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Welcome to’s free publications section, reviewing free magazines, catalogues, brochures, and books. The Internet is a great place to find written publications and a number of publishers are more than willing to give away trial issues of their magazines, or even offer them on a monthly basis, completely free of charge! Please suggest any more publications you find (particularly free books) by contacting usIn addition, if you find any outdated links, we would appreciate it if you could let us know. Thanks for your help!

Evo MagazineFree Copy of Evo Magazine

Enjoy your performance cars? Sign-up here to grab a free copy of Evo Magazine, the publication that specifically deals with the world’s hottest supercars and performance vehicles. Take this free trial issue for a test-drive today! Just enter your name, e-mail and telephone number.

The free copy is worth over £4, so it’s well worth taking a few moments of your time requesting this magazine, especially if you’re a car enthusiast. To claim your free copy, simply follow the instructions on the offer page. The whole process will take minutes to complete.

You are required to provide a few details, such as your name, e-mail address and telephone number. Please note: you will need to provide a valid UK telephone number in order to arrange delivery. The publisher may discuss some subscription options, although you are under no commitment to purchase.

Each copy comes complete with details on how to subscribe, so you can view the various options and take out subscriptions as you see fit. A fantastic magazine with great imagery and details on the hottest supercars.

Octane MagazineFree Copy of Octane Magazine

Sign-up at this site to claim a free issue of Octane, a magazine that features classic cars. Each issue contains news, stories, drive reviews, and details on classic car events throughout the country. Note: you will receive a telephone call or e-mail to arrange delivery of your free copy.

This free trial copy is worth approximately £5 and contains plenty of full colour, glossy images and accompanying details on historic models. A typical issue will include the latest classic car news, car meetups and rallies, event coverage, interviews and lots more besides.

Three subscription methods are available, should you wish to continue receiving the magazine in future (although, please note there is no commitment to take out a subscription plan). The options include: Print only, digital only (for smartphones and tablets), and Full Subscription (both options).

Subscribe to claim freebies, including a free 26-piece toolkit, free delivery charges and exclusive subscriber covers. As mentioned previously, the publisher will contact you to arrange delivery of your free copy. Therefore, ensure you provide a valid e-mail address and telephone number upon request.

Moneywise MagazineFree Moneywise Magazine Trial

Request a free copy of Moneywise magazine, an information-packed publication offering helpful advice on how to make your money go further. This magazine trial is worth nearly £4, but here you can claim it free of charge.

The magazine contains helpful and practical advice on how to save money and make your finances go further. Topics include pensions, investing, homes and mortgages, insurance, banking, scams and rip-offs, cards and loans, employment, and cost-cutting in general. And, unlike some money magazines that are only aimed at the financially savvy, Moneywise has an easy to understand style without economic or financial jargon.

The Moneywise website is also a great place to visit for up-to-the-minute money content. There’s an online panel of experts ready to answer any financial questions you may have, plus an e-mail newsletter, packed with hints and tips.

After receiving your free copy, you will be entitled to another great deal: three issues for only £1. Although only one free trial issue is available per person, this extra deal will ensure you can continue receiving the magazine at a discounted price. Note: after the three discounted issues have been received, you will need to subscribe at the normal rate of £3.95 if you wish to continue.

Reg TransfersFree Issue of RegTransfers Magazine

If you’re interested in buying and selling personal car number plates, this free magazine is probably the UK’s most popular, and a must-read for any registration enthusiast. Complete the short request form to claim.

RegTransfers is a glossy, full colour publication specialising in personal number plates. In addition to listing hundreds of personal number plates for sale, the 84-page magazine provides hints and tips on how to score your ideal plate, plus has interviews with celebrities. Expert advice is also available if you’re looking to purchase plates as an investment, or if you intend to put your existing plate up for auction.

The website includes a handy search facility where you can enter a name, your initials or desired number plate. Anything resembling your search will appear, along with the price. There’s even a “make your own plate” feature where you can structure your own plate by selecting from groups of numbers and letters. To keep up-to-date with the latest number plate sales, register for their e-mail newsletter.

A smartphone app is available and lets you search through the RegTransfers database for plates matching your criteria. The app is available for Android and Apple devices. For more great number plate news, follow RegTransfers on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. To claim your free copy of RegTransfers, fill out the short form. Delivery will be within approximately two weeks – although may be much sooner.

Age UKFree Age UK LifeBook

Age UK are currently giving away a free LifeBook – a booklet that can help you keep track of important documents and information, such as emergency contact numbers or where you have placed key documents, such as the TV licence, car insurance details, or your passport.

When you’re busy, it can often be difficult to remember where all your important information is. And even with the best of intentions, important documents can be easily mislaid. This is why Age UK have released the LifeBook. It will help you become more organised and could save vital minutes in an emergency.

