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  • Welcome to's Free Magazines section. Here, we review free magazines and books in the UK. We also cover catalogues, brochures, and other free publications for men and women.
  • The Internet is a great place to find written publications and magazines delivered by post. A number of publishers are more than willing to give away trial issues of their magazines, or even offer them on a monthly basis, completely free of charge!
  • Popular topics include politics, cars, travel, computing, money, kids, fitness, sport, and more.
  • Please suggest any other free magazine deals by contacting us.
new Playmobil Catalogue

Free Playmobil Catalogue

Send off for a free copy of Playmobile’s latest catalogue, which features a full roundup of their latest toys for children, including gift sets and accessories. To claim yours, just fill out the short request form with your details and the catalogue will be sent to your address. If you prefer, you can also view the publication online. (UK Only)

new Gressingham Duck Booklet

Free Gressingham Duck Recipe Booklet

Register for Gressingham Duck's monthly e-mail newsletter to claim a free "Dine in with Duck" recipe booklet. This gives you tips on how to best cook duck at home. The offer also gives you access to exclusive competitions. You can request either a hard copy or a digital PDF copy of the recipe book. To claim yours, just sign-up using the easy online form. (UK Only)

new Lego Magazine

Free Lego Magazine

Does your child enjoy LEGO? Then sign them up for this free magazine, which features activities, comic strips, prize draws, building tips, and tons more LEGO news. Available for children ages 5 to 9. A free download version of the magazine is also available (ideal if your child does not qualify for the print copy). (UK Only)

new The Week

Free Copy of The Week

Are you interested in politics and current affairs? Then request a free copy of The Week (worth £3.99). This publication is among the most respected news and opinion magazines in the UK, with a readership of over 300,000. The title features both British and international news items. To claim yours, click the “get one free issue” button, then complete the checkout process. (UK Only)

Cyclist Magazine

Cyclist Magazine

Request a free copy of Cyclist magazine, a glossy publication covering all aspects of road cycling. It includes features, the latest news, interviews, expert opinion on equipment, amazing photography, and much more besides. Just enter your details on the form to claim. (UK Only)

What Spa Magazine

Free What Spa? Magazine

On the hunt for a hot tub or spa? Request a free copy of What Spa? Magazine. The “UK hot tub buyer’s guide” contains expert hot tub reviews, plus loads of hints and tips on what to look for. There's also a comprehensive directory of approved hot tub showrooms. Follow the simple request process to claim your free copy. (UK Only)

Ethical Superstore

Free Ethical Superstore Catalogue

Here, you can send away for a free catalogue from Ethical Superstore, the fair trade, organic, and eco-friendly online store. Inside the catalogue, you'll find a plethora of products covering groceries, cleaning, fashion, home and garden, beauty and wellbeing, and more. Complete the short form to claim your free copy. (UK Only)

Build Beautiful

Free Copy of Build Beautiful Magazine

If you have an interest in self-build homes, request a free copy of Build Beautiful magazine. This publication from Potton provides plenty of information on how to get started building your own home. It includes customer case studies so you can gain inspiration for your own designs. To claim your free copy, just fill out the short request form. (UK Only)

RegTransfers Magazine

Free RegTransfers Magazine

If you’re interested in buying and selling personal car number plates, this free magazine is probably the UK’s most popular. It is a must-read for any registration enthusiast. Inside each issue, you’ll find news and articles, interviews with celebrities, plus tips on how to buy and sell plates. Complete the short form to claim. (UK Only)

Evo Magazine

Free Copy of Evo Magazine

Enjoy your performance cars? Sign-up here to grab a free copy of Evo Magazine, the publication that specifically deals with the world’s hottest supercars and performance vehicles. Take this free trial issue for a test-drive today! Just enter your name, e-mail address, and telephone number. (UK Only)

Spectator Magazine

Free Copy of Spectator Magazine

Grab yourself a free copy of The Spectator, the popular glossy weekly magazine, which is packed with excellent political analysis from the UK’s top writers. Note: a representative will contact you by telephone or e-mail to confirm delivery (and also to provide details on how to subscribe, if you wish to do so in future). (UK Only)

The Week Junior

Free Copy of The Week Junior

Available for schools only. Want to help your children with their understanding of the world around them? Then sign-up for a free copy of The Week Junior, the current affairs magazine for ages 8 to 14. This entertaining read has short articles and stories covering a variety of topics. Fill out the form to request, and a representative will be in touch to arrange delivery. (UK Only)

