GiffGaff: A Budget-Friendly Mobile Network

If you’re looking to change your mobile phone network, there is no shortage of providers available in the UK. Besides the major networks of Vodafone, EE, O2, and Three, many smaller services exist that provide more flexible, affordable pricing. GiffGaff is one of these smaller brands and has plenty to offer, especially if you’re looking for a bargain. Below, we look at why GiffGaff could be the best network if you’re looking to save money and want more control over your mobile plan.

What is GiffGaff?

GiffGaff is a popular UK mobile phone network that delivers great value SIM-only deals. It runs on O2 network infrastructure, providing good call signal and data coverage across most of the UK. Getting started as a new customer is easy with GiffGaff. You can request a free GiffGaff SIM and place this in your existing mobile phone handset (you will require an unlocked or O2-locked phone to use GiffGaff).

What GiffGaff plans are available?

One of the best things about GiffGaff is the easy to understand, flexible mobile plans. No matter what your budget or resource requirements, you will find a plan for you. GiffGaff’s SIM-only packages are known as “goodybags”. Each goodybag contains a set allocation of minutes, text messages, and data (for Internet use). The more resources you need, the higher the monthly fee. Prices begin from as little as £6 per month, making the network one of the best value SIM-only providers on the market. All plans come with unlimited minutes and text messages within the UK.

The cheaper plans are perfect if you only use your mobile occasionally, or if you’re on a low budget and need to save money. The £6 and £8 plans are a great choice if you want to keep costs to a minimum. The £6 deal offers unlimited calls and texts within the UK, plus 500MB of data for e-mail, social media, and Web surfing. This is a superb offer if you connect to Wi-Fi and only need a limited data allowance.

The £10 plan is perhaps the best value if you want the perfect mix of resources versus cost. It offers a respectable 6GB of data, enough to satisfy most people, and unlimited calls and text messages. Higher tier plans that give larger amounts of data, or unlimited data, are also available. However, please note that GiffGaff’s unlimited data plan is subject to a fair usage policy (this is commonplace in the industry).

Advantages of GiffGaff:

Flexible With No Long-Term Contracts

There are several advantages of using a SIM-only mobile network like GiffGaff. The first is no long-term contracts. Unlike other providers who like to tie you into a contract for a year or perhaps longer, GiffGaff operates on a monthly rolling contract basis. If you wish to change plans or switch networks, you can do this without fuss. Just select a plan to suit your budget, then enjoy the allocated minutes, text messages, and data allowance. You can cancel your account at any point.

Competitive Pricing

The second advantage is competitive pricing. GiffGaff offers some of the best value SIM-only deals in the industry. If you are on a low budget and want to save money, it is a great option. The network is also recommended if you have just finished a lengthy contract and wish to gain more freedom and flexibility. Simply sign-up and then when the SIM card arrives, place this in your existing handset. You can easily keep your existing number so friends and family can continue to contact you.

Flexible Plans

GiffGaff also has the advantage of flexible plans. Unlike some networks that have rigid terms and conditions, you can switch your plan every month and downgrade or upgrade as your circumstances change. This allows you to adjust your plan depending on how much you’re using your phone. If you find your resource allocation is too large, downgrade to save money. Going on holiday and needing extra data or minutes? No problem. Just upgrade to a higher “goodybag” package!

New & Refurbished Handsets

Besides SIM-only deals, GiffGaff also has a range of new and refurbished handsets available to purchase. All these are unlocked and ready to accept a GiffGaff SIM card. Brands include Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Google, and others. The company provides free next working day delivery on all handset orders. GiffGaff can also buy your existing (fully working) handset from you if you wish to upgrade.

International Usage

GiffGaff will work in most countries across the world. But you must be in the UK, EU, or a number of other specified countries to use the allocated minutes, texts, and data on your “goodybag” plan. For countries outside of the UK and continental Europe, GiffGaff has competitive international roaming rates. Calls are charged on a per-minute basis. A full list of international rates is available on the GiffGaff website.


GiffGaff is a great value, flexible network that can save you money on your mobile phone bills. They have no long-term contracts and let you switch plans every month, depending on your usage. GiffGaff operates on O2 network infrastructure and provides high-quality reception and data access across most of the UK. With “goodybag” plans from as little as £6, it is easy to see why GiffGaff is so popular. If you decide to register with GiffGaff, it is well worth downloading the GaffGaff mobile app (available for Android and Apple iOS devices). Sign-up today for a free SIM!

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