You can request a free Age UK LifeBook either as a booklet in the post or as a digital copy. Either complete the short online form on the offer page, or telephone 0345 685 1061 and quote reference “ALL 721” for more details. Alternatively, you can download a PDF request file, which contains details on the booklet and includes steps on how to obtain.

Heart MattersFree Subscription to Heart Matters Magazine

Sign-up for a free subscription to “Heart Matters” magazine, a glossy publication containing articles, delicious (and healthy) recipes, advice on how to keep fit, interviews, and lots more besides. This offer also includes British Heart Foundation’s free membership programme.

Inside the magazine, you’ll find details on the latest treatments for common heart conditions, plus find practical advice on how to keep your heart in the best possible shape, cutting down your risk of illness. The publication is available every two months and will be delivered direct to your door.

Alternatively, you can access their online magazine, which includes dietary advice and exercise tips. There’s also an online recipe finder, which is ideal for locating and printing recipes to use yourself or to share with friends.

Registration entitles you to receive additional information about the charity and includes details on how to contribute to this great cause. In addition, on the British Heart Foundation website, you will find a Heart Helpline service staffed by cardiac nurses, plus details on over 300 Heart Support Groups across England and Wales.

Follow the “Get Involved” link in BHF’s main navigation bar to see all the ways you can campaign, donate and raise funds, whether that’s in your organisation, school, business, college, or simply as an individual.

Men's FitnessFree Issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine

An opportunity to request a free copy of Men’s Fitness, one of the UK’s most popular health and fitness magazines. Inside the pages you’ll find workout tips, product reviews, advice from leading experts, and more. Complete the form to claim. You may select from either a free print or digital edition.

If you are interested in improving your fitness and general well being, a trial copy of Men’s Fitness magazine will no doubt be of interest. This monthly publication contains all the information you need to get fit, workout the correct way, and stay healthy. Content is available for the inexperienced and advanced, so there’s something for everyone.

Typical content includes workout tips, product reviews (such as supplements and exercise equipment), exercise plans, interviews, expert advice, and plenty more besides. The magazine is a glossy, high quality production and guaranteed to get you motivated to improve your health and fitness.

A digital version of the magazine is also available on tablets and smartphones via Android and iOS application stores. Please note: you are required to provide an e-mail address and telephone number in order to claim a free copy. This is so the company can confirm your delivery, so be prepared to be contacted be a representative prior to the freebie arriving.

BBC HistoryFree Copy of BBC History Magazine

Are you interested in history? If you are, claim a free copy of BBC History, “Britain’s best-selling history magazine”. Each issue explores a new historical topic, from ancient history to the more recent. Claim your free trial issue today by filling out the short online form.

Inside each of the glossy pages, you’ll find expert insight from historians and uncover new angles on past events. The magazine also provides you with excellent historical background behind current events, helping you gain a more accurate context. Featuring insight from Niall Ferguson, Simon Schama, and others.

Please note: as is common with the vast majority of free magazine trials, you are required to provide a valid UK telephone number or e-mail address. This is so the offer promoter can contact you to arrange delivery, and also so they can provide you with some details on how to subscribe (although taking out a subscription is entirely voluntary and does not affect your trial).

After requesting, allow approximately one month for delivery. You will receive the next available issue free of charge.

Cyclist Magazine

Cyclist Magazine

Request a free copy of Cyclist magazine, a glossy publication covering all aspects of road cycling. It includes features, the latest news, interviews, expert opinion on equipment, amazing photography, and much more besides. Just enter your details on the form to claim.

If you’re into cycling, Cyclist Magazine is highly recommended. The publication includes detailed coverage of the best places to ride throughout the world, plus has advice on accommodation and travel arrangements. Reviews of the latest cycling equipment can also be found within the glossy pages.

Each month, the magazine provides interviews with professional cyclists and also has advice on nutrition and training methods to improve your performance. So whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, you are sure to find something of interest in Cyclist Magazine.

As an added bonus, this offer also entitles you to a free guide to the 2015 Tour De France, which includes information on the various stages, stats, rider profiles and the major cycle routes. The guide will be available to download immediately after requesting your free print copy.

Note: To claim your free trial copy of Cyclist Magazine, simply complete the short online request form. Please provide a valid UK telephone number and e-mail address, so the company can get in touch to arrange delivery.

Ideal Home MagazineFree Copy of Ideal Home Magazine

Enter your details at this site (it only takes a moment of your time) to request a free copy of Ideal Home, “Britain’s Best-Selling Homes Magazine”. The publication is filled with tips, ideas and photos to inspire your own home makeover.