Octane Magazine

Free Copy of Octane Magazine

Sign-up at this site to claim a free issue of Octane, a magazine that features classic cars. Each issue contains news, stories, drive reviews, and details on classic car events throughout the country. Note: you will receive a telephone call or e-mail to arrange delivery of your free copy. (UK Only)

TimeOut Magazine

Free Copy of TimeOut Magazine

Obtain a free copy of TimeOut magazine at nearly 500 locations across London. The magazine features a roundup of things to do in and around the capital. You can usually claim a free copy on a Tuesday morning at tube stations, restaurants, cafes, hotels, cinemas, etc. Alternatively, you can read a full digital edition online. (UK Only)

Simply Home Magazine

Free Simply Home Entertainment Mag

Sign-up to receive a free print copy of Simply Home Entertainment magazine every month. This publication gives you a regular roundup of the latest box set and DVD releases. To claim yours, just scroll down the offer page, then complete the short form. You will receive the next issue in due course. (UK Only)

Free EMP Catalogue

Free EMP Catalogue

Obtain a free copy of EMP, a seasonal catalogue with alternative music, movie, TV, and gaming merchandise available for sale. Simply fill out the short order form to get a copy sent to your door. Or click on the “online catalogue” image to read it online in your browser window. You can also get 10% off by subscribing to their e-mail newsletter. (UK Only)


Free Catalogues at Catalink

This site with over 4 million members provides an impressive roundup of free catalogues and brochures in over 20 categories: computer and electrical, finance, gardening, hobbies, health and fitness, clothing, sports, travel, and more. Catalink includes both print and digital brochure titles, plus a regular prize draw for a chance to win £1000. (UK Only)

Premier Christianity

Free Premier Christianity Magazine

Request a free copy of Premier Christianity, the “UK’s leading Christian magazine”. This magazine provides opinion and debate on theological topics. To get a flavour of the publication, request a free copy. You will also get details on how to become a full subscriber. To claim yours, complete the online form with your details. (UK Only)

Climate Change Magazine

Free Climate Change Magazine

At the Octopus Energy website, you can request a free copy of a “It’s freezing in LA”, a critically-acclaimed magazine about climate change. The publication is an interesting read and contains a mix of commentary, data, and diagrams to bring the subject to life. Just follow the step-by-step process to request your copy, while stocks last. (UK Only)

Garden Wildlife Handbook

Free Handbook of Garden Wildlife

Request a free copy of "Handbook of Garden Wildlife" from CJ Wildlife. This catalogue serves up handy advice and tips on how to promote wildlife in your garden. Various products are included in the catalogue. Just fill out the short request form to get yours delivered by post. A full range of products are available online. (UK Only)

Managed IT Magazine

Free Copy of Managed.IT Magazine

Request a free copy of Managed.IT magazine, a popular information technology publication that covers topics like managed tech and cloud computing. Simply fill out the short request form to claim a free print or digital copy. You can also read recent back issues by following the links on the offer page. (UK Only)

Auto Express

Free Issue of Auto Express

On this page, you can sign-up to claim a free issue of Auto Express magazine, worth £3.20. This popular magazine gives you the latest motoring news and car reviews. To claim a free issue, complete the easy request form. Please note: a representative may contact you to give you information about subscribing. Subscriptions are entirely voluntary. (UK Only)

Free First Aid Guide

Free Pocket First Aid Guide

A must-have first aid guide for all situations! Here, you can claim a free first aid guide from St John Ambulance. The pocket-sized booklet provides key first aid techniques, including those to help you deal with choking, bleeding, heart attack, and more. It also details the recovery position and what to do when somebody is unresponsive. (UK Only)

Epilepsy Today

Free Copy of Epilepsy Today

Do you or a family member suffer from epilepsy? Then register for a free issue of Epilepsy Today, the official magazine of the UK’s Epilepsy Action charity. The publication includes real life stories, the latest research, news features, and more. If you wish, you can also take out a subscription from as little as £1 a month. (UK Only)

Smyths Toys Catalogue

Free Smyths Toys Catalogue

Every year, Smyths Toys distributes a free catalogue that’s packed full of the hottest and latest toys for children. Register here to place yourself on the distribution list. You will receive your free toy catalogue around mid-September, ready in time for the festive season. To claim yours, fill out the easy registration. (UK Only)

