Free Health & Fitness Stuff

  • In this category, you'll find a collection of health and fitness-related freebies for the UK. Including health checks, personal hygiene products, gym passes, and more.
  • Free gym passes are extremely popular and let you test-drive a provider before committing to a membership. It’s a great way to try before you buy.
  • If you find any outdated links, or if you want to suggest a freebie for inclusion in this section, please contact us.
new Anytime Fitness Pass

Free Anytime Fitness Gym Pass

Want to reach your fitness goals? Then claim a free gym pass for Anytime Fitness. Just use the "find a gym" feature to search for a nearby Anytime Fitness location, then register for your free pass. There are a total of 140 locations across the UK, including over 20 in London. A great way to test-drive the gym before you join. (UK Only)

new King C. Gillette

Free King C. Gillette Product Testing

Here's another free product testing offer from Procter & Gamble's consumer website, SuperSavvyMe. In this promotion, you can apply to become a product tester of King C. Gillette products. This includes a Master Trimmer, Face & Stubble Moisturiser, and a project handbook. Complete the registration and apply by following the simple instructions. (UK Only)

new Always Platinum

Free Always Platinum Sanitary Pads

Request a free pack of Always Platinum sanitary pads by completing the short online questionnaire. You can choose from 4 varieties, including Normal, Long, Platinum Night, and Platinum Secure. Please note: there is a limit of one freebie per person, while stocks last. Allow up to 1 month for delivery. (UK Only)

new TENA Lights

Free TENA Lights Sample

Complete the short online form to request a free sample of TENA Lights, a popular range of products designed to help with bladder weakness. You may select from a number of different varieties, including: Light Liners, Single Wrap Liners, Long Liners, and Long Scented Liners, depending on availability. (UK Only)

Oral-B Toothpaste

Free Oral-B Toothpaste

Here’s an opportunity to test-drive a new toothpaste from Oral-B called “Sensitivity & Gum Calm”. This product reduces teeth sensitivity and gum issues. For a chance to claim, join P&G’s Supersavvyme site. If you’re chosen, you’ll receive a small sample. You’ll also be asked to give your feedback, whether negative or positive. (UK Only)

Vision Express Contact Lenses

Free Contact Lenses Trial

Are you considering trying contact lenses? If you’ve never tried them before and often wondered how comfortable they are, you may be pleasantly surprised! Here, you can register for a free 5-day trial of daily disposables or reusable lenses when you book a free assessment at Vision Express. Just click the “book now” button and then follow the instructions to start the process. (UK Only)


Free TENA Men Sample

TENA are offering a free sample of the male variant of their product: TENA Men. To obtain a trial pack of TENA Men for bladder weakness, complete the request process with your details. Please note: there is a limit of one pack per person whilst stocks last. The products available to try vary according to demand. (UK Only)

Nuffield Gym Pass

Free Nuffield Health Club Tour

Nuffield Health are offering a free health club tour at one of their many fitness centres throughout the UK (approximately 100 locations). Fill out the short form, telling Nuffield your major health and fitness concerns, and you’ll be able to claim a free tour at your chosen location. You may also be eligible for a free 1-day pass. (UK Only)

Always Discreet Pads

Free Always Discreet Sample

Procter & Gamble's Supersavvyme site is back with another freebie. This time, you can claim a free sample of Always Discreet pads, a product designed for bladder weakness. Register to become 1 of 2,000 “Savvy Circle Ambassador” product testers. If selected, you will receive the freebie and be asked to provide feedback. (UK Only)

Lloyd's Direct

Free NHS Prescription Delivery

Register for Lloyd's Direct by LloydsPharmacy to be eligible for free delivery of your repeat NHS prescription either to your home or workplace. This free service is perfect if you struggle to pick up your prescription in person for whatever reason. Lloyd's Direct is also compatible with Android and Apple iOS apps for easy prescription ordering. (UK Only)

Fixodent Dental Adhesive

Free Fixodent Dental Adhesive

Here’s another free offer from Supersavvyme, a website from consumer giant, Procter & Gamble. Here, you can apply to become a Fixodent product tester. Apply by completing the easy registration. If you’re selected, you will be expected to test the popular dental adhesive and give product feedback. (UK Only)

Free Eucerin Products

Free Eucerin Products

Here, you can lodge your interest to receive free samples from skincare brand Eucerin. To get started, you need to register for their e-mail newsletter. When freebies become available, you’ll be alerted. Membership also gives you access to other exclusive competitions and offers. Register on their homepage by completing the form. (UK Only)

