Free Goodies

Obtaining Freebies Offline

Free goodies have been available long before the Internet became a global phenomenon and a question we are frequently asked is: “Where can I go to obtain free stuff in the real-world?” If you can’t get enough zero-cost stuff and you’d like to take your freebie hunting to a whole new level, read on to discover the tricks of the trade.

Contact companies

Sometimes all it takes is a simple phone call, e-mail or letter to a company, and a free sample could be winging its way to you. We’ve had great success when contacting many of the larger companies, although a number of smaller organisations are also more than willing to oblige.

Village fetes

Village fetes, shows or whatever you would like to call them, are great places to find freebies. Often home to a wide range of cakes and other confectionery, many stall owners will tempt you to purchase by offering trial-sized portions.

Product launches

If you manage to gain access to a product launch, you could be in an excellent position to grab some freebies. Many successful product launches offer free samples to guests (which are usually the media).

Store openings

Similarly to product launches, store openings are another place where freebies are regularly sighted. Grab that free t-shirt while you still can and arrive on the 1st opening day to ensure you get first pick! We’ve also seen goody bags, hats and free sweets!

University open days

Universities are experts at tempting prospective students to choose their institution. You’d think the location and course would be the major clincher, but the majority of universities also go that extra mile and offer free t-shirts, pens, key rings and more. Even if you’re not particularly interested in the course, you may as well go along, even if it’s just to get your hands on the free stuff. You never know when those spare pens will come in handy!

Student fresher fairs

Like university open days, key rings, stickers and even Frisbees can be found at the fresher fairs. In fact, they are a gold mine for free stuff and one of the few places where people will insist you take as many freebies as possible. Want some even better news? Many fresher fairs are spread over multiple days, so you can return again and again.


Many towns and cities have regular market days, featuring food from different areas of the world. Familiar sights on the stalls are signs labelled with “Free Samples”, tempting you to have a bite.

Free stuff from banks

Open a new account at a bank of your choice and you may well find you’ve gained a few freebies. Many banks offer free money boxes (usually for young saver accounts), files (for your statements) and pens. For students, some of the major banks offer a free rail card for reduced fares on journeys when you open an account.

Freebies in the paper

You can pick up many freebies from the daily papers. Granted, they may not be totally free as you will usually have to purchase the paper, but many a good CD or DVD can be found in both the tabloids and broadsheets. Pay particular attention to the weekend editions.


Supermarkets regularly offer free samples to customers. If during your weekly shop you see a sample stand, don’t be shy, head on over to the counter and get tasting. You may even find something you hadn’t thought about, and end up purchasing the full size product.

Free Haircut

One for the brave and perhaps slightly unorthodox, but if you’re in need of a trim and strapped for cash, why not get in touch with your local college’s hairdressing class? Many are crying out for human guinea pigs and if you’re willing to risk a dodgy haircut, you’ll save a tidy sum of cash in the process.

Enter competitions

Participating in competitions is an excellent way to obtain free stuff. Holidays, cars, cash prizes and more can be won simply by answering a few short surveys.

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