Grazia Magazine

Free Copy of Grazia Magazine

Register for a free trial issue of Grazia, the popular weekly magazine aimed at women. Inside, you’ll find plenty of celeb gossip, beauty trends and fashion inspiration. Sign-up for a free issue by completing the short form. Please note: you will receive either a telephone call or an e-mail to confirm delivery of your free copy. (UK Only)

Free Watch Magazine

Free Watch Magazine

Grab a free copy of Loupe magazine from Christopher Ward, a popular manufacturer of Swiss watches. Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or you’re in the market for a new timepiece, you are sure to enjoy this publication. Simply click on the blue "order a free copy" button, then complete the form. (UK Only)

Free BHF Booklet

Free BHF Healthy Eating Booklet

On the British Heart Foundation (BHF) website, you can request a free 60-page booklet, containing information on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. The "Eat Better" booklet provides practical tips for everyday life. You can claim either a hard or a digital copy. Similar publications are available, such as "Taking Control of Salt”, “Taking Control of Food Portions and Labels”, and “Taking Control of Saturated Fats”. (UK Only)

Free E-Books

Free E-Books For Kids

Check out this small but high-quality selection of free e-books for kids, courtesy of McDonald’s. You can download a number of titles in PDF format, including "Snoopy To The Moon!", "Angry Birds Fun Storybook", and "Sam Wu Is Not Afraid Of Anything". They’re great for keeping the kids entertained - especially if school is not on the agenda. You can read them on a mobile/tablet or print the stories off. (UK Only)

Free Bible

Free Bible

At the “Bibles for Europe” website, you can send in a request to claim a free study bible (New Testament Recovery Version). Bibles for Europe is a charity organisation that distributes bibles across the continent, so if you wish to make a voluntary donation, the website provides full details. To claim your free copy, just complete the short online form. (UK, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Iceland, Romania)



This site features an impressive selection of over 50,000 free e-books, available in a variety of formats (e.g. pdf, epub, azw for Kindle, etc.). You can even read some titles online, directly through your browser window. Genres include Action & Adventure, Children’s, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery & Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction, and more. You are also able to search by author and language. (International)

Farmers Guardian

Free Farmers Guardian Magazine Trial

This subscription offer lets you claim 4 free issues of Farmers Guardian, as part of a trial package. The weekly publication provides the latest agriculture news and regular farming supplements. Subscribers gain other "VIP+ Benefits", such as access to a legal helpdesk, a market prices database, intelligence guides, and more. Please note: requires Direct Debit as part of the subscription deal. (UK Only)

OKA Magazine

Free OKA Furniture Magazine

Here, you can send off for a free magazine from OKA, the luxury furniture and home accessories supplier. In this publication, you'll find great inspiration and ideas to create your own home designs. Opinions from interior design experts are also included. Complete the short form to claim the latest edition. If you prefer, you can read a digital (online) edition. (UK Only)

Teachwire Magazine

Free Teachwire Education Magazine

Request a free issue of any Teachwire magazine, subject to availability. These publications are focused around teaching and education. You can select from titles such as “Teach Primary”, “Teach Secondary”, “Top School Trips”, “Teach Reading and Writing”, and “Technology and Innovation”, among others. (UK Only)

Visit California Magazine

Free Visit California Magazine

Request a free “Visit California” magazine from the official Visit California website. You will also receive a free California Road Trips guide, and a California state map to help plan your trip. To claim yours, simply complete the short online form with your details. The magazine and guide books will be posted directly to your door. (International)

Vegan Starter Pack

Free Vegan Magazine & Starter Pack

Sign-up at PETA UK to claim a free magazine and other goodies, packed full of recipes, advice, celebrity testimonials, and more on how to ditch meat and dairy products. Alternatively, you can request a digital, eco-friendly copy in PDF format. International visitors can request the starter pack by using the advertised “international” form. (UK Only)

Free Money Book

Free Financial Education Textbook

At the Young Enterprise website, you can download a free digital textbook called “Your Money Matters”. It is designed to educate youngsters (ages 14 to 16) about financial matters. Topics covered include saving and spending, risk and reward, investments, taxation, student loans, and more. A hard copy can be purchased via Amazon. (UK Only)

Diabetes Food Guide

Free Diabetes Food Guide

Send in a request for a free “Enjoy Food” guide, courtesy of Diabetes UK. This guide is designed to help people with diabetes shop, cook, and eat as well as possible. Simply select a guide, then click “add to basket”. There is no delivery charge, although the site prompts you to make a voluntary donation. (UK Only)

