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In this category, you’ll find a collection of health and fitness freebies. This includes health checks and personal hygiene products. But some of the best health freebies come in the form of gym day passes. These let you test-drive a gym before committing to a membership. Such trials are hugely popular at the moment. Remember to recommend to your friends and family so they can enjoy the best free stuff. If you find any outdated links, or if you want to suggest a freebie for inclusion, please contact us. Thanks!

BodyformFree Bodyform Sample

On this page, you can request a free pack of Bodyform liners and towels, plus a money-off voucher, redeemable on your next purchase. Each pack contains two Fresh Protect Ultra Towels, one Goodnight XL Ultra Towel, two Multistyle Liners, and two 50p off vouchers.

The Bodyform website provides a detailed description of each product type, along with information on which product is best for you. Some of the most popular varieties include Daily Care, Fresh Protect, Roll Press Go, and CurveFit.

There is a total of 89,000 free sample packs to give away. The closing date for requests is 31st January 2019, or while stocks last. Just complete the easy online form claim. You will receive delivery of the freebie within approximately 28 days.

Lil-Lets SampleFree Lil-Lets Sample

Complete the contact form on the Lil-Lets “Becoming a Teen” website to be in with a chance of claiming a free sample pack. You can request a pack of liners, pads, or tampons. Please note: this offer is subject to stock availability. Simply fill out the form and select “Sample Request”.

“Becoming a Teen” from Lil-Lets is an informative website that deals with the topic of puberty and periods. Other relevant topics are also discussed, such as emotions, dating, and lifestyle. There’s a useful question-and-answer advice blog, along with a service called “Ask Vicki”. This allows you to ask a specific question and gain a direct answer.

Besides offering plenty of helpful advice, the website provides details on all Lil-Lets products, from tampons and pads to liners and wipes. This information includes advice on the best products to use for each situation. To claim a free sample pack of Lil-Lets, just complete the form. Be sure to select “Sample Request” from the drop-down menu and ask for a free trial in the comments box.

TENA LadyFree TENA Lady Sample

TENA are currently giving away samples of their lady liners, designed for bladder weakness. Select the product you’d like to try, then complete the short online form to claim. You can also request a free “core wellness” DVD at this site.

Now available in brand new packaging, TENA Lady provides the same level of protection with a fresh new look. The product range includes Liners, Pads, Protective Underwear, and Pants. Each product in the range provides a different level of protection, depending on your needs and personal preference. Some of the more popular products are featured below:

Lady Normal: Designed for low to medium leakage, this product features a Dry Fast Core that’s highly absorbent, keeping you dry and confident. Each pad is individually wrapped and features odour control and a comfortable fit.

Ultra Mini: A small, soft and comfortable pad with quick absorption. Ideal for light bladder weakness, Lady Mini Ultra has a QuickDry surface and features Odour Control, keeping you fresh and comfortable. Designed to fit your body perfectly. Ultra Mini is also available in an Aloe Vera version.

Maxi: For upper medium to heavy leakage, Lady Maxi towels are soft and comfortable, providing a high level of protection and a Dry Fast Core, which makes the towel feel instantly dry. Includes Odour Control to neutralise odours and also individually wrapped packets.

Maxi Night: These towels provide a high level of absorbency and are for use at bedtime, when you need to get a good night’s sleep. Ergonomically designed for when lying down, Maxi Night provides all the benefits of the other TENA liners, but with additional absorption.

AquaMaxFree AquaMax Cream

Request a free 15g tester of AquaMax cream, a product that moisturises dry, cracked and sore skin. It is also useful for other dry skin conditions, such as eczema. To obtain yours, just fill out the short form with your delivery details. Samples are available while stocks last.

AquaMax Cream is fragrance-free and contains no parabens, common irritants or detergents. This means it can also be used while pregnant and even during lactation. You can purchase AquaMax either in a large 500g tub or a handy 100g tube (ideal for carrying in a bag).

The cream is quickly absorbed and can be easily applied to the skin. A similar product called AquaMax Wash is also available. This has been designed to replace your soap and shower gel. You may find AquaMax Wash particularly beneficial if you suffer from dry skin after washing.

Always DiscreetFree Always Discreet Sample

In this latest promotion, you can request a trial pack of Always Discreet, a product for people who suffer from a sensitive bladder. You may select from four varieties, subject to availability: “Liners”, “Small”, “Long” or “Normal M”.

Always Discreet provides a range of cutting-edge incontinence products for women. Using the latest technology to create products that thinner, comfortable and more discreet, hence the name, they allow you to get on with your day. Various product types are available in the range depending on your needs.

The “What’s right for me?” feature is a quick and easy way to discover which product will be suitable for you. The range includes: Discreet Liners (for minor incontinence). Discreet Pads (for medium incontinence), Discreet Pads Plus (for frequent leakage – a more heavy duty solution), or Discreet Pants (offering the highest level of protection). In any case, each product claims to absorb up to twice as much as you might actually need. Plus they’re up to 40% thinner than the leading brand.

