Need a haircut? Best ways to save

This article provides some pointers on how to save money on haircuts. For some, getting a haircut is a quick, non-costly affair. But for many, especially people with longer, more complex styles, a trip to the hairdressers can prove expensive. So if you’re aiming to cut back on costs, try the tips below and see how much you could save.

Location, location, location!

It is a well-known fact that hair salons in prime city centre/town centre locations are generally more expensive than their back-street counterparts. Neighbourhood salons often provide the same level of service but at a fraction of the price. Therefore, when selecting a hairdresser, be sure to investigate prices before making a booking.

It is worth keeping in mind that while you often pay a premium for a city centre location, smaller or recently established salons – even in central areas – may be more affordable. Competitive pricing often results in some great deals, so be sure to shop around. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Student discount

Are you a student? If so, you’ll be well-versed at getting money-off deals, and haircuts are no exception. Many salons in student areas provide discounts, either on selected days or throughout the entire week (often during term-time, but this is not strictly a rule). Campus or student neighbourhood salons can also be well worth a look, and may result in an even cheaper cut than heading into town. To qualify, as is the norm with student discounts, a valid NUS or similar card will be required.

Customer incentives

Some hair establishments operate a “regular customer” loyalty programme, much like those found in high-street coffee shops. They usually work like this: if you visit five times, you get the sixth cut free of charge. Although sometimes difficult to find, these deals are a great way to save, especially if you’re happy with the pricing and standard of cut. Remember to enquire if your favourite salon has a loyalty programme or “refer a friend” scheme.

Mobile hairdressers

Having a mobile hairdresser pay you a visit can be a convenient and savvy method of getting a hair style. This is especially the case if you find it difficult to attend salon appointments during opening hours, either due to work or other commitments. While pricing can vary significantly, mobile hairdressers are often less expensive than salon-based stylists. They have fewer overheads to pay and tend to price lower than salons to attract new business.

Go shorter! Or mix it up!

Asking for a shorter cut than usual will increase the amount of time needed between salon visits, thereby saving you money. Styles like these also tend to be easier to manage, so there are multiple advantages. Additionally, you could stagger hair appointments. One commonly used tactic is to get a “main cut” at a preferred salon, then get subsequent tidy-ups or “maintenance cuts” at cheaper establishments. This way, you can prolong your style without consistently spending at a higher rate.

Junior stylists

Less experienced stylists are more affordable than experienced ones, but opting for a junior does not automatically equate to a bad hair style. If you want to save cash, many salons have a pricing structure where you can specify a senior or junior stylist. Depending on the hairstyle needed and your own personal preferences, this could be a great way to save.

Ask a friend

If a friend is nifty with the scissors you could save money by asking them for a haircut. Of course, this depends largely on the standard of cut and complexity of style required. For those who simply need a razor over the head, a friend is likely all that’s required. For something more technical, friends who are hairdressers are often the best port of call.

Shop around

The Internet is a reliable method to search out and find prices of hair salons in your local area. Sometimes, you will also stumble across reviews from other customers, so you can get a feel of the standard and service on offer. In addition, look for salon social networking sites at places like Facebook, and be sure to view comments available there. Business listing portals can also be very helpful in finding less publicised locations.

Discount vouchers

Similarly to retailers, salons, barbers and the like may provide discount vouchers, either as a special promotion or when launching a new shop. It is worth keeping an eye out for these in your local newspaper and also on social networking sites. Although offers like this never last for long, they are used as a way of generating a customer base, and if you’re in the right place at the right time, you can take full advantage.


Many colleges and similar institutions provide hairdressing courses to students who need real subjects to practice on. As such, hair cuts at local colleges can be very affordable indeed. In fact, in some cases they are free! It is not uncommon for colleges to have a working salon where members of the public can attend. It provides valuable experience to trainees and great “bang for buck” to customers.

Cut your own

Not for the faint-hearted, unless your hair is minimal and needs only minor touch-ups. Having said that, hair trimming sets are readily available and highly popular with the “cut your own” crowd. Although longer styles may require the use of scissors, the possibilities are endless. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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