Free Cosmos Brochure

Free Cosmos Travel Brochure

Want some inspiration for your next holiday? Sign-up to get a free copy of the latest Cosmos travel brochure. This exciting publication showcases escorted tours, including African safaris, train rides, city breaks, and more. To claim your free brochure in the mail, just complete the easy form. Expect delivery within 1 to 2 weeks. (UK Only)

Age UK Book

Free Age UK LifeBook

Age UK are currently giving away a free LifeBook – a booklet that can help you keep track of important documents and information, such as emergency contact numbers or where you have placed key documents, such as the TV licence, car insurance details, or your passport. (UK Only)

Heart Matters

Free Subscription to Heart Matters Magazine

Sign-up for a free subscription to “Heart Matters” magazine, a glossy publication containing articles, delicious (and healthy) recipes, advice on how to keep fit, interviews, and lots more besides. This offer also includes British Heart Foundation’s free membership programme. (UK Only)

TIME Magazine Trial

Free TIME Magazine Trial Issue

Obtain a free trial issue of the world’s most popular weekly magazine publication, TIME Magazine. Famous for the “Top 100 World’s Most Influential People” list, among other features, the magazine provides an international perspective on the most talked about news of the week. (UK Only)

FHM Magazine

Free FHM Magazine Trial Issue

Here, you can try a free trial issue of FHM, the UK’s biggest selling men’s lifestyle magazine. It includes style, fashion and fitness advice, plus tons of other content to keep you entertained. Please note: you are required to provide your telephone number as the company will need this to confirm delivery. (UK Only)

Free Magazines & Books: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re an avid reader and enjoy a continual stream of reading material on different topics, you’ll be pleased to hear the Internet serves up a wide variety of free magazines, books, catalogues, and brochures. Magazines are the most widely available type of free publication online, but you can also find a selection of books and catalogues, depending on availability. Many of the large magazine publishers offer free copies of magazines so you can get a feel for the publication before committing to a subscription. Check out the roundup of our latest magazine and book freebies above.

What free magazines are available in the UK?

There are plenty of free magazines online to satisfy most people’s interests. So whether you are into computing, fashion, beauty, cars, current affairs, or any other topic, you are sure to find a magazine offer for you. Many specialist online stores also provide free catalogues and brochures to showcase their products. These publications are ideal for seeking out unique gift ideas for family and friends. A few examples of popular magazine titles available include TimeOut, The Spectator, Evo, Cyclist, The Week, FHM, Time Magazine, and others.

Can I request free catalogues and brochures?

You can find a varied selection of catalogues and brochures available free of charge on the Web. Some websites, such as Catalink, specialise in free catalogues in various categories. But you can also find publications from independent sources. Typical examples include shopping catalogues and holiday brochures from travel agents.

How do I request free magazines online?

The process to claim free copies of magazines is simple and fast. Just view our listings above, then click the hyperlinks to access the external magazine websites. From here, all you usually have to do is complete a short online form with your details. The magazine will then be sent by post to your household address. Please note: a few magazine deals will require your telephone number. This is purely so the publisher can provide you with details on their latest subscription offers and confirm a legitimate delivery address. In other cases, you will only need to provide a name, e-mail address, and delivery address to receive the publication.

Do I have to subscribe after receiving my free copy?

No. All the magazines listed above are totally free to claim without restriction. While you will usually receive details that cover how to take out a subscription, paying for further copies is entirely voluntary. It is worth noting, however, that subscription deals are often short-lived. Therefore, if you enjoy reading a particular title, subscribing using the discount available at the time can save you significant money versus a non-promotional subscription.

Why are there not as many free books available?

Free print copies of books are few and far between online. While there are many digital copies of books available free of charge (e.g. for Amazon Kindle devices and similar), you tend to find fewer hard copies. This is largely because the cost of distributing physical books is high. Despite this, free books do appear from time to time. It can be well worth keeping an eye on this page as we update on a regular basis.

Where can I find the best magazine deals?

If you are seeking discount magazine subscriptions, we recommend Great Magazines. This website provides a comprehensive roundup of subscription deals in various categories, including motoring, women's interest, hobbies, entertainment, sport, and puzzles. You can buy single issues, back issues, or a regular subscription at prices far below those in newsagents and supermarkets.

How can I stay updated with the latest publications?

We update this section regularly with fresh magazine freebies as and when available. But if you want to be alerted when we post new magazines, be sure to subscribe to our freebie newsletter (just enter your e-mail address into the subscription box above). You can also follow our social media pages to keep updated with our latest freebies.