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  • Below we review the best free magazines and books in the UK. We also cover catalogues and brochures.
  • The Internet is a great place to find magazines delivered by mail. Popular topics include politics, cars, money, fitness, sport, and more.
  • Please suggest other free magazine deals by contacting us.

Toronto MagazineFree Toronto Tourism Magazine

Fill out the short form on this website to claim a free Toronto magazine and visitor guide. The magazine features tons of information on what to see and do in Canada’s largest city. There’s also plenty of impressive photographs to whet your appetite prior to a visit. (UK Only)

TimeOut MagazineFree Copy of TimeOut Magazine

Obtain a free copy of TimeOut magazine at nearly 500 locations across London. The magazine features a roundup of things to do in and around the capital. You can usually claim a free copy on a Tuesday morning at tube stations, restaurants, cafes, hotels, cinemas, etc. Alternatively, you can read a full digital edition online. (UK Only)

Visit California MagazineFree Visit California Magazine

Request a free “Visit California” magazine from the official Visit California website. You will also receive a free California Road Trips guide, and a California state map to help plan your trip. To claim yours, simply complete the short online form with your details. The magazine and guide books will be posted directly to your door. (UK Only)

Moneywise MagazineFree Copy of Moneywise Magazine

Request a free copy of Moneywise magazine, an information-packed publication offering helpful advice on how to make your money go further. This magazine trial is worth nearly £4, but here you can claim it free of charge. (UK Only)

Men's FitnessFree Issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine

An opportunity to request a free copy of Men’s Fitness, one of the UK’s most popular health and fitness magazines. Inside the pages you’ll find workout tips, product reviews, advice from leading experts, and more. Complete the form to claim. You may select from either a free print or digital edition. (UK Only)

Vegan Starter PackFree Vegan Magazine & Starter Pack

Sign-up at PETA UK to claim a free magazine and other goodies, packed full of recipes, advice, celebrity testimonials, and more on how to ditch meat and dairy products. Alternatively, you can request a digital, eco-friendly copy in PDF format. International visitors can request the starter pack by using the advertised “international” form. (UK Only)

Free Activity BookFree Kids Activity Book from McDonald’s

At the McDonald’s website, you can request a free football activity book for kids. It contains fun football-related games and tasks to keep children entertained. The free book also comes with stickers to reward the kids. Just complete the short request form to claim. Full terms and conditions are available on the offer page. (UK Only)

Free Money BookFree Financial Education Textbook

At the Young Enterprise website, you can download a free digital textbook called “Your Money Matters”. It is designed to educate youngsters (ages 14 to 16) about financial matters. Topics covered include saving and spending, risk and reward, investments, taxation, student loans, and more. A hard copy can be purchased via Amazon. (UK Only)

Reg TransfersFree Issue of RegTransfers Magazine

If you’re interested in buying and selling personal car number plates, this free magazine is probably the UK’s most popular, and a must-read for any registration enthusiast. Complete the short request form to claim. (UK Only)

Grazia MagazineFree Copy of Grazia Magazine

Register for a free trial issue of Grazia, the popular weekly magazine aimed at women. Inside, you’ll find plenty of celeb gossip, beauty trends and fashion inspiration. Sign-up for a free issue by completing the short form. Please note: you will receive either a telephone call or an e-mail to confirm delivery of your free copy. (UK Only)

Diabetes GuidesFree Diabetes Food Guide

Send in a request for a free “Enjoy Food” guide, courtesy of Diabetes UK. This guide is designed to help people with diabetes shop, cook, and eat as well as possible. Simply select a guide, then click “add to basket”. There is no delivery charge, although the site prompts you to make a voluntary donation. (UK Only)

Money ObserverFree Money Observer Magazine

Sign-up to receive a free copy of Money Observer, a popular magazine focusing on the topic of money, personal finance and investments. In each issue, you’ll find an entertaining mix of investment news, tips, and analysis from industry experts. The magazine also provides an overview of the month’s latest finance news to help you plan and invest for the future. (UK Only)