If like many people, you need some inspiration to help you decorate your home, this magazine is just the ticket. The publication gives you help and advice on the latest products to add that finishing touch, innovative decorating ideas, “savvy buyer’s guides”, and also reviews of furniture and ornaments for your home. In addition, you’ll find advice on how to create the latest colour blends to achieve the most modern and eye-catching styles.

Request a free trial issue of Ideal Home magazine by completing the short form. After doing this, you should receive the next available issue within approximately 30 days after submission.

Note: a telephone number must be provided in order to receive the freebie. This is so the company can confirm your application. When you receive your free copy, you’ll also get details on how to fully subscribe to the magazine (although you are under no obligation to subscribe). Full terms and conditions can be found on the offer page. Be sure to read these for a full roundup.

InStyle MagazineFree Copy Of InStyle Magazine

Obtain a free trial issue of InStyle, a popular beauty and fashion magazine packed with articles, reviews, hints and tips, plus the latest celebrity trend news. The magazine is particularly useful for gaining ideas on what to wear.

Billed as “the only fashion monthly you can shop from”, this glossy publication is jam-packed with fashion and beauty advice. It provides practical shopping tips, the latest trends, hair styles, where to purchase, and how to wear each item. Articles, clothing reviews and interviews with celebrities are also featured within the magazine. You can even find fitness and wellbeing advice and competitions. If you want to be on-trend, InStyle magazine has got it covered.

To claim a free copy, enter your details on the form and then follow the instructions. Note: a telephone number is required for the company to confirm delivery. You will be contacted by a representative who will provide no-obligation details on how to subscribe if you wish to continue receiving the magazine after the trial has ended.

After requesting a free copy, you will receive the magazine within approximately one month. Details on how to take out a subscription will be provided within the trial pack. There is a limit of one copy per household while stocks last.

TIME MagazineFree TIME Magazine Trial Issue

Obtain a free trial issue of the world’s most popular weekly magazine publication, TIME Magazine. Famous for the “Top 100 World’s Most Influential People” list, among other features, the magazine provides an international perspective on the most talked about news of the week.

This glossy, weekly publication keeps you up to date with the world’s most prominent issues, offering commentary and interviews with the people in the news. It also has in-depth perspectives on some of the most prominent individuals of our time. The journalism is of a very high standard, as are the photographic images, which are inspiring and thought provoking.

The magazine is available in both a print and digital edition. A number of subscription plans are available. The best value for money package provides access to the print, digital (e.g. tablet and smartphone), and editions. However, you may subscribe to a print only or digital only edition as you see fit.

Please note: as is common with many other free magazine subscriptions, you are required to provide a telephone number and e-mail address when requesting the freebie. This is so a representative can contact you to confirm delivery (and also so they can provide some brief details on how to subscribe, should you wish to continue receiving the magazine after the trial period is over). There is no obligation to purchase a subscription.

FHMFree FHM Magazine Trial Issue

Here, you can try a free trial issue of FHM, the UK’s biggest selling men’s lifestyle magazine. It includes style, fashion and fitness advice, plus tons of other content to keep you entertained. Please note: you are required to provide your telephone number as the company will need this to confirm delivery.

This popular magazine is packed full of lifestyle stories, fashion advice, features, plus interviews with celebrities. Fitness, health and beauty are also topics covered. Of course, as you’d expect from FHM, plenty of female beauties adorn the pages from their (now famous) “100 Sexiest Women” ranking contest. Want more content to read? No problem! Music, games, fun stuff and even competitions feature every month, so now there are even more reasons to subscribe.

Try a free, no commitment trial issue today. You will receive the next issue free of charge. Information on how to take out a regular subscription will be provided with the free copy. Please remember to provide accurate information when registering. Otherwise you will not be able to finalise the process and receive the free magazine.

Spectator MagazineFree Copy of Spectator Magazine

Grab yourself a free copy of The Spectator, the popular glossy weekly magazine, which is packed with excellent political analysis from the UK’s top writers. Note: a representative will contact you by telephone or e-mail to confirm delivery (and also to provide details on how to subscribe, if you wish to do so in future).

The magazine provides an entertaining and well-balanced look at politics and global issues. With first class political analysis and a history spanning over 180 years, The Spectator is among the most renowned weekly publications you’ll find anywhere.

While politics largely fills the pages of The Spectator, this is not the only topic to be featured. Inside, you will also find book reviews, regular columnists, theatre and cinema previews, details on exhibitions and music. The publication is ideal for keeping abreast of what’s going on in the world.

The Spectator is available in both print and digital editions and is excellent value for money. This includes weekly delivery of the magazine, access to the digital edition, plus website access to all magazine content. Want access to great articles immediately? Then visit for the latest updates. Here, you will also find details on how to subscribe. Three popular packages are available.