The Always website contains a wealth of information from experts, including testimonials from people who have used the products with success. There’s also a useful FAQs page which aims to answer the most common questions, so be sure to check this out.

Depend SampleFree Depend Product Sample

Click to obtain a sample of Depend Real Fit protective underwear for men and women, a range of products to help those who suffer from bladder weakness. Various sizes are available. Just select your preference and add to cart. The freebie will arrive in discreet packaging.

You can select from two products: Depend Real Fit Underwear for Female and Depend Real Fit Underwear for Male. This range of absorbing underwear has been developed to feel and fit just like normal underwear. As such, the products are incredibly comfortable, discreet and breathable.

Each sample pack contains one sample of Real Fit Underwear, plus a product brochure. The male and female version provide the same high quality construction and protection, but differ in design. The female variety contains a feminine elastic waistband, whereas the male version resembles traditional briefs.

The website contains a large amount of information on incontinence, including details on each product in the Depend range. There’s also a FAQs section that should answer many of your queries. If not, you can contact the company directly using the “contact” feature.

To claim your sample, follow the “get it now” button and then on the offer page, select “add to cart” next to the freebie you’d like to receive.

Xercise4LessXercise4Less: Free Day Pass

These days, membership to gyms and fitness centres can be notoriously costly. Not only do most large, recognised chains demand expensive monthly fees, they also demand a minimum contract period – and can also be inflexible when it comes to cancelling. As such, smaller gyms are seeing a resurgence, with many people voting with their feet and saving hard-earned cash by opting for the lesser-known option.

In this post, we’ll look at an up-and-coming fitness provider, Xercise4Less. This ever-growing fitness chain won “Budget Gym of the Year 2012” as part of the National Fitness Awards. It is more affordable and boasts facilities that can compete with many of the larger providers. And when you consider the number of exercise classes available as standard, it begins to look excellent value for money.

As you might expect, various membership options are available, depending on your needs. This includes Peak, Off Peak, and Corporate/Team Membership. 12 month contracts on Off Peak is only £9.99 a month. If you’d rather not be tied into a long-term deal, the cost for Off Peak is still great value in comparison to other gyms: £14.99.

Peak deals begin at £14.99 for a 12 month contract and let you access the gym whenever you wish (subject to opening times). With centres open 7 days a week you have the freedom to choose the time and date of your workout.

At the time of writing, approximately 10 gyms were currently operating, although this number is set to double in the coming year – such is the demand for budget gym membership. Centres are available throughout the North West, North East, Yorkshire/Humberside, South West, and Midlands.

Aside from the gym floor and swimming facilities, Xercise4Less also features a wide range of exercise classes – the vast majority are completely free of charge. This includes: Body Pump, Aerobics, Boxercise, Spin, Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga, Zumba, and other popular workouts.

A free day pass is available and comes recommended if you want to try before you buy. Using the pass, you can gain a feel for the gym and see if the facilities meet your requirements. There’s also a competition running where you have the chance to win 6 months free membership. Just refer 5 friends to enter. Best of luck!

If you have any other questions, head over to the excellent FAQs area which should help answer the majority of your queries.

BootsFree Hearing Test at Boots

As part of the Boots “Great Big Hearing Check”, the high-street chemist is offering free hearing tests in participating stores. Book a free appointment online for a 15-minute hearing check up with a qualified Audiologist. Offers on hearing aids are also available.

It is said that 1 in 6 adults suffer from some form of hearing loss, so this offer is a great opportunity to get tested free of charge. There’s also a wealth of information on the site, including explanations on the test itself, hearing aids, and a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section. For a limited time only, Boots are also offering a “2 for 1” deal on digital hearing aids.

As Boots state on their website, the next time you go for a health check, ensure you don’t forget about your ears. You visit the dentist for your teeth, the optician for your eyes, but what about your hearing? If you believe you, a family member or a friend may have a hearing problem, this Boots hearing test will be able to diagnose a condition in a short, simple appointment.

Booking an appointment is a simple process. Just complete the booking form online, or alternatively telephone 0333 920 6030 to book an appointment over the phone. There is a facility on the Boots Hearingcare website that lets you locate your nearest hearing centre. Hearing aids and other accessories are available to purchase via the Boots website.

AcuvueFree Acuvue Contact Lenses Trial

If you’re thinking of trying contact lenses (or even if you already wear them and want to try a new variety), here you can obtain a free trial of the Acuvue brand. Sign-up, check your e-mail and then print off the voucher and present to a participating optician.

Acuvue are one of the most trusted and longest-running contact lens brands and offer a high quality range of lenses, suitable for a wide range of individuals. The technology used in the manufacture has resulted in lenses that provide effective vision, are comfortable to wear, and help keep eyes healthy.