Free Cosmos BrochureFree Cosmos 2019 Travel Brochure

Want some inspiration for your next holiday? Sign-up to get a free copy of the latest Cosmos travel brochure. This exciting publication showcases escorted tours, including African safaris, train rides, city breaks, and more. To claim your free brochure in the mail, just complete the easy form. Expect delivery within 1 to 2 weeks. (UK Only)

Evo MagazineFree Copy of Evo Magazine

Enjoy your performance cars? Sign-up here to grab a free copy of Evo Magazine, the publication that specifically deals with the world’s hottest supercars and performance vehicles. Take this free trial issue for a test-drive today! Just enter your name, e-mail and telephone number. (UK Only)

The Week Junior MagazineFree Copy of The Week Junior

Available for schools only. Want to help your children with their understanding of the world around them? Then sign-up for a free copy of The Week Junior, the current affairs magazine for ages 8 to 14. This entertaining read has short articles and stories covering a variety of topics. Fill out the form to request, and a representative will be in touch to arrange delivery. (UK Only)

Octane MagazineFree Copy of Octane Magazine

Sign-up at this site to claim a free issue of Octane, a magazine that features classic cars. Each issue contains news, stories, drive reviews, and details on classic car events throughout the country. Note: you will receive a telephone call or e-mail to arrange delivery of your free copy. (UK Only)

Age UKFree Age UK LifeBook

Age UK are currently giving away a free LifeBook – a booklet that can help you keep track of important documents and information, such as emergency contact numbers or where you have placed key documents, such as the TV licence, car insurance details, or your passport. (UK Only)

Heart MattersFree Subscription to Heart Matters Magazine

Sign-up for a free subscription to “Heart Matters” magazine, a glossy publication containing articles, delicious (and healthy) recipes, advice on how to keep fit, interviews, and lots more besides. This offer also includes British Heart Foundation’s free membership programme. (UK Only)

BBC HistoryFree Copy of BBC History Magazine

Are you interested in history? If you are, claim a free copy of BBC History, “Britain’s best-selling history magazine”. Each issue explores a new historical topic, from ancient history to the more recent. Claim your free trial issue today by filling out the short online form. (UK Only)

Cyclist Magazine

Cyclist Magazine

Request a free copy of Cyclist magazine, a glossy publication covering all aspects of road cycling. It includes features, the latest news, interviews, expert opinion on equipment, amazing photography, and much more besides. Just enter your details on the form to claim. (UK Only)

Ideal Home MagazineFree Copy of Ideal Home Magazine

Enter your details at this site (it only takes a moment of your time) to request a free copy of Ideal Home, “Britain’s Best-Selling Homes Magazine”. The publication is filled with tips, ideas and photos to inspire your own home makeover. (UK Only)

InStyle MagazineFree Copy Of InStyle Magazine

Obtain a free trial issue of InStyle, a popular beauty and fashion magazine packed with articles, reviews, hints and tips, plus the latest celebrity trend news. The magazine is particularly useful for gaining ideas on what to wear. (UK Only)

TIME MagazineFree TIME Magazine Trial Issue

Obtain a free trial issue of the world’s most popular weekly magazine publication, TIME Magazine. Famous for the “Top 100 World’s Most Influential People” list, among other features, the magazine provides an international perspective on the most talked about news of the week. (UK Only)

FHMFree FHM Magazine Trial Issue

Here, you can try a free trial issue of FHM, the UK’s biggest selling men’s lifestyle magazine. It includes style, fashion and fitness advice, plus tons of other content to keep you entertained. Please note: you are required to provide your telephone number as the company will need this to confirm delivery. (UK Only)

Spectator MagazineFree Copy of Spectator Magazine

Grab yourself a free copy of The Spectator, the popular glossy weekly magazine, which is packed with excellent political analysis from the UK’s top writers. Note: a representative will contact you by telephone or e-mail to confirm delivery (and also to provide details on how to subscribe, if you wish to do so in future). (UK Only)

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