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  • Below we review services that provide free Web space on the Internet.
  • Producing a Web site is less complicated than people imagine. And with so many services that automate the process, even inexperienced users can produce a site worthy of an audience.
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Do you want to create a functional website free of charge? At Weebly, anyone can create a website, and no technical skills are required. The service supports websites, blogs and online shops. You can be publishing online within minutes and add your own content and photographs to personalise the look and feel of the pages.

This website building provider includes dozens of free themes that you can customise with your own images and text. You can also select responsive (mobile ready) designs that function on all devices to reach more of your target audience.

Weebly allows you to create a standard site, blog or e-commerce shop and re-arrange the content as a series of modules to create the desired look. The number of “drag and drop” elements at this service means it is perhaps the easiest place on the Web to create an online blog site.

For a small monthly fee, you can opt for additional extras to improve your site, such as attaching a domain name (such as, the ability to add unlimited pages, website statistics to counter the number of visitors, customisable footers and the removal of Weebly promotional links. Select from “Free”, “Starter”, “Pro” and “Business” packages. The higher the package, the more features are available.

A mobile app is also available and allows you to manage your site when on the move.


A polished (and free) online website builder with over 20 million users. If setting up your own personal or business site leaves you scratching your head, give Webnode a try. With this free service you can have a fully functioning site with minimal hassle.

With over 200 template designs, selecting the look of your site is easy, then it’s simply a case of moving elements to their required position. It’s your decision what format your site will take and you can create a personal or business site within minutes.

Additionally, Webnode lets you create mobile ready pages, which look great on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones (a great plus, especially if you’re keen on reaching as wide an audience as possible).

Unlike some providers, Webnode is free from irritating advertisements, preferring to generate revenue from their commercial services. If your website becomes more popular and you require additional storage, mailboxes or data transfer, you can quickly upgrade to a paid package.

A number of basic online marketing tools are also available to get you up and running with site promotion. A sub-domain ( is provided free of charge, but you can attach a top-level domain name for a small monthly fee.

There’s an in-depth FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) “Knowledgebase” available at Webnode, so be sure to read this to gain a full insight into the various features. The service also supports over 20 different languages. Other notable features include: social media integration, visitor statistics and basic on-page SEO.

If like many people, you want to set up a simple website, but struggle with the technical aspects, try, the stylish and easy way to establish a quick Web presence, whether that be for personal or business use.

This free, advertisement-supported service includes a “drag and drop” editor requiring no technical expertise, plus hundreds of ready made templates. You can customise anything: the colour, text, images, layout, etc. includes over 250 different add-ons like Google Calender, video and social plug-ins to add extra interactivity to your site. Mobile friendly code is also available and ensures mobile device compatibility. Other features include e-commerce, cloud hosting, and customer support options.

Getting started is very easy. Simply select what type of website you’d like (business site, online store, event site, restaurant site, portfolio, and others), then browse through the range of templates until you find one you like. After this, it’s just a case of using the simple interface to customise the text, images, and other elements.

A number of premium plans are available at Wix and recommended if you want to extend the functionality of your existing free website. This includes more bandwidth, a domain name for easy access, premium apps, no advertisements, and more features.

For more information on Wix, visit the website and be sure to view the tutorial videos for step-by-step guides on how to design your own site.


This free website service has over 120,000 members and aims to bring back “the lost individual creativity of the web” by offering free personal homepages. Sign-up to create a website on any topic you like, edit the code, upload files or select from templates. Better still, since Neocities is funded entirely by donations and supporters, it is entirely free from advertising.

The website takes its inspiration from GeoCities, the now defunct web hosting company that gained fame in the 1990s. Similarly to GeoCities, Neocities gives you a free personal web presence ( would be your web address), plus all the tools needed to customise your website. This includes a user-friendly HTML editor, file uploader, pre-made templates, and zero advertising (unlike the vast majority of free website providers).

Check out the Neocities homepage to view a selection of features sites, which is great for gaining inspiration for your own personal homepage. Incidentally, you can view all member websites by clicking the “Websites” link in the main navigation bar. To find sites on a topic you’re interested in, enter a keyword into the “Filter by Tag” box.

Please note: since Neocities is funded entirely by donations, consider becoming a supporter by contributing $5 a month for additional data transfer, storage and features. You can donate using PayPal or Stripe.

Are you looking to set up a personal or small business website? gives you all the tools you’ll need to establish a remotely hosted, feature-rich site, free of charge. It’s fast, easy-to-use and achieves excellent results. lets you quickly set up a free website without the need to download and install the popular WordPress CMS (Content Management System) software. Powering approximately 25% of the Internet’s websites, WordPress is the world’s most commonly used CMS, and for good reason. Here, you can get all the benefits of this system without the cost associated with running your own website hosting. Your URL (Web site address) will be “”, or you can opt for a top-level domain name such as .com or (for a small fee).

The system is straight-forward and intuitive, providing a wide range of free and commercial templates, letting you customise the look and feel of your website. There are hundreds of themes you can apply, from more corporate layouts suitable for business, to fun magazine styles that make excellent blog pages. You can even personalise the colour scheme, background, and add a variety of widgets, such as a Twitter feed, calendar, search box, etc.

The service also provides excellent customer support by live chat and e-mail. With over 50,000 new members joining each day, we highly recommend for users wanting to establish a simple, free and effective Web presence.

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