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Sign-up for a free subscription to “Heart Matters” magazine, a glossy publication containing articles, delicious (and healthy) recipes, advice on how to keep fit, interviews, and lots more besides. 

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Published by the British Heart Foundation charity, the magazine gives you the latest news on heart and circulatory conditions, nutrition tips and recipes for better heart health, plus interviews, news, and more to boost your mood, get active, and enjoy life.

The magazine is circulated every two weeks, although you can also opt to get a quarterly magazine, should you prefer. There’s over 400,000 subscribers in the UK so when you register, you’ll be in good company!

There’s even an online version of Heart Matters magazine if you want to view this on a smartphone or tablet device.

For more support on heart health, the BHF website is a goldmine of information. Here, you’ll also find details on how to donate to the charity or even start your own fundraising effort.

Please note: registration for Heart Matters entitles you to the British Heart Foundation’s “free” membership programme.

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