Some of the most popular lenses available include: TruEye, Moist, Oasys, Moist for Astigmatism, Oasys for Astigmatism, and also Define with Lacreon (to enhance the colour of your eyes). Whether you are long or short sighted – or even have astigmatism – you may be suitable to try out contact lenses. If you’ve always worn glasses, you may be surprised how comfortable and manageable contact lenses can really be.

Please note: fitting and exam fees are not included in the offer. Opticians will require a thorough eye examination prior to offering a free trial, and will also require details on your general health and lifestyle. Otherwise they will be unable to issue them to you.

For more information, visit the offer page and the Acuvue website for full details on all the available products.

Lights by TENAFree Lights by TENA Sample

Follow the “Try free” link (bottom-right of the page) to request a free sample of Lights by TENA, a new range of products designed to help assist with bladder weakness. You may select from one of four varieties.

The range includes four main products: Light Liners, Liners, Liners Single Wrap, and Long Liners. Each provide a different level of protection and come complete with odour control. In addition, the liners absorb faster than all other normal sanitary products, keeping you more comfortable and fresher. The range is available at many large retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Boots, Superdrug, Morrisons, Savers, and other stores.

This site also provides details on the “Lights by TENA pelvic floor fitness app”. This smartphone program can assist in helping to reduce those – what TENA calls – “Oooops moments”. The software features professional tutorials and exercises by Liza Webb. Available for Android via the Google Play store or Apple iPhone via the App Store.

Please note: this sample will arrive in plain, discreet packaging to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment. More details can be found by heading to the “About Little Leaks” section of the TENA Lights site. There’s a Myths & Facts page, plus a page dedicated to the benefits of using Lights by TENA. The offer is available to UK residents only while stocks last.

Nuffield HealthFree Nuffield 1-Day Gym Pass

Nuffield Health are offering a free health club trial at one of their many fitness centres throughout the UK (approximately 100 locations). Fill out the short form, telling Nuffield your major health and fitness concerns, and you’ll be able to claim a free 12-point health MOT, a custom fitness action plan, expert advice, plus access to online fitness tools.

Nuffield Health provide high-tech facilities and knowledgeable staff to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be. In addition to great equipment, each centre offers personal trainers, physiotherapists and nutritionists, who can help you get the most out of your workout. Various membership options are available to suit your lifestyle.

While facilities in each location vary, typical services include: swimming pool, weights area, cardio machines, and exercise classes for varying abilities, such as Zumba, Spin, Bodyattack, Pilates, Bodybalance, and more. Other services include personal training, nutritional therapy, weight loss programmes, and a day nursery (where available). Members can benefit from an excellent online member area and fitness tools.

To claim a free gym pass, complete the short form to locate your nearest club. Just enter a post code, name and e-mail address. You can opt to receive your pass by e-mail or SMS (text) message. Please note: after requesting your guest pass, the voucher will be valid for seven days only, after which it will expire.

This site also provides details on Nuffield’s private hospitals, medical centres and health assessment services.

Lloyds PharmacyFree Diabetes Test At Lloyds Pharmacy

Get checked out for diabetes at participating Lloyds pharmacies throughout the United Kingdom. To see if your nearest pharmacy provides this service, enter your town or postcode into the search box. Over one million people have already been tested. Available for ages 16 and above.

It is said that over a million people are unaware they have Type 2 Diabetes. This free test, run by Lloyds Pharmacy, will determine your risk factor, plus provide helpful advice. Available at participating pharmacies in a discreet, private consultation room, a trained member of staff will conduct the test. However, before this can take place, you will have to answer a few short questions, such as those related to your age, weight, level of activity, medication, and family history of diabetes, etc.

Trained staff are on hand to provide advice on how to reduce your level of risk. The consultation only takes a few minutes and could be very worthwhile, especially if you are concerned about your risk factor. Don’t delay, book your test now.

With over 1 million tests conducted since 2003, you can trust Lloyds Pharmacy. To book a test for yourself, use the store locator service on the website, then make an enquiry at your local branch. In most cases, you will not require an appointment, but it is recommended to telephone ahead to avoid disappointment.

TENA MenFree TENA Men Samples

TENA are offering a sample of the male variant of their product. To obtain a trial pack of TENA Men for bladder weakness, complete the request process with your details. Please note: there is a limit of one pack per person whilst stocks last.

This range of products has been recently re-branded and features discreet, comfortable and highly absorbent shields, pads and protective underwear. Shields are designed for light bladder weakness and are designed to fit neatly and discreetly in your underwear. The product features Unique Odour Control to keep you fresh for longer.

Male pads are available in three levels of protection, ranging from light absorbency control to super absorbency. Select from Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3, depending on your requirements. The range also includes Protective Underwear, which are designed to look and feel like real underwear. This item is designed for maximum absorbency and can be used throughout the day or at night.

To request a sample, select the type of product you’d like to test, then enter your address details on the form. Please be aware, it can take up to 28 days to receive the freebie. There is a limit of one sample pack per person. Delivery is discreet in non-branded packaging.