GMX Mail


This impressive Web-based e-mail service provides a high level of features free of charge. With 65GB storage space for messages, mobile access and effective anti-spam and anti-virus, GMX could very well replace your existing e-mail account. Register for an account here and your e-mail address will resemble: or (some other choices are also available).

Extra details:

GMX has a 50MB limit on e-mail attachments. This is more generous than the vast majority of free e-mail services online.

The Mail Collector feature allows you to pick up e-mail from other providers in your GMX account. This is ideal if you want to consolidate messages in one convenient spot.

Registering gives you access to GMX Online Office, a free online tool that lets you edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other documents from your mailbox.

The provider has solid security features, including a spam filter, anti-virus, and encrypted e-mail.

Other notable features include a calendar/organiser. Cloud storage is also available using your existing GMX log-in credentials.

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