Total Fitness

Free Day Pass for Total Fitness

Here, you can register for a free 1-day gym pass for Total Fitness. If you want to try out this popular chain of gyms before committing to a membership, just follow the instructions. Most Total Fitness locations are situated in the North West of England, especially along the M62 corridor, with a few elsewhere. Each provides excellent facilities, exercise classes, and personal training to meet your fitness goals. (UK Only)


Free Acuvue Contact Lenses Trial

If you're thinking of trying contact lenses (or even if you already wear them and want to try a new variety), here you can obtain a free trial of the Acuvue brand. Sign-up, check your e-mail and then print off the voucher and present to a participating optician. Opticians will require a thorough eye examination prior to offering a free trial. (UK Only)

Free Workout Classes

Free PureGym Workout Classes

Download the PureGym smartphone app to gain access to 100+ free online workout classes, including those for strength, conditioning, and cardio. PureGym is a popular UK fitness provider, perhaps most widely known for their 24-hour fitness centres. Available for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. (UK Only)


Free Change4Life Pack

This free kit from the UK government’s Change4Life scheme provides great motivation to cut down on unhealthy food. Sign-up to become a member of Change4Life and you’ll receive free healthy eating tips, family recipes, activities for kids, and other offers. Signing up is easy and only takes a few moments of your time. (England only). (UK Only)

Free SASMAR Lubricant

Free SASMAR Personal Lubricant

On this page, you can request free packs of personal lubricant from SASMAR. You will receive two packs: “Original”, a silicone-based lubricant, and “Classic”, a water-based lubricant. To claim yours, just follow the simple instructions. More details and the full range can be found on the website. (UK Only)

Free Hearing Test

Free Hearing Test at Boots

As part of the Boots “Great Big Hearing Check”, the high-street chemist is offering free hearing tests in participating stores. Book a free appointment online for a 15-minute hearing check up with a qualified Audiologist. Offers on hearing aids are also available. (UK Only)

Lloyds Pharmacy

Free Diabetes Test At Lloyds Pharmacy

Get checked out for diabetes at participating Lloyds pharmacies throughout the United Kingdom. To see if your nearest pharmacy provides this service, enter your town or postcode into the search box. Over one million people have already been tested. Available for ages 16 and above. (UK Only)

Health & Fitness Freebies: Frequently Asked Questions

The Web is a great place to find free health and fitness stuff. If you are in the market for health samples or complimentary fitness trials to help you get into shape, you’ve come to the right place. Above, we feature a roundup of the top health freebies in the UK. Read our FAQs section below if you want to find out more.

What health and fitness stuff can I claim?

You can find a varied mix of health and fitness-related free stuff in the UK. Just a few examples of the types of freebies up for grabs include eye tests and contact lens trials, hearing tests, training sessions, personal hygiene products, and various other health samples. You can also request guest passes for gyms, which give you the opportunity to try out a local fitness centre without committing to a membership.

Can I request a free gym pass?

Passes that entitle you to a free training session at a nearby gym or fitness centre are highly popular. Many fitness companies offer complimentary passes throughout January to entice you to test out their gym. But you can also find guest passes available at other times of the year. Please note: Gym trials are often only available for a limited time. Demand is typically high, meaning you need to claim your free pass quickly. Even so, if a gym does not actively advertise a trial pass, they may still be available. Contacting the provider directly can be well worth the effort.

Do you list health product samples?

If any worthwhile health samples are available online, we will include them in this category. Examples of health samples you might encounter include vitamins, hygiene products, pain-relief patches, and others. However, it is worth noting that health samples are relatively rare (especially compared to beauty and food items). This is why we recommend you register for freebie updates via our newsletter (see below).

Can I arrange a free health check?

Some healthcare providers offer complimentary health checks, either online or within your local community (i.e. at a nearby pharmacy). These offers are relatively rare, but they do appear from time to time. It can be worthwhile taking advantage of health tests when available, especially if you are concerned about a particular health issue.

How can I keep updated with health freebies?

You can receive the latest updates from by subscribing to our newsletter (simply add your e-mail address to the subscription box above, then click “Submit"). We provide a regular summary of all the latest health and fitness stuff in the UK. You can also keep a check on our new freebies by following us on social media. Be sure to click “Like” or “Follow” when on our social pages. Thanks!