the task quickly and with precision – without the technical mumbo-jumbo.

The program supports many of the latest file formats and lets you format discs, create, burn and view disc images, copy disc content, burn HD videos to Blu-ray, create audio CDs, and even manage backups to multiple CD, DVD or Blu-rays (together with backup encryption and compression). The software integrates nicely with Windows 10 (although it is actually compatible with Windows XP and above).

Over 30 languages are supported in Ashampoo Burning Studio. For a free and reliable CD, DVD and Blu-ray burner, you really can’t go wrong with this nifty download.


A superb free and open source planetarium-style program offering realistic views of the cosmos directly from your computer desktop. If you are an avid stargazer, this program is a must-download.

The program is ideal for identifying celestial objects and helps you to see all constellations from the various hemispheres. Most modern Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems are supported, so you can enjoy the software on the vast majority of popular platforms.

The list of features is impressive. The program contains a database of over 600,000 stars, includes illustrations of the various constellations, has a realistic sunrise, sunset and atmospherics, plus showcases planets in the Solar System and their accompanying moons. A number of landscapes are available and let you view the night sky from different areas of the globe, helping you to identify constellations and stars from both the North and Southern hemispheres.

You will also find a host of other visualisations, such as shooting stars, twinkling effects, and equatorial and azimuthal grids. You can even add your own objects into the mix, such as artificial satellites. Stellarium is available in multiple languages. For more information, head to the Forum on the official website, or read the User Guide.

Setup and installation is easy. Simply select an operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) and then follow the simple instructions. We’re big fans of Stellarium here at and we think you will be, too!


An immensely popular, award-winning, free computer optimisation and cleaning tool that has amassed millions of downloads worldwide. Available for Windows, Mac and Android devices, CCleaner helps to de-clutter your system, allowing your computer to run smoother, faster and more securely.

When your system has been working day in, day out, over time it can begin to slow down or begin to experience other problems. To prevent this from happening, you can perform maintenance with an optimisation tool, such as CCleaner. This “free” version has a surprising number of features, and even supports Android mobile devices – ideal for keeping your smartphone in tip-top condition.

The program is easy to use and allows you to quickly remove temporary Internet files, cookies, browser history, recently-typed URLs, saved passwords, form history, and more. In addition, the software can help you remove unnecessary files and programs, freeing up disk space. The cleaner is also effective at quickly fixing broken and unnecessary registry entries. Analysing and performing all these routine cleaning tasks can be done in seconds, thanks to the intuitive and speedy interface.

A mobile app is available specially for Android devices and includes options to reduce disk space, uninstall programs and improve the performance of your mobile handset.

A commercial version called CCleaner Pro is also available for an affordable fee and has an even greater number of features.